My Invite Got Lost In The Mail

I’m just warning y’all, im going to be all over Pippa’s wedding tomorrow. I want to see her dress, the bridal party, George and Charlotte, Megan Markle (who I want Harry to marry-please?) so my English blood will be taking over for a few hours tomorrow.


Talk soon Lovelies



21 thoughts on “My Invite Got Lost In The Mail

      • I hope she does! I would love to see Harry finally settle down and I love them together. If it was 30 years ago the fact that she’s a divorced American of mixed heritage would have sent the powers that be over the edge-but even the oldest monarchy in the world can progress.

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  1. I’d bet money if Harry marries Megan Markle, I bet he has to give up his right to wherever he is in line for the crown & it won’t happen as long as the Queen is alive. Anyone up for the bet? $5 to the winners charity. Unless Megan ends up pregnant, that would be a game changer & they’ll marry right away.

    I wish we lived in a world where love ruled.

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    • Not any more. They’ve changed the rules. He can marry her in the Church of England now and her being an American divorcée won’t affect his line in succession. Wallis Simpson would roll over on her grave 😉

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  2. Us brits carry a special spot in our hearts for Harry, I think the world too. THEY WOULD NOT DARE to try and stop him doing anything; we still remember we had to kick off to get the queen to come back after Diana’s death. We might have forgiven but we will never forget, nor will we ever forget those boys following that coffin.

    Nope they wouldn’t dare.

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    • That’s the image that stands out in my mind-those boys following their mother’s coffin, and the card on the flowers that said “Mummy”. I’m glad they’ve relaxed the rules-I know he still needs to get permission from Granny to marry whomever he decides to ask, and she’d be crazy to say no.

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