RHONJ’s Gorga’s Open A Pizza Place

Last night was the grand opening of Joe Gorga’s restaurant, Gorga’s Homemade Pasta and Pizza in Hanover, NJ. Of course Melissa and Teresa were there, Teresa with her usual cheesy fake smile plastered on her face, and the lame AF poses from all 3. I didn’t know Joe cooked? Well, good luck to them, anyway. Hopefully it does better than Envy.

My Lovelies that live nearby: if you get a chance, maybe you could eat there and send us a review and pics? That’d be bomb. 😘

DM link below:


Talk soon Lovelies



23 thoughts on “RHONJ’s Gorga’s Open A Pizza Place

  1. I can’t wait to try this place, I just love Teresa and her cheesy smile. She did something wrong, did her time and she is now moving on to support her and her family. I wish nothing but the best for Teresa.

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    • I love Teresa too! (sigh, Sorry Allie, I just like her, I don’t know why)!!! I will try it as well! Her two-faced cousin is opening on in the next town over (Wyckoff), but I have no desire to go there. I’ll take the ride down to East Hanover.

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    • cw1674123,
      I agree. It makes me sad when people always refer to her as a felon. I believe in redemption. One should not be judged by the mistakes they make, but what they learn from them moving forward. I wish her the best as well.

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      • You know, DJ, there are certain aspects of Teresa that I can still get a kick out of. Her goofiness, her love of family and, dare I say it, even her cheesy-ness. She doesn’t bother me as much as she does other people.
        But……there is something I do understand about other people’s strong feelings about her. While I most certainly do believe in redemption whole heartedly I am also a very big believer in restitution. While she may have paid back our illustrious government, I do not believe she has paid back good, hard working people she and Joe ripped off.
        To add insult to injury, they have to watch her enjoy international trips and designer clothes.

        I suspect that it is that issue that still rankles some people. That does not automatically mean they don’t believe in redemption. They just believe in fairness.

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      • I agree 100% with you and GO. Teresa still doesn’t take responsibility (blames joe, blames blind trust, blames ignorance) but she did do her time and that’s that. I just can’t stand the way she is with the girls. Milania has that smart mouth that has long crossed over from cute to rude and obnoxious. Gia at age 12 was wearing more makeup in a day than I do in a month. And when Teresa tried pimping out the “girl group” that Gia was “singing” in and dressing at 12 like little over made up tarts-I was grossed out. Teresa hasn’t toned it down and neither had Joe. Buying her a new luxury car as a get out of jail gift? Please. So those are my issues. I’m sort of comme ci comme ca about Teresa. I don’t detest her, but don’t respect her either.

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  2. I bet Teresa is cheesier than any pizza they are serving.
    I just can’t stand that Gorga couple. Always “on display, on display….🎼🎼”
    One of the funniest things I ever saw was a YouTube clip of Melissa singing live. No auto tune.

    Oh my. 😂😂😂

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  3. I’m all for giving people second chances….we all have fucked-up at some point in our lives. You say your mea culpa, learn from your mistake and move on. The problem with Teresa is, she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. I’m not going to go into all the details, we all know them. It’s funny how people are willing to overlook white color crime, acting like there are “no victims”. We are all victims of white color crime, every bump in interest, every time the qualifications to get a loan or line of credit get tougher, stocks losing value – basically our whole financial infrastructure. There are plenty of victims. They didn’t just try to stiff banks, there are plenty of small business’ and individuals who were affected too. Even if monies are being paid back, or have been paid – it’s been how many years? That money made an impact at that time to those people. I don’t think people would be so forgiving had it been their business that was owed a significant amount of money that meant you couldn’t make payroll, pay taxes, rent…etc. That was a very real thing that happened to some of the people they defrauded.
    There are desperate mothers out there who turn to doing something illegal to support their children, folks aren’t so forgiving to them. They get called low-life’s, trash, convicts – they deserve what they get. I am much more forgiving to a mother who kited a check or stole a piece of meat from the store to feed her children than I am to someone who racked up bills they knew they weren’t going to pay in order to live an a big fancy house (that had to be nicer than her sister-in-laws) have expensive cars, designer clothes and handbags – but yet maintain they did nothing wrong. Have some integrity and say you fucked-up.
    This is my opinion of course, I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind about who they like and support. I like Bethenny, I don’t have to justify it…I just do. You certainly don’t have to justify why you like Teresa.

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  4. Oh Allie, the Twitter exchange with Jim & Lexi is funny as hell. Look, I think Jim is just like one of those little flies that hang out around dog peckers, but dude does tell it like it is. Google it, there are quite a few articles showing the tweets, that’s how I saw it. It’s too much to try to explain it here….it has something for everyone. I’m still tee-heeing about it.

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