More Exploitation By Kim Zolciak

She’s showing photos of her son’s dog bite injuries-to his FACE and EYE.

On WWHL Andy tried to get more info out of her, like who’s dog bit her son, etc but she refuses to talk about it.

But please-by all means, share the photos of him in the hospital and if his injuries with MILLIONS of people. I can’t with her. She’s ruined her face, Brielle isn’t far behind her-I just can’t. Not a fan.

DM story below:

And oh yeah-here’s Kim’s tips for looking good. 😂😂😂 funny I don’t see collagen and plastic surgery listed. I will never, EVER buy from her skincare line for 2 reasons. 1) it’s hers, what does she know? 2) it’s KashmereKollection. Hell naw, nope, no way, no. With the Ks? Kome ON.

Talk soon, Lovelies


38 thoughts on “More Exploitation By Kim Zolciak

    • I think you are spot on, Theresa! She was holding out for the highest bidder…teasing with the half faced pics, coupled with the Tweets & Instagrams.
      I’m so glad that little sweet face is going to heal completely.

      Kim’s face, however, is awful! She literally looks like plastic. Instead of looking younger, all of the surgery/fillers/whatever have aged her. No way in Hell would I guess her to be 38!
      Every time I see her or Farrah Abraham on my screen, I’m reminded of the other. These women take it way too far! If they weren’t so vile, I would feel badly. Ugly insides can’t be covered.

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  1. Not a fan either. I think I’d had it with Kim when she wouldn’t let her mother use her indoor plumbing at her wedding and had her removed, with her father in tow. Gawd. I know her mom has done some crummy things too, but for the love of Pete, having her hauled outta there for going inside her house? at her wedding? That was just over the top shitty to me. Even if she hated her mothers guts, it seems like she could have looked the other way for her fathers sake. Guess not.

    I want to know whose dog bit Kash.

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    • GSnap! You remember EVERYTHING! I totally forgot about Kim making her Mother use the porta- potty. Who would not let their own mother into their house? We met Kim’s parents in the early days and they seemed like perfectly nice people to me. The fact that Kim doesn’t speak to them anymore tells us all we need to know about her. If my daughter had a “Big Papa”, and bragged like that on television, I would be embarrassed. I’m sure her parents probably disapproved of that whole thing and the way she went on about it.

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      • I suspect as much too…and if true, I wonder what darlin’ little Kash was doing to that dog to get bitten? He’s a rough little cob.

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      • Beth- just curious- Who is suing whom? If Kim’s son were bit by her own dog, then there would be no lawsuit. Unless you know something??? 🤔🤔. Give us the goods, girl!

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      • Oh no, I didn’t mean to mislead you Pip – when I read “I’m unable to discuss it. I’ve been advised not to at this point” in the article, “lawsuit” popped into my head. You’re probably right that it was one of their dogs and they are embarrassed to say so.

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      • Got it!
        One thing I’ve noticed about these women is they always fall back on “my lawyer advised me not to discuss it”. It can be a very convenient excuse!

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      • I don’t have kids. So if your dog bites a kid in the face, I’ll take Atticus! I love dogs and could never have enough of them! Although, my husband thinks two is enough. 🙄

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      • Cus wouldn’t ever bite anyone ☺️not out of aggression anyway. He’s never been around small kids so I’d watch him carefully-but he’s as gentle as they come. She’s got those big ole rescue dogs, she doesn’t know their histories-not that they’re aggressive at all but like it’s been said the kids are not gentle. Maybe the kid hurt one and it snapped reflexively, one of the first things you teach your kids w pets is “no, do nice to the doggie! See? Nice doggie-we don’t hurt the doggie, he’ll be sad. Do nice doggie.” Not jam your power wheels into the doggie. Dumbasses.

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      • Actually they don’t have a choice about reporting whose dog did the bite. Anytime you seek medical treatment for any animal injuries, the medical staff is required by law to report it to Animal Control. They take it seriously due to the possibility of rabies. AC checks to make sure pet is current on vaccine or track down pet or wild animal. Rabies is always fatal w/o timely treatment. Then depending on local laws, AC also keeps records of bite history which pet could be put down, owner is required to follow special restrictions, etc. Whoever owns the dog will probably lose their homeowner ins if they do not pay out of pocket. Dog bites are number one in claims & large dollar amount like this will cause them to be dropped, sky high premiums or extremely small number of ins companies who will insure might say no dogs/refuse to cover pet claims.

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      • Interesting info, thanks for all of that! It’s got to have been one of their own dogs. If it was someone else’s, they’d be screaming bloody murder about it in the press and crucifying the dog owner.

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      • You are right ladies. Man… I didn’t know this stuff about the dog bite yrs ago. I wish I knew how serious it is. Some dogs are ticking time bombs. My neighbors pitbull bit my daughter when we first moved in. The woman CRYED & begged me NOT to report it. I scheduled a Dr appointment – her Dr’s needed to know what type of dog. I said that it was a pitbull. Wow. Dog bites are NOT a game. But at the time I really felt bad IF I got the dog put down. I canceled all appointments. You would think that the owner would be grateful? You would think that the dog would be retrained? Nope. Ugh. Classic Kingsley and Kim.
        KZB cannot speak of it bc it’s like a big deal. Last I heard – dogbites start at 30-40k for homeowners insurance. And the insurance company will pay only if you have revealed the dog on the property. Either way – it’s bad. It always makes me wonder wtf happened to Kim’s dog on BH? How she ever had homeowners insurance with that dog is beyond me.

