The Mohamed Hadid Saga Continues

Mo has been ordered to stand trial for refusing to comply with the city’s demand for him to stop construction on his ludicrous, mall sized home. He’s been fined, ignored the fines, ignoted permit requirements and now this unfinished behemoth sits jammed into the Hollywood hillside. The LA City Attorney hates him for his arrogance and I’m sure will be seeking jail time. He’s got Robert Shapiro of OJ fame representing him (he’s looking OLD). Shapiro has his celebrity client work cut out for him after representing Conrad Hilton-Kathy’s son, Kim and Kyle’s nephew-at his arraignment yesterday.

DM story below

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12 thoughts on “The Mohamed Hadid Saga Continues

  1. Well that man is so full of himself. If be has enough cash to bail out Fyre Island to save his daughters careers, he has enough to take care of that mess before now.

    Word on the street is he is alledgedly a pimp for models/low earning actors & gross men who have way too much money & time.

    Most fathers are proud of their daughters for accomplishments they work hard for, not lieing on their backs & have sex & taking a cut of theor income, all allegedly. Too tired to source it tonight, too much pain too.

    Him & Pimp Mama Kris should marry. Perfect immoral & unethical couple they’d make.

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  2. This is showing how he had to file 8 bankruptcies, could not follow the rules & took big gambles then lost. Officials should had shut down construction much sooner but hopefully some jail time at his age will open his eyes. If he had followed original plans & laws, house would be finished, sold with money in his pocket. Instead he wanted grandiose mansion with bigger profit but now he is a joke rather than top builder.

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  3. He could not have had 8 bankruptcies within the time frame of working on this house. The last I knew, you could only file personal bankruptcy 3 times in your lifetime & only every 7 years. He is filthy rich. He & Kris Jenner are rumored to funding the coverup/payoff for Fyre Island. Someone is paying the refunds of the tickets that had been refunded up to the point I quit following that catastrophe. they ALWAYS get it right. In fact if its found they are wrong, I’d like to know. Search for Fyre Island.

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    • No the 8 bankruptcies occurred since 1996 til now. Some were likely personal, some were businesses which he controlled. If he is so wealthy, his claim in court is he cannot find 10 million to finish home which court finds hard to believe. Maybe he should focus on his mess first, then assist his children issues.

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  4. Can you imagine what the electric bill (keeping it air conditioned) for that place is? So ridiculous and stupid I hope the nieghbors get justice I know what it’s like to have a shitty neighbor it’s not fun.

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    • I can’t imagine anything that has to do with that monstrosity. I don’t care how much money I hD if I was rich-my home would be welcoming, livable and comfy. Not cold glass and steel mall living. No thanks, Tacky Hadid.

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  5. I am confused, didn’t they just do a story recently where he was in court? Or was this the neighbor taking him to court? He must be from the family of “it is better to ask forgiveness than permission”. I worked with some guys like that in the military, real cowboys.
    How’s that working out? LOL
    This has been going on for years. I can’t believe him! He knows what he is doing is wrong, he has been sited many times yet continues on. Even hiding construction of 4 additional bedrooms.

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