I’m In Love With Benefit.

It came-finally. My new favorite thing-I can’t stop looking at it.

The Benefit Cheek Parade Palette.

This is the one I told you about-you get 5 full size pans of Benefit’s most popular bronzer and blush shades: Hoola, Hoola Lite, Galifornia, Dandelion, and Rockateur. This limited edition palette is $58 which sounds like a lot-but when you take in to consideration that purchasing each one of these beauties would cost $29 each, for a total of $145, it’s actually a bargain.

I swatched them, but they apply on your face MUCH better than a hand swatch.
The bottom color is Hoola light, a light powder bronzer. The top is Hoola, Matte powder bronzer.

Bottom is Galifornia-a sunny, golden, pink blush.
Top is Dandelion-a baby-pink brightening face powder (these are the descriptions off of the box, obvie)

Last one is Rockateur, which Benefit describes as a famously provocative cheek powder.

I love this palette. Aside from having all you could ever want and need for great Cheek products all in one, awesome packaging and even better price point, the whole concept is so cool. I recommend.❤️

Talk Soon Lovelies



30 thoughts on “I’m In Love With Benefit.

  1. I love Benefit ! There are so many new make – up lines that I don’t even care to try because I stick with the tried and true. I probably need to be a little more adventurous and open minded. I just need to find a foundation that I love, so I love when you review foundations. Anyway back to this Benefit cheek palette… It’s gorgeous and a must get…. Thanks for the the review.

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    • Same Cherry! I have found my Holy Grail go-to’s in mascara, bronzer, blush, highlighter, liner & shadows. My one hang up is foundation. I’ve never found THE one I was head over heels for; the perfect color, consistency, seamless adequate coverage and lasting power…I feel like it’s an unattainable feat! I often play chemist mixing different brands/formulas with okay results, but I want to be wowed with one bottle.

      I’m all ears for any recommendations. 42 years old with dryish, fair skin with lots of pink undertones.

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      • That’s funny that you bring that up Janey…that’s what I’ve been researching all week. I have plenty of foundations – light to full coverage – luminous or matte finish – I have loose mineral foundation, baked foundation, liquid foundations, and different additives to add glow to the foundation. CC and BB creams, tinted moisturizers – the whole deal, it’s insane. My makeup looks nice, I really don’t have a problem with any of the stuff I put on my face – but I thought I watch all these videos on the YouTube, and browse several IG accounts, and these girls are all decades younger than I am. So, I set out to see exactly what a woman of my age should be slathering on her mug. I came across an article about Serum foundations, that middle aged women should be using them. I clicked on a bunch of different brands and finally decided on “Algenist Reveal Serum Foundation”. The only problem I’m having is deciding what shade to order, so I’m going to run up to Sephora this weekend and see which shade suits me best. It’s not expensive, it’s $38, but from what I can tell it’s best to use a very dense brush to apply it, and not a blender/sponge. Their brush is almost as much as the foundation, but I got to snooping around and QVC has 2 bundle deals that come with the brush. One is the foundation, brush and luminous drops, the other is foundation, brush and primer. Because I’m apparently descended from Raccoons, I always go for shiny stuff – my first inclination was to click on the one with the luminous drops, I don’t need anymore sparkle stuff – so I’m going to get the one with the primer. I have a good Laura Geller primer, but I figured I’d use the primer that is meant to use with the serum foundation. That deal is only like $48 and some change. I didn’t watch any review videos on this brand, because I don’t want a 20 something’s opinion on what works best for a 50 year old. I hope this helps…the serum apparently has really good skincare qualities for fine lines, dryness and tightening. Hope this helps. 🙂

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      • Janey Mae, I just saw a girl name Stephani Lange on Youtube, while looking for an exercise, who did a presentation of putting makeup on her skin. What I liked is that she showed her face before so I could see what she was dealing with. It was interesting. Her skin, worse than mine, came out beautifully!
        She uses, Tarte Rainforest Sea, then Urban Decay All Nighter, applies with Sigma HD sponge. I am thinking of it. I have a Birthday in a few months, perhaps I can get it. Make up is so expensive.
        Before Allie I had been using the same thing for years. It was okay, but I want to look better than ok LOL

        Allie, thanks for sharing! Gosh you are so lucky to be able to try all of this makeup.

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      • Dee mine looks crap using a blender but the rainforest with a brush is good on my skin – i have seen a few of her videos; ShaaanXo does good foundation reviews but she is FLAWLESS (cow lol) I like Hot and Flashy for mature skin and Elle leary artistry – they all annoy me though as they are botoxed and filled etc – give me a guru with wrinkles!!!!!

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      • Thank you Mousie, I saw that her face was a little red bumpy, large pores, uneven skin tone. I thought it would help me. I have large pores. When she is done it is amazing!
        Thanks for telling me about others!

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    • My pleasure!! I had orders the Smashbox foundation and was all ready to review it but it was WAY too dark. I couldn’t even try to make it work and for $42 I don’t want to have to-I’d rather just have the correct shade. So I sent it back, and when I get the replacement I’ll review it 😊

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      • I can’t wait to see how you like Smash box. I did get spoiled by the Hour Glass sample. Now, nothing looks good. Elf a little greasy. I tried mixing with Urban Decay eye primer, not bad. I was happy. I just ordered Hour Glass travel to hold me over. My hubs loves the new old me lol. Yeah, as long as he doesn’t know how much I’m charging! Lol. Thank God I do bills. Gotta get em down 😎

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  2. Allie, what color did you decide on with Smashbox?
    A friend gave it to me when she couldn’t use it. It’s called Liquid Halo in 2.
    Thanks again

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  3. Guess who? I was a fun worshiper. I’m seeing lots of damage. Wondering if anyone has a tip for a body lotion? A little firming couldn’t hurt 😆😎

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