RHONY Recap: Bidding In Love

So this is the episode the random was suing over, loose lips must have sunk some friend-ships. We shall see.

Ramona and Avery are shopping-Ramona is pestering Avery to take her coat off.

Sonja and Lu meet for lunch.

Dorinda and Bethenny are shopping. Dorinda is stressed about her upcoming charity event that’s in a few days. Also, Hannah is moving out and Dorinda wants to redo her floors. She’s going to stay in her Upper East Side apartment. Speaking of apartments, Bethenny bought another one in Soho, and it’s gigantic. She’s not sure if she’s going to flip it, or live in it.

Avery tries on Ramona’s sunglasses and deems them “too cool” for Ramona so thinks she should have them. Ramona is all, “What, I can’t be hip?” Saying “hip” right there says no. Avery tells Ramona that she looks like she’s trying too hard. Ramona starts asking advice about Bethenny and Avery says she doesn’t understand the fight. She advises Ramona to talk to Bethenny-Ramona said she did and repeats what she said, a wise Avery says that was a “side attack”. Ramona doesn’t know how-Avery basically tells Ramona that her delivery sucks.

Luann and Sonja are discussing the Bethenny/Ramona tiff. Sonja completely gets why Bethenny was upset because she knows Bethenny well enough to know you don’t come for her business or her child, Ramona went right in for the kid.

Bethenny and Dorinda are discussing Ramona as well-Dorinda says she really wants them to make up but Bethenny has had it with Ramona. She says that Ramona is trying hard to make this all her fault so fine, she’ll be cordial when she sees Ramona, she’s just had enough.

Avery tells Ramona that someone needs to step up and make things less awkward. Ramona thinks she’s ALWAYS the one that has to do that.

Tinsley, Ramona and Sonja are at a bar on the hunt for men. Ramona has invented herself a new drink that is picky and complicated with straws, limes, and a specific glass. She gives Tinsley advice on where to meet men and says the gym and steakhouses are the best places. She sucks on her straw to show Tinsley proper flirting. Gross. As they head over to their table Ramona swings by the kitchen to tell “smells good, guys” then waggles her tongue. Why. They get to the table and Ramona doesn’t have 3 limes, so asks the waitress for more. 3 limes. They begin blatantly ogling men.

Tinsley is making the meat market rounds. Sonja has a plan for Tinsley man-wise but Tinsley isn’t sticking to it-the guy she’s talking to is too young. That’s not in the plan. All 3 women begin to talk about the guy right in front of him. Ramona starts to demonstrate her flirting technique on the guy Tinsley was talking to, then hangs all over him, and Tinsley is embarrassed. Now Sonja sidles up. This is so desperate and needy. Sonja decides she wants to leave but Tinsley wants to stay, so Sonja tells “big mistake” at Tinsley as she’s leaving. Tinsley doesn’t care. His name is Chad, he’s 23, and they’re making out in the bar.

The next morning Tinsley is making coffee and in search of sweetener. Sonja walks into the kitchen instantly shrieking that Tinsley turned on the heat (she didn’t) and killed a big palm leaf. Sonja has no sweetener and tells Tinsley she needs to steal the packets from a restaurant. Sonja is giving Tinsley grief because she has already gotten her hair done at the salon that morning but hasn’t acquired Splenda in the 3 weeks she’s been there. Did Tinsley even come home last night? Sonja doesn’t think so but Tinsley says she did. Sonja is rambling about the list-Tinsley is outta there.

Bethenny is at the Rainbow Room for the Dress For Success annual breakfast. We meet Dennis! He’s tall, bald, and way more handsome than the photos I’ve seen. Bethenny has known him for 30 years, and when he separated from his wife asked Bethenny out. Carole is on her way to the breakfast as well, and she’s on time which is a gift in itself. Bethenny gets a nice intro before her speech and she gets a little reset and emotional during the speech she gives. Carole knows things have been really difficult and emotional after the divorce.

Carole, Adam and friends are going indoor rock climbing. Carole is a scaredy cat, kind of. Adam climbs to the top no problem. Carole isn’t athletic and has no desire to be. She’s giving it a try though and makes it to the top-she does NOT want to rappel down though, so starts to climb. Eventually she’s convinced to let go and just glide down.

