Stila Haul

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow in Ballet Baby to be back in stock-it’s been sold out in Sephora and Stila foreverrrrrr. Last night was my lucky night because Lovelies-it’s back in stock and on its way to my makeup collection. Same deal with the Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Duochrome in Sea Siren. So there was some happiness here at 2am.

Here it is in Ballet Baby-it’s a soft pink with lots of shimmer and shine.

These are the 3 Duochrome shades-they’re all gorge but I picked Sea Siren for now, Into The Blue may be my next.

I saw a Laura Lee video on the Stila putty highlighters (also known as the Heaven’s Hue Highlighter) and aside from it looking so fun to play in, the highlight is stunning. It comes in 3 shades: Kitten, Transcendence, and Bronze. I honestly could not decide which one to get-they’re all beautiful. Lucky me, I found that Stila offers all 3 in 1 highlight palette. Problem solved!

It doesn’t have the prettiest name when you buy the Trio-Putty Palette? Mmmkay.

Here’s Laura’s first impression video for them:

I love her.

Talk soon, Lovelies!



18 thoughts on “Stila Haul

  1. OOH! So pretty! What is the putty highlighter? Is it thick like a make up spackle? I love those 3 colors in the compact. Just gorgeous, I might try to get that. I figure buy something I could never get myself.
    I can’t remember who suggested this but thank you to the person who told me to get the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. It works really well, the Too Faced stayed on til I took it off. It also has anti aging which I really need.
    This has become my favorite place to come to every morning.
    Thank you Allie!

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    • Yay Dee, I’m so glad you love the Urban Decay! It’s great stuff and a little goes a long way! I recently ran out and while waiting for Sephora to deliver, I picked up a tube of Wet & Wild- it’s supposed to be a drugstore dupe. While the color was the same and it did keep my eye shadow on all day, but I could feel it (if that makes sense?) I was thrilled to get my UD and will never let myself run out ever again!

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  2. These posts kill my wallet because I immediately run off to sephora and order. Although, I’m thinking I can use my kitten eye shadow as a highlighter:) I look so nice when I actually do all that. Unfortunately my alarm goes off at 5am so I barely put mascara on for work

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  3. I love it all! And want it all!!

    I will say, Allie, these posts have made me love makeup and want to play with it more. I’ve never been a big makeup-wearing person. Hell, I wear it to work, MAYBE once a week, and usually on days when the big boss is here.

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