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      • I believe Kim was renting so she would’n’t have had homeowners – but I never understood why the landlords weren’t named in the lawsuits, unless I missed it.

        If I rented my home to a careless dog owner & the dog viciously attacks – I’d certainly be at least partially responsible. And I recall recall at the time – people saying maybe the landlord didn’t know she had a dog – wouldn’t matter – I should’ve been paying closer attention. What is it Judge Judy says – Ignorance is no defense. 😉

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    • Dang, G-snap, I had totally forgotten that! I remember early seasons, when her parents made appearances, being surprised by how normal and down to earth they both were.

      No one is perfect- no person, no family. But to block both sets of parents from not only their lives, but to rob the kids of a relationship with grandparents on both sides? It doesn’t seem likely that they’re all terrible people, not worthy of seeing/knowing their grandchildren. It’s really sad. This is time that can’t be replaced. One of the most special relationships. I would give anything to have my Gram back. I hope they wake up before it’s too late.

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  2. I’m sorry Kash got bit, but this isn’t the traumatic injury she made it out to be. She played it up as almost life-threatening that required several hours of surgery. If you’re not familiar with dog bites, it would look bad, but it really isn’t that bad at all. It looks like just one “clamp-down” – that’s why there is so much bruising, and two areas where it looks like the teeth broke thru. Honestly, it doesn’t look like an act of aggression from the dog. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, a dog biting is aggressive….but there is a difference between one strike and an actual attack. It’s not uncommon for the ER doc’s to pass facial and eye area injuries onto a Plastic Surgeon. So, there again it always sounds worse to say “surgery” rather than stitches. I’m sure it was scary, but the Dr’s usually do a very good job at explaining why it’s best that a Plastic Surgeon does it, so there is minimum scarring and it’s also much easier to work on a kid when they are not squirming and screaming – so they put them under.
    I’m not trying to be a dick just because I don’t like her, I really am speaking from experience.
    It’s a shame she is so attention starved that she uses her kids for her own gain. The asshole.

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    • I agree Pip…those kids are allowed to run wild. I’ve seen them run into that Sinn dog with their power wheels. That’s my point of it not being an act of aggression….I think he either hurt the dog and it struck out of pain or it was an overly excited strike. It really sucks for the poor dog, I can just see Kroy kicking the guts out of it. You have to train your kids as well as your animals.

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      • You forgot taking selfies and pimping out her daughter! She’s busy you know she throws her hair in a pony tail, uses her fingers to smear on some eyeshadow and …!

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      • Seen it time & time again – it’s usually the humans that need more extensive training than the dogs. 1 ex (of many) – an idiot who over a 3-4yr period purchased 3 $1,000+ dogs from f-n pet stores & then within a 2-3 month period got rid of them blaming the dogs because they were “untrainable”.

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    • I agree with you. I’ve been dog groomer almost 40yr so I had been nipped in the face couple of times & seen plenty of others. It is quite scary for it to be around the eye however any bite to the face that requires medical help, they call in plastics to minimize any scars. My guess is his face was in the face of the dog otherwise the dog would have bitten somewhere much easier. It is a scary experience especially for a young child. A young child who should have been taught how to be around dogs & supervised, then was exploited for the world to see. She will be lucky if her children do not hate her later in life like many of the child actors/stars whose parents used them for fame rather than what was best for the child.

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  3. I agree with all y’all!
    First off, I’m glad that Kash was not injured as bad as his mom wanted people to believe.
    Kim was on WWHL and said he was doing just fine and would be ok. OK. If I was a bettin’ woman, I would bet that cameras were rolling in the ER. So sad.
    Andy asked her if Brielle was working and Kim said that Brielle worked for Kim as her personal assistant. Brielle recently bought a Range Rover and Kim said that Brielle makes 6 aka SIX
    figures on “social media”. Right. And I’m a 16 year old virgin. Again. lol
    I think that Kim took the 2nd seat because she thought that would show her best angle.
    And Kroy. Poor guy. I seriously believe his football career is history.
    I also would bet that Kash was bitten by one of their dogs.
    Oh, and Brielle is a good girl who would never ever give anyone a blow job for favors. Duh!

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  4. Wow i sooo can’t stand her!!! Can’t believe I read the DM article… gag me!! EVERYTHING she says is the opposite of what she does!!!
    *She’s ruined her face n lies about it!
    *Her mouth is so foul, adding the comments she made pimping her daughter out!
    *”Don’t show too much, leave for the imagination” is that what she does??? Even in that article she’s almost topless, they had to blackout her nipples!!
    *The nerve to quote her Mom about “anything” being that she is estranged from her!! (Because her Mom used the bathroom inside her house during the wedding!!!!!)
    *skin care line???? Uhh her face is plastic!
    *brownosing to Khloe by wearing her jeans n promoting them!!
    Geeez! I know I spent too much energy writing this n thinking about her…, she’s wack! 😜

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  5. What I don’t get is why she won’t admit she got a nose job ! Come on ! Kash is lucky the dog didn’t hurt him worse. I feel sorry for the dog . I’m sure the kid was being too rough . Teach the kids to treat animals with respect! Geez!!!!!

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  6. Kim’s tips for looking good. Looks like the majority of readers have her number.
    “This is a joke right?”
    “Pig in a wig”
    “F off”


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