The Ever-Classy Kim Zolciak

Kim and Kroy had a vow renewal this weekend in Turks and Caicos-we all know how those end up on Bravo-anyway, our Kimmy kept it classy by posing topless in the ocean with her gigantic white wedding dress pulled down around her waist. Wonder if the kids were cheering her on from the shore? She grosses me out. More plastic than plastic and an ego to match.
DM story below;

Talk soon Lovelies



34 thoughts on “The Ever-Classy Kim Zolciak

  1. That topless shot is so trashy. If they were alone and Kroy took it to keep in his personal collection, that would be one thing.

    But, to have this be part of a photo shoot, plastered all over SM?! Does she not have any regard for her children? I have second hand embarassment. These kids will forever suffer for the actions of their fame whore mother.

    As an aside, I had to giggle at Brielle’s video (@ the reception where their Bravo wedding was playing on a humongous screen) where she says: “See, I still look exactly the same except for my lips!”
    Girl, you are 20 and beautiful. Please don’t have any more unnecessary work done! You’re morphing into your plastic momma.

    Ariana is turning into a gorgeous young lady. She’s also got the brains of the family. I hope she keeps her sense of autonomy and makes her mark on the world. I would love for her to write a book in a few years…that, I would pay good money for!

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      • Yup, or some sort of filler. There’s nothing wrong with gettting a few injections of Botox to help smooth out the inevitable crows feet & laugh lines that grace our faces as we age.
        Butttttt Brielle is freaking 20 years old?!! There’s just no need. (Unless she suffers from migraines or is a profuse sweater) I seriously don’t understand why women like the plastic look. That’s literally what they look like.
        So Kim may not have a line on her face, but all the work she’s had done has severely aged her. I would never in a million years guess that she is only 38.
        The last season of DBT I noticed Kroy’s face looking different. He’s always been handsome. I hope he doesn’t do any more.

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    • I wish the same for Ariana but what chance does she have with her mother and big sister? The youngest(Kia?) is a beautiful child but it’s a matter of time before Kim will sexualize her. She disgusts me.

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    • You are gorgeous, just the way you are, Mousie! ❤

      Nothing is more beautiful than goodness from within that radiates to the outside! You’re a good egg!

      PS I think of you and your momma often. Xo

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      • mum is doing so well! its amazing – at new year we had 3 get here now she wont last the night calls and she is still here and thriving! Its my nephews wedding tomorrow and she has said she is going nowhere until she holds her first great grandchild and I believe her!

        and thank you – ill remember that when i am putting the scaffolding on to hoist mine up hahaha

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  2. Bravo has no imagination what so ever, they use this tired old storyline on almost every show they air. It’s not anywhere near their anniversary, they’ve only been married 5 minutes, and they don’t have any friends or family to join them in their “celebration”. I don’t know about you, but when posing for my wedding photo’s, the first thing I thought to do was pull my dress down to my waist to show off my tits. She is such a sickening, ignorant excuse for a mother. He used to have some common sense and morals, but hanging with her for so long, he’s getting as bad as her. On a bright note, at least the little kids got to join them on this trip. Those poor kids always get left behind with the hired help.

    I don’t really get the whole renewing of vows….do real people do that or is it just some bullshit we see on reality tv shows? I worked with a girl years ago who was planning a second wedding, her reason was because her marriage wasn’t recognized in the Catholic Church. That I can understand, but just to up and renew your vows is kind of a strange concept to me. Have an Anniversary party, or take that money and go on a fabulous vacation.

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    • It’s an excuse for Kim to get dressed up and have it be all about her-because you know she was a diva at whatever resort they were at. She’s a perfect case of someone forgetting where they came from.

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    • And hopefully someone had enough sense to keep the kid with stitches out of the dirty ocean water. Maybe …. since it was a huge ordeal last week. Probably cut into bridal fittings time.

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  3. This is one family where I think it would be benificial for the children to be sent away to boarding school. Kim leads Kroy around by his dick. There has to be something wrong with both that they cut off ties to all family after their marriage. You know her parents had to have been put through a wringer raising that. Justice would be that some of their kids cut them out of their adult lives!

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    • You can tell that Kroy was a huge family man, very close to his parents and sisters, but Kim isn’t having THAT. No competition for his attention, no way, so she’s got his balls in her purse and he’s not allowed to pay attention to anyone but her. Definitely no sisters and mother interfering. It’s sad.

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