Some RHOA tea

In anticipation for tonight’s Part III

Are Frick & Frack still friends?

We are going to need a new recapper if these are coming back next season, because I can’t watch these 2



And, finally Shamea joins the couch


6 thoughts on “Some RHOA tea

  1. I don’t understand why no negative comments about Phaedra ever are in any show. Stingers about her humping an ex con on a anklet in the projects, the book outing her grifting mastermind, any suggestion or question about profiting from Apollo’s crimes for herself or her kids.

    It just doesn’t make sense that everybody’s business and law suits but her’s are fair game! She doesn’t stop her own sharp tongue or her minion’s from being hurtful. And, all her bragging about going to mortuary school, why is that now a dead issue? Why don’t they ever bring up the real dirt on her phake ass?

    “Southern Belle,” my Yankee cat has more southern refinement than Phony Phaedra.

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      • I’m hoping against hope that the rumors are true about Phaedra getting fired. There is a website based in Atlanta that are saying it’s a done deal (dated 4/28) that Phaedra is OUT. Although, I never really believe anything like that I read, I just believe what I see with my own eyes. But I’m hoping that Andy fell out of love with her and canned, or had help, canning Phaedra. We shall see.

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      • I’ve heard she’s removed all mention of RHOA from her social media. She did tweet about the Reunion, but she may have to because of the contract for this season.

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  2. Supposedly the reveal on the reunion was so shocking to Bravo/Andy that it pushed Fakedra out. Fakedra is ANYTHING but a southern belle. She was a comfortable life but not willing
    to work hard for it. She’s no different than any thug.

    I am sure Apollo would’ve outed her excepting for his children.

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