The Latest on Phae Phae

She’s of course still not taking responsibility for her lies. Phaedra is blaming production, saying a producer told her the drug rape story and she repeated it. BullSHIT Phaedra! Just stop! You did it, you’re caught, you’re fired. Stop shifting blame.
Apparently she violated a “morality clause”. Links below:

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7 thoughts on “The Latest on Phae Phae

  1. Page Six is running this story as well, they have a 12 pic slide show of former HW’s. OMGeee, those women are looking rough as hell. Honestly, the only one who looks better in the before pic is Phea, girlfriend didn’t know how to wear makeup when she first signed-up. Adrienne Maloof looks really haggard.

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  2. This is really funny… Bc I thought that Bravo runs all storylines prior to production and editing? I swear that they do. Tee hee. My heart hopes that Andy played PPP at her own game.
    Theory: Andy knew the dirt on the fraud. PPP put a C&D on bravo from bringing PPP in Apollo and AS “messiness” years ago and Andy finally found his only way out of this garbage.
    I have a feeling that Ms Parks threatened AC yrs ago.
    Get Out- yeas they look bad. I have some gfs that started botox way too early for no reason. Common sense says that death to muscles causes atrophy – atrophy to skin will cause it to sag. They are 30-35 and they all have been injecting too much botox that they actually look older and scarier. I call it “deadface”. Lol

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    • That’s NOT true. If you use botox 3 or 4 times a year for a long period the muscles will stay numb or relaxed. Nothing dies. After you have stopped using it for 8 months or so the muscles will work just the same as they did before you ever started using it.

      Botox also doesn’t change the face significantly; it may change the position of the eyebrows a bit but that’s it!

      Fillers and fat-injections will change the face either subtle (Cynthia Bailey, Luann De Leseppes) or drastically (Brandi Glanville, Adrianne Maloof) depending on how much you have injected.

      Usually these women who have overdosed on their cheekbones and lips end up looking older instead of younger. If they use temporay fillers (Brandi) their faces will be back to normal in about 2 years after they have stopped using injections. If they have used fat-injections or silicone-implants (Adrianne) their faces won’t go back to normal ever.

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