Southern Charm Savannah starts tonight!

This filmed between August and October of last year. It doesn’t seem to be as despised by the locals as Charleston is, but it hasn’t aired yet. 🙂 Let’s get to know the characters a bit, shall we? I am totally borrowing the photos from Bravo

This is Catherine Cooper (YIKES! Another Catherine? Something tells me they are nothing alike). Bravo tells us:

Catherine is by no means a delicate, Southern belle. By the time she was in her teens, she could bait a hook, throw a cast net, and operate a boat. She knew Savannah wouldn’t be able to hold her for long and she took flight, first to Austria and then New York City. Realizing her hometown had more to offer, she now returns to the Southern city to maneuver around her new job and her on-again/off-again relationship with her high school sweetheart and fellow castmate, Lyle.

I totally see her as a copy of Cameron. She went to University of Ga and is a marketing director for Dasher Management. Must not be doing lots of marketing because it was nearly impossible to find out what the company did, but she’s closing in on her 10th anniversary with the company so can’t be doing too badly. Anyway, there is supposed to be lots of drama with her on again/off again boyfriend Lyle and accusations (more like the screeching of a harpie) from another castmember of cheating in the previews. She has her social media accounts set to private but he doesn’t.

Lyle Mackenzie

Bravo says: Lyle is a true Southern boy who isn’t afraid to break the rules. It took him a few tries to find his calling, from several odd jobs, a few school suspensions, and an arduous college career, to landing a job with a Fortune 500 company working in international logistics. But Lyle soon grew tired of this choice and decided to head back to Georgia to enter a career in selling salon and spa equipment and to pursue high school sweetheart, Catherine.

I say: He is a class act! Dresses like a southern choir boy but proceeds to tell us in a preview all the places he got a little somethin’ somethin’ from the girlfriend. Nice! Shep like perhaps? His job in real life is Director of Sales for Buy Rite Beauty Supply but his job on SCS is to win the heart and hand of the fair Catherine. She doesn’t sound too ready to settle down in the previews tho.

Ashley Borders  Bravo says: Ashley was drawn to Savannah to give her son, Izzy, a similar childhood experience to that of her own. Ashley is an actress, stylist, and creative director and has owned three different clothing lines. She started her first clothing line, House of Borders, at 16-years-old and has continued to design and manufacture her own fashion collections. Work has taken her everywhere from Asia to Europe to the Middle East but she’s now starting over in her hometown of Savannah.

She totally reminds me of Jenna King from season 1 SC. The artsy, edgy, designer. I read an interview with Shep about her and where she is now. He said she was wild and crazy like you wouldn’t believe but she kept is really quiet during filming. She’s now living with some rockstar in LA and living a good life.

Ashley seems to be cast as the resident shit stirrer and out to cause drama. So bad girl image aside, I found this about her: As a fashion designer, Ashley also recently started Lovelution, which is a clothing line that features interpretations of love, acceptance, and peace drawn by people with disabilities. The artwork is made at the Coastal Center for Developmental Services in Savannah and as the website says, each purchase continues to make it possible for these individuals to be able to continue their artwork. This is pretty cool if you ask me.

Daniel Eichholz (yes 2 h’s)

Bravo says: Daniel‘s family ties to Savannah run deep, traced back to the days of the American Revolution. His ancestors founded the first synagogue in Georgia, and one of the first in the United States. An entrepreneur at heart, Daniel is passionate about his company, Track My Leads, which uses proprietary lead management software to monitor and maximize marketing campaigns, as well as several other business projects he maintains. On his downtime, Daniel seems to enjoy deep sea fishing with his family. He also maintains a chiseled bod, which might lead him to become the resident heart throb of #SouthernCharmSAV.

I say: Daniel works at the family’s personal injury law firm as a marketing director. He is both the biggest daredevil (his instagram has some downright terrifying pictures) and uber professional. He is the resident bad boy I think. He likes to play strip golf and take his clothes off based on what I can see. He might be my favorite.

Hannah Pearson

Bravo says: Hannah returns to Savannah to turn the idea of Southern belle on its head. Leaving behind her life in cosmetics, she’s making in-roads at a trucking company. Hannah has run into some issues with her father, but she’s figuring it all out from Savannah. She’s dating fellow Charmer Louis – who started off as a mutual friend and now the pair have been dating 5 years! Hannah’s a modern woman in old Savannah society, and we can’t wait to see this culture clash.

I say: Not a Savannah native. She’s from the big, bad city of Atlanta! Still Georgia tho! I think they are setting her up to have Daddy or commitment issues.  Parents had a messy divorce and her relationship with her father went bad. Will Louis be able to put a ring on it? Oh and her instagram photos are so much better than this one! She’s actually a beauty. I don’t care for her publicity photo. Not very flattering unless she is using lots of those filters I hear about.

Louis Oswald

Bravo says: Louis followed in his grandfather’s footsteps in the field of finance. Though he thought he’d add a little pep to his step when he began JL the Brand, a collection of bright and vibrant men’s dress socks with fun patterns. You can find Louis close to water – like everyone in Savannah – where he enjoys fishing and boating. He’s close pals with Charmer Daniel, who is featured in several pictures on his Instagram. But the question remains, will he tie the knot with girlfriend and fellow castmate, Hannah?

I say:  Show me those sassy socks man! All his info is simply about can he close the deal with Hannah.

W Nelson Lewis Jr is a recurring guest. He claims his family is the Kennedy’s of the South. There is so much steaming hot tea on this guy that I will just link my favorite here! He reminds me of the one DC Housewife

In my research I stumbled across another recurring guest and can’t find it again. I just saw it was a girl and she is bringing the drama by marrying a Muslim man.  I am sure we will see it.

According to Savannah Now, The Bridge; The show and its cast have come under scrutiny for a lack of diversity in a community that is more than half African American. When asked about the issue, production company Haymaker Productions issued this statement: “This is a real group of friends that have known each other since childhood. Their families have lived in Savannah for generations, and it’s these organic relationships that attracted us as producers.”

Who is going to watch with me???




6 thoughts on “Southern Charm Savannah starts tonight!

  1. Can I just say, as someone who moved from Savannah 2 years ago, almost every white person has black friends. The producers intentionally cherry picked. And the group they came up with is very unimpressive

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  2. Hey there! I just saw your latest blog and thought I would start at the begining and check this out. I love the way you write. You bring the characters to life for me. So I am going to read all then try to find the show, thanks!


  3. I apologize for not paying attention. I think that Southern Charm kind of left a bad feeling for me but I will pay attention neow! HAHA, promise!


  4. OMG! OMG! I looked up Ashely, she has a great program, told her I found her information here! She asked where to find y’all, I’m thrilled!


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