On A Mission

I’ve been trying to pick up the NYX Angel Veil Primer-I sent hubs to Target, no dice. I checked CVS and Walmart, no dice. I know it’s at Ulta but I’ve been lazy, guys. No other excuse. He’s got an appointment today right down the street from Ulta-he’s going in, unaccompanied, with a written description, to get my primer and some tarte Shape Tape. That’s a keeper, guys. I haven’t met many men that would go into Ulta without their wives/girlfriends and buy makeup. Not because it’s not masculine or because it’s homophobic (truth be told there are probs a few that would see it that way) but because they’ve got zero interest, have no desire to ask where anything is or wander the aisles and see it as the 8th ring of hell.

I’m definitely keeping him around.

Talk soon Lovelies



12 thoughts on “On A Mission

  1. I have a makeup issue, maybe you can help?

    Revlon photo ready eye art. Do you know anything about it? I bough the purple, because of course I did. I have a big thing next Saturday- omg they sell matching nail polish it is divine.
    Anyway https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TW-pHjOXOoM any ideas? Have you tried it? I need it for the staying power. Plus the glitter.

    Did I mention…it’s purple. I do have a grayish purple I can use on my crease.

    Any help would be welcome! Thanks!!

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      • Yeah, lasting all night and not looking caked on? Like a 3 year old applied it and looks like a demented clown! And I based my whole outfit on it and the nailpolish, which is really cool, btw. Revlon #495 Sultry.

        The BF and I were at the drugstore and he actually picked them out! And paid for them! And I don’t want to dissapoint him 😦

        Thanks! ❤️

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      • Awww-first I’d definitely recommend a primer and setting spray, both will go a long way in making it all last. I’ll look into it for you further though ❤


  2. I had to look the Tarts up, it’s intriguing! Have you tried it? I’m looking into that. Have you tried the primer? Yeah I’m playing 20 questions. Lol

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  3. Almost every YouTube personality swears by Shape Tape – if that helps. haha.

    Every time I’m at Ulta I see guys in there, most of the time they head straight to the register and buy gift cards. Every now and again I see one handing a list to one of the consultants. So props to your hubs for braving the aisles and getting your stuff. You’ll have to let us know how the Angel Veil performs.

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