Yet another hour of RHOA

Sorry everyone.  I had really short weekend and completely didn’t notice it was 8pm so I missed episide 4,382 of this season. I’ll catch up on it tonight after I finish work and put something up…..I think it’s a deleted scenes thing…. thank God because this season was far too short #sarcasm. Luckily there will only be about 25 minutes of footage #commercial #money grab #Andy’s long voice overs #NoLifestillSalty


6 thoughts on “Yet another hour of RHOA

  1. I just watched it. There were a lot, and I do mean A LOT(!), of Phaedra-scenes in this ‘special’.
    That was definitely on purpose because she’s leaving the show but…
    Call me stupid, but this didn’t feel like a goodbye; it was more like an ode to her.

    I won’t be surprised at all if she will be back in some form or capacity 2 seasons from now; because Andy still likes her!

    I know, it’s unthinkable right now, but weirder things have happened: the return of Adrienne to RHOBH and Nene and Porsha staying on RHOA after chocking Kim and dragging Kenya!

    Bitch will be back, mark my words!


  2. Sorry 😦 I’ve been absolutely slammed with work and lack of sleep. I crashed out at 8 last night. I’ve been trying to catch up with my work after work work, I may not have time to get to this at all :(.

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  3. I very occasionally watch Wendy Williams but she has pissed me right off. I saw the ‘hot topics’ about liar liar pants on fire, and just wanted to punch the stupid hag. URGH.

    Miss Williams – she may have ‘brought it’ this season but she DOES NOT deserve to stay for it. effin witch.


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