After the climb, Carole is hanging out with one of Adam’s friends girlfriends who literally looks 15. They talk about Carole’s apartment and Adam’s apartment hunting which isn’t going well. What I get from the conversation Carole is having with the 15 year old is that she sort of wants to let Adam down but not while he’s living with her. She says it’s “not that relationship” as far as building a life together. Ouch. Expect an announcement.

Tinsley and Chad are on a bowling date. She could not care less about Sonja’s list right now. Chad orders a beer and gets carded. Tinsley does not get carded. You know she felt that. She’s beating him at bowling though and shrieks with every strike. So Chad just moved to NYC, Tinsley says she lives with Sonja so Chad asks how that’s going. Tinsley says she’s not allowed to bring dates home, now Chad’s plans are foiled. Tinsley’s not above sneaking him in though. They start making out. She’s totally sneaking him in.

Ramona is out with her friends Missy and Kathleen. They’re at a bar on a manhunt, because why else? Someone from the bar sends over a round of drinks. Ramona is so obvious on her mission to find a man that she looks pitiful and desperate. Ramona tells her friends how nice it is to be with them and then begins to list the cons of hanging out with the other ladies. So apparently Kathleen dated Tom too-oooo the inevitable Tom tea. So it seems that Kathleen found out that she and Tom broke up when she ran into him and Luann at a bar. No one in NYC seems to have much hope for this marriage. Missy puts a nice spin on Lu’s ostriching by saying she admires Lu for going all in.

Luann is doing a practice run for her wedding makeup. She finally feels like she can enjoy her fiancé and being engaged. Victoria gets her makeup done too (Girl. Those BROWS. They could be fab. Come on). Lu talks about her “flat” in Palm Beach-hello pretension, there aren’t flats here, especially in FL. But go on with your Euro-Connecticut self.

Dorinda and John are going to her holiday charity auction party. The auction includes Carole’s books, a big ole pile of Too Faced makeup, jewelry, etc. Dorinda is donating drinks with Luann, a piece of Sonja’s clothing ( hope she didn’t wash it in the toilet) and a day in the Berkshires with her. Carole has some Charlotte Tilbury products that I would die for, worth $425. Carole greets Dorinda and John-John goes in for the kiss hello but Carole does the artful dodge and kisses Dorinda hello instead. Well played, Radziwill. Dorinda is worried that no one is bidding. Tinsley and Bethenny walk in-Tinsley feels that Bethenny runs hot and cold. Sonja tells “Don’t we live together?” when she sees Tinsley, who asks Sonja why she left without her. Sonja tells her they don’t always have to ride in the same vehicle together. Make up your mind, Needy McClinger. You get mad if Tinsley averts her attention for one second, but treat her like she’s annoying in front of others.

Bethenny has never met opportunist Tom, but she will tonite. Dorinda gets on the mic and makes an announcement about the auction reminding people to bid. Carole and Bethenny are talking about Ramona’s behavior the last time they were all together-speak of the devil, there’s Ramona. Bethenny does an imitation of Ramona that’s pretty hilarious.

Sonja and Ramona are scoping out men as usual. Bethenny thinks she found a man for Sonja but he already knows Sonja. Of course. Bethenny says a super quick hello to Ramona who has a plastic look on her face (Bethenny’s words) and goes on to tell Sonja about Milos, the guy she found for her. Ramona overheard and is now moving in on him. Ruthless, hungry, and thirsty, man. She comes back and Sonja complains that Ramona was flirting with “her guy”. Ramona says she was practicing. Luann and Tom walk over to the group-Tom acts like he doesn’t know Sonja thinking he’s being funny. Way to make awkward more awkward. Luann thanks Bethenny for sticking up for her the other night. Bethenny introduces herself to Tom, right away apologizing for any drama she caused. Luann appreciates that. Tom asks Bethenny what she’s doing for the holidays and she makes a joke about going to their wedding.

