Met Gala 2017 Part 2

Solange Knowles in a parka/sleeping bag by Thom Browne.

Lily Aldridge in Balenciaga *I think-but whatever’s she’s wearing, it’s everything.


Blake Lively in Versace. Gorge. She usually does no wrong-and she seems so nice. Right? If I heard she was really bitchy or mean? I’d be crushed.



JLo and ARod in Valentino. Yawn. Girl. We’ve seen this look already at the Oscars with Ben. Down to the hair.


I’m kinda digging Katie Jokmes in Zac Posen. She looks…made up, usually she’s sort of frumpy.

Rihanna in Commes des Garçons. That is wearing her, not vice versa. It looks uncomfortable and awkward but everyone will rave how avant garde she is. Pfft.


Paris Jackson in Calvin Klein. A little underdressed but she’s young and just getting her footing. I love her-she’s been through it and is a fighter.

KKW in Vivienne Westwood. This is the un-blinked, non-materialistic Kim, y’all. She even ditched Kanye. What’s up w that? She’s wearing a nightgown and not even a bracelet. We get it.


Oooooh Bella Hadid is there-awkward. Her Alexander Wang catsuit is crap. Sorry. Try harder next time.

Zendaya in Dolce and Gabbana. This is a statement dress. Wow. Bella Hadid, take notice.

Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger. I love this look, actually. Well done, Geej.

Madonna in a rednecks dream. Hideous. She’s too old for this ridiculousness.

Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzarra. Stunning. Her hair and makeup is on point.


48 thoughts on “Met Gala 2017 Part 2

  1. Brava Allie!
    Great Job!

    I agree with you on JLo’s look being redundant, but she is so beautiful.

    My girls LOVE Zendaya! She killed it!!! I hope she stays adorable and sweet! She is a great role model!

    Madonna needs to realize the torch has been passed to younger, hipper artists decades ago! She looks “The Fool”! ( just my humble opinions).

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  2. Ok. I read Pt. 1 & 2.
    Your reviews say it ALL.
    I am in a no WiFi zone & limited…in more ways than one😉 or I would go thru one by one. I know😆
    I will say this. There is something about JLo & Alex that is just not right.
    Bella Hadid. Someone pays her big bucks to look like that? I don’t understand. I do not.
    I am so glad that I am me. Just a po’lil white girl from the Apalachian mountains. 🙆 sans WiFi

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  3. I think GiGi has it naturally but Bella no. Bella is ordinary pretty but that’s it.
    Solange? WTH?
    Zendaya has it all + talent.

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    • Solange is constantly trying too hard. It’s gotta be hard living in Beyoncé’s shadow, I get it, but I feel like she goes out of her way to dress as unflatteringly as possible, and tries hard to look like she doesn’t care about her hair and makeup. Embrace your genetics, girl. It’s ok.

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  4. Bella and her brother Anwar were both ordinary homely prior to nose jobs and likely more.

    Completely agree with your assessment of each costume, and they are tha, costumes. Zendaya is perfection and Blake Lively a majestic bird.

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      • When Yolanda first came on RHOBH and the 2 kids not the golden GiGi were shown at home, I thought how unfortunate the difference. They must take after father’s side (likely he has a new face too). When Bella got a bit older, I could see she had changes made. A year later, Yo started talking about Anwar modeling, yup, his big nose was gone. I think GiGi looks very much like Yolanda’s mother.

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  5. Yes Dawn! Zendaya killed it! Complete perfection! Blake is absolutely a majestic bird. Two lovelies. 😍

    My WTF goes to Madonna…that get up looks like it came from Honey Boo Boo’s skinny sisters closet. Yuck!

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  6. The whole scene is for attention. I suspect some realize they can’t compete for the favorite “it” girl anymore, so are happy to be in lots of photos and mentions for being outrageous. Truth is, they look ridiculously stupid. Mentions for that I guess to them is better than not being noticed at all. Sometimes, you should just stay home, this is no longer in your best interests.

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  7. I do like Paris Jackson and even the dress but the top part would drive me crazy. She has some under-boobage showing. It’s not a loose fitting top and has got to be pressing in on her boobs. I would be constantly trying to pull it down so it would go under my boobs or up so it wouldn’t irritate me all night. Dumb things you notice huh?

