Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala can be weird. It’s an excuse for some celebs to be as over the top as possible, and never look good doing it. There are also some beautiful looks. I’m going to keep updating as the red carpet goes on, because I’m sure there will be some good, bad, ugly, and confusing. The designer being honored this year is Rei Kawakubos who designs for Commes des Garçons, and it’s often unwearable junk. In my opinion. Here we go!

Katy Perry in Margiela. Whatever, Katy. You’re super edgy, we get it. John Galliano is responsible for this nonsense.

Pharrell and his wife, Helen, in the unwearable and WHY?? Commes Des Garçons.

Clare Danes in Monse. It looks like someone TP’d her.

Joan Smalls in Balmain. This Balmain is pretty plain compared to the usual heavy, beaded things Olivier has been churning out. Meh.

Rose Byrne in Ralph Lauren. I love this for the Met Gala. Hair is different, dress is dramatic-she’s got it.

The overrated Sofia Richie (yes, Lionel’s daughter, Nicole’s sister) in Topshop. It doesn’t fit.

Lily Collins in Giambattista Valli. Love the wig, dress is just edgy enough, well done.


Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren. This is cool.

Frances Bean Cobain in Marc Jacobs. She looks beautiful.


Jaden Smith in who cares. (Chanel). Carrying his dreads as an accessory, as one does. He’s one of the most annoying celebrity offspring in the universe, along with his sister. They completely ride on the fact that Will Smith is their father, and have been told how much better they are than everyone else, and believe it. Ugh.

Kendall Jenner in La Perla. Which is a lingerie brand-high end and pricey AF, but still underwear.

Zoe Kravitz in Oscar de la Renta-she looks amaze.

Donatella Versace and Kylie Jenner in duh, Versace. I don’t HATE Kylie’s gown? I just don’t love her new face.

I added Doutzen Kroes because she didn’t even do her hair, y’all. She’s in a shapeless, unflattering curtain, and didn’t do her hair. She’s in Brock Collection.

Selena Gomez in Coach with her boyfriend, The Weeknd. Hope Bella isn’t there.

We’re going to have to start a page 2, guys. Bear with me ❤️



15 thoughts on “Met Gala 2017

  1. Clare Danes, I thought she was so beautiful back in the day. Had you not listed a name, I wouldn’t know who she was.

    Will Smith’s kid, agree, who cares.

    Cobain’s daughter looks great sans the dead stare, she’s the only one so far.

    Sure hope Pharell’s outfit isnt the next craze in the hood. Sagging pants and leggings stretched so tight you can see thru them have left my eyes damaged. I need more time to heal.

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    • I LOVED “My So-Called Life”. Jared Leto will forever be Jordan Catalano. I’m proud of Frances Bean-she’s done well despite her mother. Ha!!! Let’s all take a healing moment, because I sooooo agree.

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  2. I was chomping at the bit for this…I commented on the Potomac post that Kristin Cavallari was wearing her wedding night lingerie, she and Kendall must have shopped together. Pharrell and his wife are just crazy looking.
    Jaden and Willow Smith are really weird kids. I blame Jada, she is one odd duck.
    If you believe the item’s on Blind Gossip, Sofia Ritchie and possibly Bella Hadid are “Yacht Girls” it’s really disgusting what they claim such girls do.
    I remember when this was a very prestigious event and the point was to raise money for the costume institute, which in theory it still is – but Anna Wintour has turned it into a tragic display of embarrassing people dressed in ugly clothes. There are people who are actually deserving of an invitation to this event and they are snubbed so she can stroke her own ego and be the boss of the guest list. It’s all about who is walking the red carpet and what they are wearing….all the while, there are people who continually donate to the actual cause and she refuses to allow them to attend. Back in the day that is who was invited, the people who gave the money. I would love to get a gander at the donation list, I’d be willing to bet my pinky toe there isn’t a Kardashian, Jenner, Smith, Gaga…etc on it.

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  3. Frances Bean & Rose Byrne are my favorites!
    I do love Kylie’s dress.

    So over the Smith kids. They literally live in an alternate reality.

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  4. I saw Kendall Jenner on Tee Vee walking in that dress. The still photos do not do it justice.
    She looked absolutely stunning. The material close up is just beautiful.

    I think she is a lovely girl. Normal butt; normal boobs. I hope she stays that way.

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  5. Yup Bella was there so I wonder how that went! Her outfit looked uncomfortable and stupid! Given the theme I guess people tried to be as outrageous as possible! Claire Danes is not aging well! What in the world is going on there?

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  6. I agree about Jaden, something about that kid screams trying too hard! I feel like he has no identity and is just doing what he perceives will be cool to the public! And he always seems to be caping after his sister! Shouldn’t it be the other way around! She seems more confident!

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  7. My God: Doutzen! That hair looks terrible. I can’t believe she went for this, The L’Oréal-people (she’s one of their ‘faces’) will NOT be happy…

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