Happy Mother’s Day!!

To you all-mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, and pet-mothers.

Stepmothers definitely don’t get the attention they deserve on Mothers Day, I feel like. You do all of the things a mother does, but it can be overlooked and thankless. I was a stepmother for a long time, did the dirty work, but their mother never let me forget that I was disposable. I love my stepchildren still, even though they’re now long grown and I haven’t seen them for years.

All of my children have stepmothers-4 of them did not fare well in the stepmother department AT ALL, but that’s a story for another time. My youngest, however, got the jackpot. She has been nothing but a loving and kind factor in his life-she had no children when she came into his world yet treated him as her own from day one. I am forever grateful to his father for marrying a woman that so readily and wholly accepted someone else’s child and has treated him so well because I’m all too familiar with how badly it could go. She’s provided him with a loving, safe, and nurturing environment to grow in, and has been there when I couldn’t. We have a cordial, respectful relationship-I have not always deserved it but she’s given me that. She’s been amazing to my other children-they adore her. I’ve never felt threatened or jealous-a child can never have too many people loving them-just grateful. So happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing stepmothers.

And for the not so great ones? I’ve got the memory of an elephant 😁. I kid. A little.

Talk soon Lovelies



31 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1. How sweet of you to recognize the Stepmothers! I was just at a wedding where the groom and his sister had 3 moms – their biological mom, the second wife who had shared custody for all of their formative years, and the third wife. All three moms were at the wedding.

    When the groom’s sister did the toast she went out of her way to thank their “Bonus Moms” which was super sweet.

    So, I’m with Allie, to all you “Bonus Moms”, Happy Mother’s Day!

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  2. Awwwwww.
    I have both biological and step children. Let me tell you, the step kids are way harder. We have 100% custody because the moms are constantly in jail or rehab. The kiddos love their moms absolutely, while I am the one doing every open house, doc appointment, recital, etc etc. All of the same things I do for my biological kids except they actually love me back.
    Luckily I get along with the moms whenever they make an appearance, and I try very hard not to trash talk them in front of the kids. The kiddos also always call me by first name, never “mom”, because I do respect that boundary.

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    • I had my stepchildren all the time when they were younger-2 different moms, and only children in their households. I had a bunch of kids so they’d stay with us for days at a time so mom’s could work, sleep late, party. I did all the grunt work, and the moms definitely took it for granted, didn’t appreciate or care. I’d be stuck in the middle between my husband and the mothers “child says you do everything, dad does nothing-I want HIM to do it” like getting the kids dressed and fed in the mornings or ready for bed at night. I was already doing that stuff for my own kids-i was supposed to ignore the steps because their mothers wanted him to do it? When he wasn’t going to? Ugh-the games. I don’t miss that. He was impossible, the power plays were impossible, it was a no win situation for me.

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  3. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I thank God for the day that Allie brought us all together. Most positive thing that has happened to me in years.
    Love, Dee

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  4. Allison, this was beautiful! I am happy that your youngest has a loving step mother.
    I love what you wrote.
    I have been a surrogate Mom to many over the years. I love children, I hope that some of them may remember me fondly in some small way. I hope my two boys will remember me fondly as well. They are the reason I was born, to be a Mom is the greatest accomplishment ever!
    I know you are remembered!

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  5. So beautifully written, thanks for including us pet moms. I no longer even am that as of a few weeks ago. The day means a lot to me, I had a wonderful mother for 52 years, she passed in 2001 and I still want to talk to her every day.

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  6. Happy Mothers Day – all you sexy Momma’s. I was watching tv and had to change the damn channel, I watch a lot of Discovery ID, all day long they have shows on about Mom’s who have killed their children…..who the eff wants to watch that? I don’t know how someone can hurt kids and animals, sick bastards.
    We’re going out for Steampots later, my son’s girlfriend has to work until 3:30, so I made our reservation for 5:00 so she can join us for dinner. She has an almost 3 year old boy, he is a cute little bugger. She was in a bind last week and asked me if could watch him for her, he’s been here several times, so it wasn’t like she was leaving him with a stranger. Well, he was a really good boy, about half way thru the day I asked him what my name was….he looks at me, shrugs his little shoulders with his hands out and says…”you’re the MOM” I laughed my ass off, because I tell me kids that all the time. So, that’s what he calls me, the MOM.

