Big RHOBH Shock.

Eden announced she will not be back this season. It doesn’t sound like it’s her decision, though-and I don’t think anyone, even Eden, is surprised. She only brought weird and uncomfortable to the table, with her 10 minute soul-eating hugs and weird Richards sisters obsession. DM story below:

Talk soon, Lovelies



7 thoughts on “Big RHOBH Shock.

  1. Poor Eden, she ended up with a shit edit and now can’t redeem herself. Even tho she had zero storyline and got pulled into stupid drama, I didn’t hate her….I was looking forward to another season of long awkward hugs!

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  2. I do not get the stars and all their plastic surgery. I looked at the picture of her and thought it was Heather Altman. They are beautiful women–why do they keep messing with their faces? I saw a pic of Melissa Gorga yesterday on IG–poor thing can’t even move her face!


  3. I did think Eden was a snooze fest. But I liked her better when she went off on whoever she went off on at the end of the season (who DID she go off on? Was it Rinna?).
    Her hugs were awkward, though. Not everyone is a long hugger, yet she was constantly invading other people’s space. The only long hugs I give are to my husband, my mother, and a couple of my nieces who happen to be long huggers. I am receptive to a long hug, but not everyone is.
    I am not bummed she isn’t coming back. She was kind of weird with the whole “I could kill HIM!” thing about the strange dude on the internet. Still pissed they didn’t follow up on that.

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