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  8. Excuse me, but I’m from Redneck territory, and I wouldn’t wear Madonna’s dress. 🙂 I like to refer to myself as a high-class Redneck, thank you very much.
    Paris Jackson is a beautiful girl, I hope she keeps herself together and not go down a bad road.
    JLo’s look reminded me of Loretta Lynn/Tammy Wynette circa late 70’s-early 80’s.
    Katie Holmes looks nice all dolled-up, she should wear a little makeup more often, plus her dress was a striking color.
    I read a People interview with Blake Lively, she pick’s out all her own clothing. She is a “aw-shucks” kind of girl, she said that millions of women do that everyday and that she just has the advantage of being able to pick from some amazing designers. She honestly does a better job on her own than the stylist’s that get paid a lot of money to make their clients look hideous.

    I love this event every year, I just wish that we would get to see the real society people of NY that are more deserving of going to the Met Gala, rather than an endless parade of celebrities that we are sick to death of. They are the people who keep the Costume Institute alive.

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  9. Guys – for the past few days I have been proper sick, now when I used to drink I would drink buy but I seem to have developed sick buying. Postman has just been and given me a tarte rain forest of the sea 6 piece set from QVC!! I didn’t know I had an account and a TheBalm Marylou manizer highlighter!!!! I honestly have no memory of ordering any of it – don’t get me wrong it’s all lovely but WTF. Mr Mouse gonna kill me although I once drunk bought a Caribbean cruise and a washing machine so it’s not that bad!

    Has this ever happened to any of you or am I losing the plot???

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    • That is funny. I don’t drunk or sick buy – but I do get confused at Christmas time when all my packages start to roll in as to what the hell is in them. I try to do most of my shopping on line to avoid the mall and traffic. Every year Visa calls to verify that the charges are legit before they release the funds.
      At least you buy cool stuff, it would suck if you bought junk.

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      • I will there’s a foundation, lippy palette with 6 shadows and a blush, mascara and primer, brow doo dah with highlighter and a brush and bag.

        The foundation is supposed to be good so fingers crossed, my nephew is getting married this morning so need a decent face on.

        And I’m going hairdressers for first time in about 10 years on Friday – am shitting myself!

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  10. Solange Knowles- Cutting up your puffy winter coat and making a dress is never a good idea.

    Lily Aldridge- again with the sewing 101 projects.

    Blake Lively- is she going to turn into a Phoenix? It looks like something out of Harry potter.

    JLo- I actually like the dress. nothing bad to say. hair very vintage 60s

    Katie Jokmes – Ugly color and ugly dress.

    Rihanna- another crafts project dress. Ugly ugly ugly

    Paris Jackson- All that money and you would think she would have a better looking dress.

    KKW- Ugly and looks like something Kayne created

    Bella Hadid- pretty girl, ugly outfit

    Zendaya- wearing wallpaper print dresses is never a good idea.

    Gigi Hadid- looks like whoever sewed the dress was related to Picasso.

    Madonna- Camo is never attractive. She needs to stop embarrassing her children and dress her age.

    Evan Rachel Wood- Outfit not bad — makeup is horrible.

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  11. The thing with, let’s say Rihanna’s look, is not that people will rave about how avant-garde she is… it’s that she is one of the few who actually respected the rules i.e referencing Kawakubo’s work… I admit it’s easier to do when putting on Comme des Garçons than, let’s say Solange who managed to do it wearing Thom Browne but still, she got it right. Unlike the bunch of Victoria’s Secret angels who apparently didn’t fully read the invitation…

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  12. I know this a little old now, but I love your commentary! Madonna looked like she was preparing to camp out and go bird watching after the ceremony. Kim’s dress was more, I’m going on a beach holiday and want an outfit for the evening. And J.LO reminded me of the fairy (is it a fairy) in pinocchio.

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  13. Wow! I love your post, hun. It is so stylish, well presented and well written. Props to you! And my favorite dress here is Katie Holmes Zac Posen dress, by the way.

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    It is simply magnifique!!!

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