May Ipsy Glam Bag

I’m currently grosser than gross, in dire need of a shower because-well, I’ll start from Friday-I took a shelf down and almost DIED when I saw how dirty and dingy my walls are-I’m not having it-so got paint/spackle/etc yesterday-spackled the largest wall in the living room then painted it, its done and I’m a sweaty painty mess. I’ll do another wall tomorrow, and I’m going to shower after I post this. So that’s the backstory, on to Ipsy.

This month’s bag is clear and waterproof, it’s got little ice cream cones all over, it’s cute.

We’ve got a Luxie foundation brush. I’ve got a few Luxie brushes, they’re good quality. This one retails for 23$.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics split pan highlighter/bronzer duo. This can’t be full size-on their website it says 21$. I’m not a big fan of split pan duos. But it’s pretty. Swatched below.


Full size CAILYN cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet in #32 Practicable. Holy shit that’s a long name. It’s a liquid lip, obvie-it’s thick and creamy, nicely pigmented-definitely a nude but I feel like I’ve gotten 4 versions of this shade in my subscriptions in the past 2 months. Retails for 19$.

IT Cosmetics SuperHero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in black. It’s mascara-it isnt life changing, but it works. Not full size so I’ve no clue what it retails for.

Adesse New York Organic Infused Gel Lacquer in Surfer Girl. It’s pretty but you need about 3 coats to get it opaque. I’ve gotten this brand in my Ipsy before-it’s full size, and retails for 18$.

This month’s Ipsy value is pretty great-for the items I can price, the value is 62$, and that’s only 3 items. Damn good for a 10$ subscription. 3 full size items too-not bad, Ipsy!!

Talk soon Lovelies



8 thoughts on “May Ipsy Glam Bag

  1. I received the same eye shadow and mascara. I have a great angled brush and a pixi creamy endless silky eye pen in a nudeish color and a tube of raw organic coconut oil. Loved this one. In theory I’d prefer the nail polish but I can’t wear it at work. 😦

    I hated my boxy charm. Already have the brushes and rest is blah. The liquid highlighter that came just exploded all over me, the white cat and my brand new duvet cover. I could barely get the crap off my hands and had to use make up remover and my clarisonic. No idea how the duvet will come out. It’s in the wash soaking overnight.

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