Oh oh oh!! Here comes the convo that random lady is suing over! Dorinda threatens to cut off drinks until people bid. Bethenny is selling her donation to Milos so he will bid on it. I bids on the Givenchy bag, more bids are finally coming on. Carole is chatting with Barbara, Luann’s friend aka random suer. As they’re chatting and looking at items on the table, it looks to me like Barbara motions Carole tonthe wns of the table so they’re away from the crowd. Lu’s friend says she is going to the wedding-she’s not excited and feels like Luann has “something to prove”. She says that Luann would rather go through with the wedding and divorce than call it off. Carole says “wow-but what about him?” Barbara the “friend” says that there are still many cheating rumors and that he’s still hanging out at the Regency. She did tell Luann, but, ostriching. Carole says Luann could be making the biggest mistake of her life, and is the great pretender. She says Luann will never let on that there may be trouble.

So that’s why this random was suing. She’s embarrassed and trying to save face. But bullshit. She obviously knew she was being filmed. Tough crapola lady!

Next week: Bethenny and Fredrick make lists. Luann and Tom walk the dog who marks his territory. Christmas at Dorinda’s-a mushed cake, and is Dorinda having second thoughts?


20 thoughts on “RHONY Recap: Bidding In Love

      • She totally does! She’s insufferable!

        Out of all of the Housewives of any franchise she is the most selfish, self absorbed, shallow idiot- the sound of her voice annoys the fuck out of me! I can’t imagine her having any true, meaningful friendships. She can’t keep a secret and doesn’t seem to have any loyalty or respect, not to mention couth or basic manners. Definitely not a girls girl.

        I couldn’t imagine living in that world of pretensiousness. I love being a voyeur to glitz, glam and extravagance but am ever grateful for my simple simple authentic life.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Right on. I like looking at how that side lives but their homes seem so impersonal and cold-Ramona gets worse and worse every year. Conceited, arrogant, entitled. She treats hospitality workers like absolute shit, demanding and condescending. If someone spit a loogie in her pasta? I wouldn’t cry for her.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Holy Fuck! Dorinda auctioned off ‘a night at The Berkshires with Dorinda’!
    Why wasn’t I made aware of that!!? I would have gone there and paid a LOT of cash to win that;; that would have been a dream come true. The Berkshires last year was my all time favorite RH-episode. I’m so sad now… 😦

    Oh wait! In the preview is shown that next week we will revisit a night in The Bershires with Dorinda! OH MY GOD: Really!!? Now I’m happy again! I’m gonna take the whole night of next week to fully enjoy this glorious occasion and champagne will make a guest star appearance 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bethenny’s imitation of Ramona was quite funny. Ramona is a freakin idiot, I don’t know how someone can be that unaware of their behavior. She has always flirted with men, even when she was bragging how hot her and Mario were. She is insufferable, I don’t know how she has any friends.
    I remember a while back Lu posting pics of her and that Barbara woman. That lady should be more interested in going after the surgeon who did that to her face than worried about being caught shit-talking Tom. I agree with her 100%, there was no way in hell Lu was going to call off that wedding, even if she would have caught Tom banging another woman. The way Lu was breathlessly announcing how in love they were every chance she got, she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from marrying him. The embarrassment of calling off a wedding would be more than she could take. She had a point to prove, Tom may stick his dick in a lot of women, but he choose her (bank account) to marry. Like Allie said, getting pissed off at Bethenny and anyone else who dared put a dent in her perfect relationship is some backwards ass thinking. It’s funny that nobody thought to bring up to her that while she was touting their perfect relationship, and how much in love they were…..why were they fighting so badly that he stormed from the apartment the night he got caught kissing another woman? She glossed right over that part, and blamed the woman for taking advantage of Tom because he was mad at Luann. I think they deserve one another.
    I always took up for Sonja, saying that even though she is delusional – that she never seemed mean spirited. That opinion changed last night, she is really being a bitch to Tinsley, isn’t she?

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  3. This is my fave of all of them; if I win the lottery that is where I am heading! it does however leave me shouting at myself “you hate Bethenny! STOP laughing!” (but she funny……)

    Ramona – desperation is not attractive. And neither is all the shit you do to your face.

    Liked by 3 people

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