I’m tired and cranky and in Little Rock.  Meh. Don’t hate it…at least it’s not Jersey!  It’s also hot as balls, which I’m LOVING!

Bad news: For the first time in a while, I slept like absolute garbage in a hotel last night.  I was literally up every single hour.  And my ankles are swollen.

Good news!  I’m going to Charleston next week AND I’m going to OC in June.  Why is that good?  Both of them are super demanding customers who demand me!  And I love both places!

I’m in a yay/boo place today.

What’s annoying you today?  What’s going right? What’s going left?


30 thoughts on “Meh!

      • LOL!!! Just teasing! I love you!

        I don’t blame you! All these TV shows about Jersey people, pictures of Newark and the Turnpike!

        We actually have mountains and farms too! There is no way to know the way we are portrayed on TV.

        HUGS!!! LOVE your recaps!!! Safe travels! NYC is good for plays and restaurants. Otherwise, I avoid like the plague!

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      • Not saying you don’t work, but I wish I could just sit and read instead of working until 8 every night…..grumpt about the number of calls I take after I technically stop working for the day…mice been on calls since I stopped working at 4. So I may sound more salty than I am

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      • No worries at all, girl! I stayed up all night reading that craziness! You are in for some GOOD TEA!
        Put your phone on mute and ENJOY! 😘

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    • are y’all referring to Angela Stanton’s book? I see that someone filed a complaint against Phaedra to have her disbarred. The same person filed something agains Vicki Gunvalson for her “alleged” fake cancer storyline.


      • Yes. We’re talking about Angela Stanton’s book. It was good.
        But very weird that the person who filed the complaint against Vicki is the same person that filed the complaint against Phaedra. That seems odd.


      • Pip,

        the person’s name is Michael Lissack, who is the Executive Director of Empowering Victims. He filed a complaint with the bar about Phaedra. I don’t know if I can post the article here.


  1. Charleston is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been too. Lucky you…and the OC? Get a work out at Tamra’s gym! Read a couple of chapters in the book….good stuff! And good for Angela Stanton…I bet people are scooping these books off the shelves!!

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  2. What is it that you do, Ms. Allie? I must’ve missed you telling us that. But let me guess: you are a makeup artist? Or maybe psychologist/counsellor?

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    • This isn’t Allie that posted this…it’s NoLife. I travel for work… I’m a licensed Radiologic Technologist and I work for a vendor, so I get to travel around a LOT. I love my job, I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a job that I love and excites me….I could do with a couple fewer phone calls, but other than that, I’m stupid happy! But because only crazy people are happy all the time. I bitch about it sometimes 🙂

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  3. I hope you’re sleeping blissfully, now, NL! And, that you wake in the morning refreshed and ready to take on Weds.

    I’m envious that you get paid to travel and see such beautiful places! 😍

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  4. There is a song about Little Rock by Collin Raye…..that popped into my head with “I’m tired and cranky here in Little Rock”…..I’m sorry you’re pissy and swollen. I hate when I get travel swell, it’s the worst kind of swell because it can be dangerous. Take care of yourself.

    I can get cranky real quick…sometimes it doesn’t take much to yank my chain. I’m much better than I used to be, but I could still use some improvement. I blame my blood type, I have O Negative – based on what I’ve read about us, it’s just a matter of us being super smart and factual. Basically it means were know it all’s who have to be right all the time. 🙂
    My daughter was in Ocean City, Maryland for Spring Fest. She brought us a half-baked Grotto Pizza, anyone who goes to the Shore in Delaware or Maryland knows what a treat that is. She always stops at Dutch Haven and brings Shoofly Pies…this year she asked if I wanted Chocolate or Regular, I couldn’t decide so she got one of each and we split them. They are as homemade as they can be for being store bought, so no preservatives which means they have to be eaten in a timely manner. I’ve been strung out on sugar since Sunday night, so I haven’t cared to be bent out of shape about anything.

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      • Ocean City was our destination after graduation. We stayed in a tiny house on the boardwalk. Three to a tiny room, shared a bathroom. I guess it was like a boarding house. I’m sure it is gone now due to property values there is probably a high rise. Of course the jocks/rich people were next door in the actual high rise. Nice memories, thanks!
        Is the book good? I might get it too! Help Angela out.


  5. Y’all I am in a yay/boo place myself No Life. We finally bought a camper and lot at the lake near our house. It’s in a gated community. I have been looking forward to this for what seems like forever. My husband and I stayed at a lake a couple of years ago for 3 months during the summer and my health improved drastically so that’s the reason we decided to buy a place.

    We had to go through all kinds of things to get everything situated. Had to have all the utilities turned on and get the internet and Directv set up. We also had to get a fence for the dogs approved by the zoning committee.

    Finally all of the things are accomplished. The fence for the Rottweilers and Great Dane is a necessity. Gotta have a place for my babies to go potty. It was ordered last week and they told us it would be delivered the next day. We went over to install it, thought it had been stolen and found out it had to be ordered through the company and won’t get there until Friday or Saturday. I have been waiting to move in for over 2 months now. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember the Internet password anymore.

    Any positive vibes from you guys will be appreciated because I am ready to get some desperately needed Vitamin D and some peace and quiet.


  6. just got home form that bloody LONDON – I am feeling your swollen ankles PLUS London has the weirdest water it makes my hair go weird and soft and stupid.

    there was lots of ‘americans’ on the tube and i got very british…. rolling of eyes and tutting LOL SORRY GUYS I LOVES U ALL REALLY

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  7. I’m kInda overwhelmed. I’ve got my Mom coming up on Saturday from Arizona for TWO and a half WEEKS. 😳
    I love my mama, but anything over two weeks is kind of a long time. We get along so great, but we can bicker. My brothers are coming up with their large families for the weekend. It’s a houseful. Normally I wouldn’t clean super well for my brothers, just give the house a good once over, make sure the beds have clean bedding, etc. but when Mama is here. Oh man, she goes through this place with a find tooth comb. So I hired a couple of cleaning ladies, which is probably beyond my budget, but what the hell. I am not the greatest housekeeper! 😬
    The boats are now in and the yard and everything is landscaped, so no worries there.
    Anyway, the season is officially here, and we already have seven weekends of company booked. Sigh. It’s just seems like I am always cleaning! And cooking! And shopping! And cleaning, again! Sorry for the rant. I always get overwhelmed in the spring.
    Anyway, happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s here! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  8. I should apologize for my earlier rant. I should be so lucky my family (and my mom) is healthy and well. I know that. I was just looking at my huge todo list and feeling overwhelmed. I’m kinda lazy! 😂


    • Thanks NoLife! On another note, I had to go over to the President of our Lake Associations house (she lives down the road) this morning. We had to hook up a new PA system for the meetings, and I sang Prince songs into that thing. And she did, too!! (That sweet little thing is 74 years old)! I have a bullhorn, but now I want a PA system! That thing is AWESOME!!

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