I have a confession

I am blind as a bat! I wear my contacts for weeks on end.  Between allergies and dehydration my eyes were a mess today. I took the contacts out before I found my rarely worn glasses. Now I can’t find my glasses and can’t see the tv. Will post recap for below deck tomorrow afternoon. Might as well go to bed so I don’t walk into any walls.


16 thoughts on “I have a confession

  1. Oh my god. I’ve been there. I definitely recommend investing in a beautiful pair of glasses. They will change your life. I used to suffer through allergy season in contacts and it makes such a huge difference to have glasses I love and feel pretty in when the worst season of the year rolls around. It’s expensive to update both, but I only get 9 months of contacts now because I’m 100% in my glasses for 3 months.

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  2. theresab, that post tickled me. Lmao. I only use glasses. Haven’t tried contacts for whatever reason. However I am so behind on updating my prescription that even with the glasses, I walk around bumping into things saying I’m sorry to inanimate objects who don’t respond back lol. Occasionally I can’t find my glasses in the mornings because Minja our ginger, crazy kitten during the night has chosen to hide them from me. I wake up saying lots of ugly words while I try to locate without sight the one thing that gives me a smigen of clarity. Other times when I have misplaced them, they are on top of my head. I don’t want a seeing eye dog. I want a seeing eye monkey who will not only guide me but will just go get the stuff for me. Lol.

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    • Oh Hannah, I can completely relate. I wake, can’t find my glasses and wake my husband and beg him to help me look. I recently started to place my back up glasses all overtour bedroom so I can see. I wanted to get that surgery and my son talked me out of it because some have had problems. My brother had it and his vision is awsome. I’m just not a lucky person so if it got worse I would be blind. I am 20/550 now, can’t imagine much worse.

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      • I’m blind as shit too-my left eye is 20/400 and my right is 20/40. My right eye is the only way I survive without glasses on occasion. I’m a candidate for LASIK but I can’t deal w my eyeballs being messed with. I can’t see distance in my left eye and can’t see close up with my right. What kind of shit is that, right? My eye Dr was tripped out, it’s uncommon to have that drastically difference between your 2 eyes. I’m an optical anomaly 😜

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  3. I used to wear my contacts all the time too. I can’t see, I am blind with a prescription of 2/550
    I would wake with contacts so dry I could not get them off.
    I went to an eye doctor and he told me he could see “things” swimming on my eyes and I needed to stop leaving them on if I wanted to keep my eyesight AAHH!
    So I got glasses and while I don’t like the way I look, the way I feel is so much better. During allergy season, I would get awful red eyes, itching stinging from my contacts.. Also when I started the pill that dried my eyes out.
    Take care of yourself lady!


  4. Thankfully, I only need reading glasses to do puzzles or cross-stitch, which I think is what whacked out my eyes to begin with. I don’t need prescription lenses, I can get the 1x or 1.25x readers at the Wal-Mart or drug store.
    If you’re suffering with eye problems with contacts, get your Dr. to hook you up with a pair that is perforated. Hubs was having bad issues, and our eye Dr. said he needed them…they allow oxygen to get to your eyes and that helps a lot of problems that contact wearers have. He was always complaining that it felt like someone threw sand in his eyes.
    Haha Hannah….if the coffee tables starts talking back, let us know. 🙂

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  5. another one blind as a bat here–I’ve worn glasses since 2nd grade. I had lasik about 15 years ago and my vision was wonderful. Best money I ever spent. A few years my eyes started changing again, and I am now back to glasses full time, which I hate. bi-focals, too! I am considering doing lasik again, but am worried about what will happen if my eyes change again. Although its creepy, It only takes about 5 minutes for each eye. Went next door for dinner and drinks and the street signs kept getting clearer and clearer. It is amazing. You can watch them perform it at Providence Place Mall.

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  6. I’ve had several friends get lasik and while all were successful, it doesn’t last more than 10-15 years. Kind of costly for that I think.


  7. Hubs and I discussed Lasik with the eye Doc, she wasn’t optimistic about it being successful for him. She said he would probably still need glasses for reading even with the surgery. So, it really didn’t make sense to proceed any further, he was on the fence about it anyway.


  8. My fathers eyes have been correcting themselves. He always had bad vision and suddenly he only needs his glasses to drive. A few years back he took up painting as a hobby and decided he liked seeing things blurry so he stopped wearing his glasses unless it was absolutely necessary. He would go on long hikes without them! And slowly his eyes started correcting themselves. His optsmologist thinks it is because he was ‘excercising’ his vision. I don’t know though. It freaks me out and I want him to get an MRI.

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