How I Did My Makeup

There’s a trend on YouTube right now where many of the beauty vloggers are recreating their makeup routines from high school. I love the idea-but these chicks are talking late 90s early 2000s-relate? I do not. My high school makeup routine was in the 80s, people. THE EIGHTIES. When these youtubers were putting on their MAC, I was having babies and potty training toddlers. So, I figured I’d try to dig thru the recesses of my memory and try to rehash the good ole days.

Foundation: it had to be pale as a ghost. I know I used Cover Girl liquid foundation, most likely in Ivory. No brush or sponge-just slapped on with my fingers. I used Cover Girl powder in the tortoiseshell compact in the lightest possible shade, patted it on my face with the pad that it came with. I’m positive I had the line of makeup along my jawline. Primer wasn’t even invented so forget that.

Brows: neglected and ignored.

Eyes: I was obsessed with Wet N Wild Kohl in Navy blue. It went on my waterline and outside of it-I think I had a rogue eyeliner that had the liner on one end and a sponge for smudging on the other, and I’d smudge that navy liner under my eye. It also lined my top lid. The key here was to have that liner smudged all the way to the outer corner, and connected to the top lid liner. Thick and dark blue. Mascara was the classic Maybelline in the pink/green bottle in black, 10 or more layers please.

IF I wore Eyeshadow, Cover Girl had this purple palette (it was small-4 shades) that every popular girl had. I had no idea how to properly apply it, mind you-and it clashed horribly w my light blue eyes and navy blue kohl liner, but hey.

I’m trying to remember if I bothered with blush-I can’t remember.

Lipstick. Oh-this is horrid. It HAD to be Wet N Wild in some number, the number escapes me completely but the color was a semi-frosted, pink/lavender/ opaque monstrosity. It was bright. Like glowing under a black light bright. But every girl had that same hideous pinky purple lipstick.

We also had our black suede flat-heeled elf boots. Tight jeans, v neck cable knit sweaters, sprayed and feathered/curled hair with a vent brush, and raccoon eyes rimmed with a shit ton of blue kohl.

What was your high school routine?

Talk soon, Lovelies



40 thoughts on “How I Did My Makeup

  1. Haha. I was in high school late late 60’s early seventies. I was a hippie chick. No make up, easy. Long straight blonde hair set in orange juice cans. Didn’t wear makeup until i started working after college when I was in my 20’s and then only to work. Now I only go out to walk my dogs without make up

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  2. Yep 80 ‘s makeup horror story here as well. Cover Girl palette eyeshadow pink and blue, Maybelline frosted medium blue eyeliner. Wet and Wild pinky purpleish lipstick… Don’t remember the no. But Sharon Stone wore the same color in some Arnold Schwartznegger movie. Cover Girl powder and I believe Max Factor blush and mascara, My older sister would give me some of her Clinique rejects but I’m sure they were the weird and odd colors that nobody wanted that came with the free gift with purchase. I’m sure I looked crazy but so did everyone else I hung out with. Before all the “real ” makeup the little tins of lip gloss and the Bonne Bell Dr Pepper lip smackers. The 80’s were so bizarre.

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      • Yep! I couldn’t get enough of that W&W frosted lipstick! I think it was 318 or 336….IDK why those numbers are sticking in my head. I tried to Google both and came up empty. I could be way off, but it was defintely numbers and not a named shade.
        After wearing that for 2+ years, I progressed to a rusty red color. Same 99 cent W&W. I thought I was the shit.
        Good God, I also have blue eyes and wore the Covergirl navy eyeliner and, at one point, electric blue mascara. Sans eyeshadow. Once I started wearing black mascara, I graduated to Covergirl baby blue chalky shadow. Just the one color allllll over my lid. What on earth were we thinking?!

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    • So funny! I remember the pink and blue eye shadow and the Cover Girl foundation. Revlon was too much! Oh my gosh, this brought back a lot of memories. I remember wearing Charlie cologne and a Lemon perfume. Yes to the Maybeline pink and green tube. This is so cool!

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      • Yes Pip! Loves Baby Soft was my first fragrance. I got it for my 13th birthday. Then for my Christmas that year & my 14th B-day I got both Eternity (Calvin Klein) and Liz Claiborne- triangular bottle in different primary colors. I had bright yellow, blue and red. Around the same time was Jessica McLintock- pure Lily of The Valley. No wonder I don’t care for flowery fragrances now! Haha

        Benetton was the only one that wasn’t overly sweet! I wish I could smell it now!

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      • I loved Liz Claiborne! In those triangle bottles… red, blue, and yellow! I remember them well.
        The weird thing is I can still remember the smell of Loves Baby Soft! I should see if you can still buy that… just for fun. I could give it to one of my younger nieces.

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  3. Bitch you stole my look! Except I did black eye liner and Revlon link frosted lipstick… kinda like Kentucky’s mom’s preferred color lol.

