RHONJ Posche Fashion Show Dramz!

If the rumors are true, Kim DiPaolo, owner of over-priced go-to boutique for the NJ gaggle of Housewives, didn’t fail to disappoint with her always drama-filled fashion show.

This is where I kind of laugh, because it’s not a fashion show in the true sense of the word in my opinion-they aren’t Kim’s designs, she just pulls shit off of the racks in her store and “models” traipse down a runway.

So anyhoo-this years show was a fundraiser for the families of the 2 guys murdered in Kim’s car earlier this year. It didn’t go well. Teresa has an issue with Kim, and chairs were thrown-I’m sure it was EPIC.

Link below:


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24 thoughts on “RHONJ Posche Fashion Show Dramz!

  1. Trash! NJ used to be my favorite of the shows but the past few seasons haven’t thrilled me. They have so many opportunities for real, legit drama and instead use this made up crap. I wonder if this was a true fight or staged. It seems over the top.

    That said, you know I’m tuning in again.

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  2. There was drama at a Porche fashion show?!? Shut UP! There usually so calm and dignified!

    I don’t watch this trash anymore…I just can’t with the Treasure thing and her taking less than zero responsibilty for her actions and fucking Andy keeping the show on hiatus unti) she came back. Fuck you Bravo!

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  3. This sounds like it came straight from Jac’s mouth which means it’s 99.9% bullshit. There is ALWAYS so much said about what is happening about this show while filming & I do realize that Bravo covers a lot up, but just as much gets covered up is also wrong.

    I wish KimD would disappear into neverland like KimG did.

    I am sure Bravo forced the filming at the POS fashion show this year because KimD was recently in the news & this would bump their ratings.

    KimD comes at anyone in an attempt to get on the show. Free advertisement for her.

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    • OMG!!!! bboo7! Thank you! This is from Kim’s assistant!

      BTW… these 2 guys were THUGS! My heart breaks for their children. FORCED BRAVO Drama! They forced them to go, put them in a room together, Then when they went at it, Bravo called the dead guys mother in to witness it all clutching a picture of her son.

      Trust me… I live amongst these people,.. My girlfriend was there. Bravo started ALL OF THIS.

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      • Wait-the 2 murdered guys were thugs? Did I read it was a drug deal gone bad or am I misremembering? I’m sure Bravo staged the drama but these people have to take some accountability for doing what they do on the show, I feel like.

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      • I live in the area too-Montclair and I’ve heard/read a bit about what went down with the 2 guys who were murdered. All four guys knew each other-for a long time -and it was a drug deal gone sour. The guys who committed the crime were definitely thugs but I’ve heard the men who were murdered weren’t bad guys-one was unemployed, but helped raise his daughter (who knows how much), the other worked a regular job as a refrigerator repair man and was involved in his children’s lives. They made really bad choices.
        I dunno, I bought drugs in Patterson back in my drug days- a lot of people I knew did- so when I look at the situation I think there but for the Grace of God.
        As for it being drama brought to you courtesy of Bravo-100% agree. Why would Tre and Melissa attend an event sponsored by someone they hate?

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      • To start problems. I was with my sister and sister in law yesterday. One is a CPS social worker (I call her a baby snatcher, haha) and the other is an Attorney in the public defenders office. She does Part A which is all felonies, murders-the big stuff. They were saying that there’s a whole new breed of kids-they’re vicious, no fear, no empathy, and just do not care. At all. It’s scary. I remember when I was a kid and your teacher told your parents whatever, either you were doing well or you weren’t-and my parents took the teachers side. Now? The parents take their perfect angels side and argue w the teachers. Kids have too much power like that. When and how did that happen?


    • KimD wants to be a housewife SO BAD and thank god they haven’t made her one. I think she’s messy as hell, it’s embarrassing how she behaves at her age, and I smell a rat with her. She runs with the big boys, after all. I think she wants to be a mob wife something fierce, but is always going to be the side piece. I’m not a fan of either Kim. Actually come to think of it there isn’t a Kim on Bravo that I can stand.

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    • HAHA!! I’m with you Maisey. I don’t know why these woman (an ode to Danille) would even agree to this fuckery – Kim D included. In fact, she may be the worst one of the bunch for allowing this shit show to go down at what she was calling a fundraiser. Despite what kind of guy’s they were, their children are innocent in all this. Production will sink to any level to catch a good fight, won’t they? Low life’s – the whole bunch of them.

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  4. Good. Hopefully the old Tre will show up. I miss that crazy bitch. If she is still on probation then maybe she is still on her best behaviour.

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  5. All About the Truth, Real Housewives released a blog with verified sources. I don’t know if I can link it here or not so I won’t. That blog site also has one regular insider that comments & if memory serves correctly a 2nd one occasionally, so read the comments also.

    Gives a very different version of what originally came out.

    Shame on Bravo for forcing the women to go there for the sake of ratings. I hope the entire event goes the way of punta whatever.


    • Allie,
      My girlfriend was there… She corroborates the allaboutth version.

      My girls had a fundraiser at their school, and she asked me to go with them. I would have not went anyway. Her new store is in Allendale. We eat at Mezza Luna which is across the street frequently, and I have NEVER had a desire to go in. Dime-store hooker clothes are not my thing.

      Sorry for the snark. This woman GRATES on my nerves. She RUINED her own fundraiser for some Bravo camera time.

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