May Sephora Play! Review

I got this a few days ago but have been alternating between busy and lazy, so finally here we go. There were a few variations of this subscription that went out, and out of those there was 1 that I REALLLLLY wanted, and guess what? The makeup gods listened.

Last month everything came in a drawstring bag, this month is a sturdy plastic envelope type thingy. I like it-it’s different.
First product I grabbed is from Grande Lips, a hydrating lip plumper. It says instant plump within 3-5 minutes, and if you apply it every night before bed your lips will be 15% plumper. Mmhmm. It applies like a Gloss, and feels like menthol on my lips? Not burning-just-tingling maybe. It’s not uncomfortable just weird. My lips look the same too.

I really wanted this-Milk Makeup Blur Stick. It’s a matte blurring stick meant to minimize pores and fine lines. Use it as a primer.

Next is Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask. You’re supposed to apply to shampooed hair, comb through, and rinse after 10-15 min. It’s got a rare rainforest grown rahua nut oil on it, which supposedly Amazonian tribes have used in their long, luxurious locks. I had received the Marc Anthony Deep Repair Mask in a previous sub and it SUCKED. This one smells like eucalyptus maybe? Not fruity or beach. I can’t put my finger on it.

I wanted this too-Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. It’s teeny weeny but the glass jar is neat. It’s got French pink clay and pomegranate enzymes. It smells fresh-like the usual face mask smell. It’s so cute! (Translation-small)

Last, but not least-I didn’t know how much I wanted this until I got it-trèStique Highlight and Multi-Purpose Stick in Maldives Luminescent. It’s a gel highlighter stick in a champagne pink shimmer. I think it’s so pretty-

When I saw this I thought ooooo I really want to try that. Here’s a swatch:

Isn’t that pretty? It’s not glittery, definitely more of a subtle sheen. I like the pencil application, it’s different.

So that’s my May Sephora Play! bag, I’m super happy with it actually. Thoughts?

Talk Soon Lovelies



7 thoughts on “May Sephora Play! Review

  1. I love everything you got!!! Thanks for sharing. I saw this Loreal lifting/Blur foundation. I was going to get it, then thought, look it up. Make-up Alley is a good place for reviews, it didn’t get good ones so I left it. I am missing the sample of the Hour Glass primer. I see there is a travel size, I might get that.

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  2. Ohhh all those products look great! K first the highlight pencil please apply and possibly send or post pic.. wanna see how it looks on and if it’s super pigmented and or does it blend out a little or last ??!! And after trying the Tata Harper mask can you post reviews thoughts ? I’m a mask (who%#)😲🙃 and always looking and trying new masks!!! Oh pleasssee??? Hehe thank you♡

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  3. I got my Sephora play also 🙂

    I got:
    Magnetic matte lip color pencil in Greystone (.08 oz, pretty good size pencil) color is tad similar to a darker Mac Spice.. ? It may be too dark for me, but it hasn’t budged from the swatch on my hand.
    Belif Hungarian water essence – aqua based serum type (10 ml)
    Skin Laundry foaming gentle face wash (a good size- I’ll def take this when traveling)
    Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask
    Trestique mini highlight stick in a golden/light sheen
    Tocca Stella perfume

    I’m going online now to change my preference, I always get a perfume even though I rarely wear it, but I must be selected for fragrance. I’ll throw this in my travel bag for when I need anything to freshen up after being on airplanes.

    Tried the Hungarian water essence, it’s ok. It’s a light consistency, absorbed quickly, and did moisturizer me a little, but my skin is super dry right now.

    My Birchbox was meh again, I got it a week or so ago. It was all stuff that was lame and I especially hate Coola sunblock, which was in it. I may cancel it but every now and then they send me something I like. I did get a Shiseido serum recently (10ml Ultimune) which broke my forehead out. Won’t be finishing using it, except for putting in on my hands or something, lol.

    Anyways– I love the Highlighter stick too Allie, def gonna try it tomorrow when I wear makeup.

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    • I thought the highlighter stick was pretty awesome-I tried the Rahua hair mask last night. Hated it. The cheap ass Tresemme blows it away. It’s crazy how different the Sephora play boxes are from each other. I hate hate hate perfume. Hate.

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