Video of Matt Jordan Attacking Peter Thomas

A little background:

They were both appearing on a local radio station. There had been past tensions between the 2, and it all came to a head at this radio interview. I wonder who the genius is that scheduled this?

Tmz link with video below:

The police were called and Peter ended up filing a complaint against Matt.


I think Matt has an issue or 900 and isn’t fit to be in any relationship with anyone. I don’t think it takes a whole lot to set him off, either-and glad Kenya got away.

Talk soon Lovelies



19 thoughts on “Video of Matt Jordan Attacking Peter Thomas

  1. Perhaps Matt is suffering from “roid rage”? He’s a mess and will wind up seriously hurting someone and land in jail if he doesn’t get himself under control. Where is his family?

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  2. That was kind of hard to watch, even though I managed three times 😉 Matt is a neanderthal man. TMZ says that Peter said that he ‘held his own”, but it didn’t look like that to me. It looked like if there hadn’t been anyone around to help intervene, Matt would have mopped the floor up with his face.

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  3. I always thought Matt was a boy in a steroid filled body, crazy eyes and all. He needs to be under supervision. Either in a jail cell or a psyche ward. If I was Kenya, I would have 24 hour security. You can believe that!

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  4. Thanks for posting this! Muah!
    No SFTA link? She deserves the link for being first to get the video. She really is close to Peter Thomas.
    Matt is a goddamn lunatic. Kenya disgusts me, but I have zero doubt he truly scared the shit out of her. No woman deserves that in her life.
    If this had been a live broadcast, I would have been terrified for Peter. He’s older, shorter, and not a mass of muscle like Matt is.
    Jesus, Matt sucks as a person.

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  5. Matt is crazy! I don’t know how Kenya put up with him as long as she did, if this is the way he acted. He should be really ashamed! I had read that Matt drove for 4 hours in a rage before he got to the radio station.

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  6. Allie, I meant to just link the post for the video, I don’t know what I am doing. Please remove if this isn’t allowed or you don’t like it.

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  7. I think I really screwed up! I made a comment on one of these links, now every time someone comments I get a text with the video. How do I stop it?! Thanks so much

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