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  4. I was in high school during 70s so not much makeup besides blue eye-shadow. Mostly 80s was for going out to clubs & concerts. Don’t recall makeup except too much foundation but remember the big hair more. Spiral perms & scrunch spray anyone? A friend used so much not only did her hair not move but when confetti would fall into her hair, there was no getting it out til she brushed & washed hair.

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    • 70’s for me too, Joan. The face cleaner was of the decade was Noxema, the moisturizer–ha! Ponds cold cream is what I used. Cover girl foundation and blush, and the famous pink and green mascara. The inner rims of the eyes were also lined in a white highlighter, Brows were thin then, and eye shadow all over the lid in blue, green or purple, lipstick was heading towards the reds. (Usually the nuns would frown on too much makeup) The hair: I had a shag (Jane Fonda in Klute) A wedge (Dorothy Hamill) and ‘wings’ where the whole fame of your face was had one row of curls around it. Curls were set with dippity-do and then sprayed to death with Aqua-Net aerosol spray. You couldn’t breathe in the bathroom after that. Farrah Fawcett was our “IT” girl.

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  5. So I lived and died by Teen and Seventeen magazines. I would practice their looks like the kids do with the YouTube today. Wish they still had them so I could buy for my daughter and force my likes on her lol

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  6. I graduated in ’85, so I totally had the metal hair band look. We all used the Maybelline red pencil black eyeliner, which we had to take a lighter to in order to get it to go on. It was a delicate process, you had to know exactly how long to hold the flame to the end, and know the precise amount of time to wait until you could run that in your inner waterline. The eye shadow was dark 3/4 the way up to the brow…then a frosted shade right up to under the brow. We also neglected our brows, girls who plucked and penciled in thin black brows were generally called sluts. God, how ignorant we were. If foundation was worn, it was one of two looks – either very pale or that God awful orange, always had to use the Cover Girl pressed powder that smelled like Noxema. None of us knew how to “color-match” I don’t even know if that was a term back then. Blush…forget about it, we all had these bright streaks going down our faces. Lipstick wasn’t used as much as gloss was….of course it had to be pink shimmer. We loaded up our mascara so much that when we blinked, our bottom and top lashes stuck to each other.
    The hair…I’m surprised any of us still have any after all the abuse we put it thru. We all had perms too, then we would use a curling iron or hot rollers around the face and tease that area to get it as big as humanly possible…then blasted the shit out of it with Aqua-Net hairspray. You couldn’t light a cigarette for 10 minutes, or else you’d go up in flames. We thought we were hot as hell.
    The YouTube video’s of “How I did my makeup in High School” is what got me changing almost all my makeup and the tools I use to apply it. I was still using sponge applicators to put on eye shadow and my fingers to apply face products – except blush. Oh, we always used the brushes that came with a product. I’ve learned so much about good brushes and sponges and how much better the outcome is by using them. It takes a little longer – but the final look isn’t 80’s anymore.
    This was a fun post. 🙂

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  7. Gosh… I barely remember. I went to high school in the eighties and I do remember the cover girl blue pallet. I was big on blue eyeshadow. I also used the thick, gloppy mascara that was in a pink and green tube (Maybeline, I think?). I didn’t wear foundation and I don’t remember the blush I wore, but I LOVED Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers (the big ones- don’t think you can get them anymore). I liked “sugar plum” and “bubble gum”. I also loved the village tins. The peach flavor was my favorite.

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  8. I know I’m in the wrong post, but…remember I was asking about that Revlon PhotoReady glitter Eye what’re stuff? I did a trial run on it yesterday. Holy shit , it’s the bomb!

    I used Maybelline 24 eye tattoo as primer (bronze) all I have, I might even forgo it for saturday. Anyway. I put the cream on with the doe applicator and smoothed it in with a small brush, let dry, like 1minute per lid. Ok no problem.

    Fill in crease area with shadow.

    The glitter part. What you do is NOT try to cover your whole lid. You draw a line from inside your lid to outside, thick. Let try. Close lid while drying. Fan with paper. (This is the time part). Apply another line on top of that. Close your lid and sit. And fan. Maybe hairdryer on cool.

    Repeat glitter on the other eye.

    I put my black eyeliner on bottom, black eyeliner on…holy shit. It was intense. Again, I picked the purple. It was not a color (for me) for daytime, but clubbing. The fawn, green would be gorgeous.

    The reason you don’t do your whole lid with glitter is because when your eye is open, they see the glitter line you created, and when you apply it, it’s so thick with the glue there is no way it won’t get into your crease – trust me I tried it, lol.

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  9. Piss pouring rain for the big event but oh well!

    And so glad your blog is doing so well! Just wanted to tell you 😉 congrats ❤️ It was very nice to have someone to come to to ask about make up. Like my own little expert! As you probably can tell, my expertise is fucking rite aid or Walgreens!

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    • Thank you!!! I love doing this blog and the people who read it. I’m soooooooo far from an expert but will always try to answer/help as much as I can. You guys-lurkers too-are amazing ❤


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