RHOA Recap *Help Wanted*

Hi Everyone!

I have an extremely early flight on Monday morning, so, because I have to get up at 2am, I, most likely, won’t be able to stay up until 9pm Sunday night.  I need slightly more than 5 hours sleep in order to be able to function at work Monday afternoon.

If anyone would like to do the recap commentary, great!  If not, I won’t be able to watch it and get the post up until Monday night.  If you want it, it’s yours, just get your post up Sunday night/Monday morning some time.   Let me know so I can get Allie to add you to the authors list.

Thanks!  Sorry to have to bail on the very last episode, but this rich bitch gotta pay the bills.  🙂


6 thoughts on “RHOA Recap *Help Wanted*

  1. Glad someone was able to volunteer!
    I always watch the shows on Monday, and am a horrible writer. That’s why I didn’t volunteer.
    Yay rired11!

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  2. Now that I am finally caught up on this hot mess, I am so glad SOMEONE is taking it!! I can actually pipe in with some legitimate thoughts rather than asking a bunch of questions! I gotta say, this show is off the cuff! I am so glad I chose to binge it!
    Thanks No Life for recapping this, and thanks Red for taking it for her! ❤

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