RHONJ’s Dina Manzo Robbed And Beaten In Home Invasion

Scary, scary.

Dina Manzo and her boyfriend were bound, beaten, and robbed by masked home invaders on Saturday night. Dina moved to California, but flew in for Audriana Guidice’s first communion, since she is her Godmother. They came back to one of her boyfriend’s NJ homes and were confronted and assaulted-Dina’s boyfriend was beaten with a baseball bat and she was punched. DM story below:


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25 thoughts on “RHONJ’s Dina Manzo Robbed And Beaten In Home Invasion

  1. Wow. This is crazy. I wonder if this was someone they knew? Most likely. With social media – robbery and breaking in can be made super easy. But it is odd that the robbers did this when they knew that her bf was going to return.

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  2. I live near them and saw this on our local news – weird thing was, the reporter called the boyfriend who said it wasn’t him. Then she called Dina who hung up on her. It was weird. And it was a townhouse in a regular old complex, not so fancy for a millionaire.

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      • It was channel 2! The reporter was talking to him on the phone but we couldn’t hear him respond so she just repeated what he said, it was really strange. It seems that they’re acknowledging the incident now maybe she got him right when it was coming out? Boyfriend also said they live in Malibu, like they weren’t in Jersey. I felt bad for them.

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      • I’d say they’re probably really fearful at this point-afraid of doing something that could potentially bring on another attack. If I were in their situation, I’m sure I’d have no idea what to do.
        They don’t know if it was random or if they were targeted which is very frightening.

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    • I’m home and bored today and I was curious about the house thing so I googled the boyfriend and came up with a different address/home than what they’re showing in the Daily Mail and other places. I went on Zillow for the address shown under his name and the house is actually in Manalapan, not Holmdel and it’s a really nice size (not my taste) and worth over $1.2 million.


  3. A teen aged 21-year old ?
    “She has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage”, “Dina’s 21-year-old daughter, Lexi, lives in New York City”

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  4. This is scary! I’ve seen Dina around town before she moved. I am 5′ 5″, and 109, and she is VERY TINY, even next to me. I hope she is OK. I spoke with her in CVS once, and she was very sweet. Just stunning in person. Perfect teeth, beautiful eyes and hair.

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  5. I don’t know why, but I rolled my eyes at this story. Something seems weird about the details. I guess I watch too many true crime shows….but most burglars are not looking to make a scene, they want to get in, steal shit and get the hell out of there. Most of the time, when a homeowner walks in on a burglary, the offenders run. I could understand if they struck Dina and her sugar daddy once on their way out to keep them from following them….but to hit them several times, then take the time to tie them up in order to continue robbing the place – it just doesn’t make sense. Townhouses share walls, I can’t imagine that a couple of thieves would risk making that much of a commotion and stick around. An attack like that wouldn’t have been quiet, risking the neighbors calling the cops. I think there is more to this incident than a simple burglary. There is no denying that people are just awful these days and do really horrible things, so it very well could be a legit story…..but I am skeptical.

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    • i agree Get Out, something about it struck me as off too. The word “beaten” was used repeatedly in the story, yet there was no mention of either of them having been in the hospital for treatment. In my mind, “beaten” means you hit someone more than once. If I sock you in the face, that is not, IMO, a beating.

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  6. ETA – I don’t judge in a thing like this, I thought it was weird that he said it wasn’t them but it could easily be because they were caught off guard that it had gotten out (and someone had their #).

    I can see that if they walked in on people robbing the house – especially a town house with limited exits that they couldn’t get past them without fighting. It could also be something else, who knows. I don’t really care, just glad they’re ok.

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  7. This is so odd. Scary but really bizarre that this guy as a townhouse and not even a luxury one. The whole thing makes you go HMMMM I can see Kathy Wakile being not nice. She has this air of unjustified entitlement.

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  8. More info is coming out about this and it seems shady. Supposedly he isn’t a millionaire anymore, but significantly in debt. It may have been a set up to remove assets from the home.

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