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  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Allie, and all of the awesome momma lovelies here.
    Love chit chatting with y’all!

    I’m not one to ask for gifts. I am more comfortable being the giver. My biggest blessings in life are my husband and our two amazing boys. From day one, I’ve loved them with every bit of my heart and soul. I’m so proud of the adults my boys are growing into. They’ve always had hearts of gold.

    I was pleasantly surprised while opening presents to see a FitBit that I’ve been oogling and keep meaning to order for myself and putting it off. It was the icing on getting to spend the whole day with my guys.

    We’re heading out in a bit for dinner with my brother and sis in law for a combined Mother’s Day & celebration of my brothers birthday.

    I hope every one of you enjoy today! ❤😘

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  8. I have to say everyone on here is so special. I feel very blessed to know you all. My son took me out to lunch. I’m feeling especially lucky this year.

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  9. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

    Luckily (for me, for you, for humankind), I haven’t spawned but I am a kick ass Aunt. And let’s face it Mom’s, with most of you, you wouldn’t have received shit for Mother’s Day without a stand-by Aunt! :P.

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    • I also am only an aunt, but the best damn one out there, as I’m sure you are, NoLife! My sister always said her kids had a 3 parent family, and I am blessed she was so willing to share her boys with me. From camping to cub scouts, from youth ministry to condoms, I have been there thru all of it. And now that they are grown, we have graduated to wine nights and cards against humanity. I wouldn’t have traded a minute of it. I have always called them “my boys”.

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  10. Happy Mother’s day!! My little one made me a card and I got some flowers. Almost perfect day church, eat, and chill except missing the hubby (work out of state) but the boyfriend brought me flowers and cleaned the house!! FYI not real boyfriend lol best friend ! Hope everyone had an awesome day !!!!

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      • Lol!!!! This was one of my first homemade cards !!! He’s my little kindergartener!!!! Ahhh and I know you blink and they are gone.

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    • Girl-I read boyfriend and thought hey, do your thang, boo-but you’re brave putting it out there!!! Then I kept reading-you got me good!! So glad you had a good day. How’s the Smashbox primer working for you?

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      • Hahaha it’s one of those things that all his guy friends always thought we were having affair so we always played into it.. Lol to hard to resist and I believe one day he will come out of the closet but till then he’s my side piece hahaha… I haven’t used the smashbox prime yet.. my little one decided to get sick and share his sickness. But I’m excited to try it ! I also haven’t tried my Boxycharm stuff either ! I’ve got to get on it! Thanks again!!!

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  11. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone whether you have natural, adopted, or step children, are 2nd moms, or mothers of furbabies. Even if you have none of these, someone gave birth to you lol. My youngest son called me today. He came to see me last weekend. Unfortunately he had to share with me that he has to make a decision about whether or not to put down his little English Bulldog girl Ollie tomorrow. She is 8 years old and is having kidney failure. Feel so sorry for him. My oldest son called and couldn’t come today but is coming tomorrow. He and his fiancée are going to clean my house as my gift. That is the best gift as my health prevents me from being able to clean like I want. He spent about 20 minutes talking to me about a problem he was having and wanted my opinion. It made my Mother’s Day knowing that even though they are grown adults, they still want their mom’s opinion and consolation when they are having a rough time of it. Maybe I really did something right with them.

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  12. Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

    I spent the day with my mom and grandmother. The other half and the littles were with his mom. Saturday I went and got pampered… hair, waxing, etc., then ran errands with BFF, ending with dinner and a movie. Got home and the house was cleaned, everyone was bathed and in bed.. all I had to do was turn out the lights and go to bed. I don’t remember the last time that happened.

    Also, both my teams (basketball and baseball) won yesterday, so it was a good day. haha

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