Great Article About Phaekdra

I came across this article and I really thought it fit Phaedra and her lying lie-hole that lies to a tee. It talks about how she fancies herself a wonderful role model for Black women and shouldn’t, and how she’s more interested in being seen as a good person than an honest one-and points out all of the lies she’s been caught in. It’s well written and nails it.

Talk soon Lovelies



9 thoughts on “Great Article About Phaekdra

  1. Don’t know where to put this but if you decide to make another blog- I read your Tweet and something clicked about Apollo and Joe Giudice.
    Now, recall that Phaedra was asked if Apollo talks to Joe. I believe Teresa was also asked the same question on Watch What Happens Live as well. Both of them have stated that they don’t speak but wish each other well. Some general generic bs statement. . Almost like there’s some sort of distain. These are two men that are stuck pretty close together in prison who have been a part of a crazy reality show that has led to their incarceration. No one else but the two of them can understand what they’re going through and you’re telling me they don’t speak?
    I noticed that Phaedra and Theresa certainly don’t seem very friendly. I think there was a photo op. Whatever.
    I have never seen Teresa feel any sadness or grief over Phaedras situation. Phaedra well she’s fake as f*** so any of her emotion can be discounted for Teresa.
    But All the crap Teresa & Joe went through bc of the fraud charges labeled them terribly.
    But here we have a couple who masterminded a small criminal enterprise by lying & stealing from others. Bringing other persons in on the activities (willingly) but deceitfully using them as disposable trash for their dirty work as a means to keep themselves in tacky Burberry

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  2. Outfits. Anyway I hit send by accident and I didn’t get to my point or finish here. I’m going too wrap up but I bet the guidice/Apollo have a lot of hostility. Moreso I would be pissed if I was Teresa. I’m not a fan of Teresa but this should really have ppl looking at her like a damn Saint. I lost my train of thought bc I was really going in hard bc I think phaedra is a slim ball and the worst thing 4 black women to look to. Talking about Apollo being rehabilitated Thug. And her being a strong black woman standing by him. Bad message she has the money to back up a man who could throw her into the pits. But also she has the money to dig herself out. This is not a good example. Any woman. Period.

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    • Absolutely agree. I wouldn’t want her saying she represents me, that’s for damn sure, and she’s every single thing she claims to. E against. When Apollo got in trouble? She knew what he was doing, and I feel like she couldn’t get away from him fast enough because she was in on it too. She knew who he was before his first jail bid so please spare me that she had no clue.


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