Phaekdra And The GA Bar

Here’s a site to the GA bar linking their code of ethics and professional conduct. I’m going to glance through and see what she may or may not have violated-I’m sure some of you eagle eyes will see something I don’t-give it a whirl?

Talk soon Lovelies



23 thoughts on “Phaekdra And The GA Bar

    • Now that you have watched her for awhile, the book makes it easier to follow her same behavior on the show. And how she generally can step back in person but with cameras following she cannot step back as easily. According to another site a complaint as already been received. Claiming she violated 4.1 & 4.4 of the code. I don’t know if any penalty or loss of license would do much. She would be embarrassed but since now she really doesn’t have an active practice, the loss would be small.

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  1. I’m just throwing this out there because I don’t know what the deal is with people not being able to get Angela Stanton’s book, and I want everyone that can, to get her book. Payback, baby.

    This youtube video was dated May 7th, just a couple of days ago, and has Angela Stanton at a viewing party of Kandi’s.

    I guess for those interested, you will have to copy and paste, unless it decides to make a link…I dunno, guess I’ll see when I hit send.

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  2. So. Let’s see…there are, what, 6 of us that bought the book (and admit it) so KandI made Angela about $40 Sunday night. Figure that also happened with other people, KandI handed Angela a LOT of coin and showed Phaedra for who she is. Phaedra backpedaling trying to make a point that people couldn’t get the book? KANDI even told peeps where to buy it! (Barnes & Noble) the utter destruction of Phaedra is complete. Phaedra tried to ruin Kandi, and without even really trying, KandI for the checkmate. Always remember… houses!

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  3. I read Angela’s book today. It even further boogles my mind how or why in at least 2 different investigations by the Feds, Pfuckin Phaedra gets off without possibly even being questioned I’d think if nothing else, someone would have mailed the investigator a copy.

    Look at how Judges and such both got suspicious about Abbie Lee and Teresa G by watching their reality tv shows.

    I was squealing with delight when Angela Stanton’s name and also the Feds was finally brought up at the reunion, after all these years, by Kandi and Todd. I am liking them more for that!

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  4. I just read the link NoLife, and find it ironic that the mythological Phaedra was a big, fat liar too. She even set up some other mythological dude by claiming RAPE. Lots of irony here.

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  5. Finished the book! Very interesting…..and I believe every word about Phaedra. And I’m kinda surprised that AS has written several books….I thought it was presented as her writing the book just to cash in on Phaedra, but I guess it’s been almost like a series of books about her life experiences.

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    • That surprised me too. Also, she didn’t sound as vindictive toward Phaedra as I would be. Her tone was more of hurt because she was let down by someone she first admired, considered a great example of a successful educated woman, and thought of her as a mentor and friend, before she even knew Pheadra was a mastermind of crooked schemes. Her trust and belief in Pheadra is what made her feel comfortable working actually for Phaedra on the wrong side of the law in a bigger way than she would have without her. She even felt like she had sort of arrived to have the likes of Pheadra allow her to participate in her racket. Poor Angela, she trusted a thief!


    • I can’t wait to get my hands on it to read it! I’ll always believe that Phaedra’s hands weren’t clean at all with that Apollo mess. At all. I still can’t get over Phaedra’s insinuating that she had AS’s book yanked off the shelves,.


      • I think she was able to hold up sales for some time. She filed suit and Angela filed back. Pheadra dragged it out with motions and whatever, delayed sitting for depositions, etc. Pheadra dropped the case eventually, i read. I think the deposition might have made her look bad if she was honest for a change. She couldn’t win the case because the book is true, IMO.

        If Phaedra’s lips are moving, she’s lying.

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