RHOA Reunion Part 3

Reunion – Part 3

Hi everyone, welcome to the commentary, respectfully submitted by NoLife.

Tonight’s beverage is a cuppa tea J.  I do have to get up early for a flight tomorrow so I’ll be going to bed as soon as I can get this posted.

Previews show this episode as the big Kandi/Phaedra/Shamea throwdown….I best not be disappointed.

We start tonight’s lost hour of sleep with Andy telling me that’s the “Shocking Third Part”.  Riiiiiiiight.

And the husbands (mostly ex’s anyway) are on stage.

Starting with Bob and the abuse.  He says he can’t believe that he would utter those words.  And he then tells Sheree he cherishes her.  Bob is scared to talk about to Kairo about it…and he feels it’s his responsibility to tell the kids.  Peter interjects saying that he would like to punch Bob over and over, he’s sickened.  Kandi says she was shocked to see that side.

Onto Cynthia and Peter.  They text and call, but he talks to Noelle more than Cynthia.  When asked by a view to admit they had sex Peter says with attitude “If I can’t all of her, I want NONE (pause) of her”.  Cynthia says she became resentful of him over previous problems.  There were too many hurdles.  Peter comes in on her about not being able to deal with shit.  He then brings up all the rumors of young side pussy and he says it never happened.  Cynthia is not dating.  Peter is, and he’s bragging about all the sex, and says there’s someone he really likes a lot, but he wants Cynthia to be with someone.

Kandi package.  Riley and Block hung out last weekend.  Todd was doubtful but he is seeing Block keep with it.

Porsha’s Todd is not there, Peter wants to know why.  She says he’s been texting her all day.  Todd got a job in DC.  Babynup….blah blah blah.  Peter’s doing side talk to Kenya..lol.  Now Peter goes in on Phaedra.  Peter walks off set while Porsha is rambling about Todd….

Commercials!  8:11…..8:13…..Time tracking for your DVR searching, if there’s parts you want to see so you can skip right to that segment…..and they finish up at 8:16.

Back to Peter walking off the set “because he had to”.   He’s looking for booze, and he screaming that Porsha is full of shit.  He wishes Cynthia was stronger.

Back to Bob, he’s lost some weight.  Thanks men, get off the stage.  Peter is still ranting backstage.

Sheree package about her being a human tape recorder.  And Shamea is on the right couch.  Lovely dress, might be a pantsuit, navy blue lace.  Porsha and Shamea have not spoken since the scene with the hand gestures AIRED.  We go over the Block thing.  Porsha insists she’s not a ho.  Riiiiiiiiiiiight.  Viewer asks why Porsha didn’t have Shamea’s back over Phaedra.  Porsha starts a half assed apology.  Kenya and Porsha start arguing, Porsha tells her several times to “Shut the fuck up” then Andy takes up for Porsha against Kenya.  She then gives Shamea a full public apology.  Kandi wants to know why she said that Shamea was close to her and Todd, fully insinuating that they were doing 2 or 3 somes.  Porsha says she didn’t.  Even Shamea says she did.

Commercial 8:25.  I never, like never, watch commercials.  I either flip or watch everything on delay so I can fast forward through them.  This time they finish up at 8:28.

Back with Shamea calling Porsha out over it.  But immediately to a Frick and Frack package….I’d rather be watching more commercials.  Phaedra insists their friendship is genuine.  She then also goes on to say she never called Porsha dumb.  Kandi calls it an alliance.  Shamea thinks it a convenient friendship.  Shamea throws massive shade…Tells Porsha to keep her eye on her credit cards because Phaedra is into fraudulent activity.  Phaedra says she was coming for Shamea, not Kandi, Kandi was collateral damage with the hand gesture.  Phaedra will not even respond to Kandi asking why she did the gesture.  Shamea and Phaedra get into it….let’s see Phaedra accuses her of the Phaedra trifecta:  sex for shoes, wanting Apollo AND (say it with me) an African connection….really, this is getting old  – can she please get some new things to accuse people of?  Shamea kept right up with it all….I HIGHLY recommend watching this segment!

8:35……………………………….did I mention how much I hate Amy Schumer?  8:39

And it continues into the next segment.  “Southern Belle today and a hooker tomorrow”.  “Stop using Groupons for your plastic surgery”.  Shamea is KILLING me.

Porsha is trying really hard to cry.  Back to the Kandi situation and Porsha gives some roundabout explanation that I can’t follow…or maybe I don’t care….pick one.

Lesbian drama package.  Todd/Marvin came back out for this go around.  Andy wants to know why Kandi ain’t as mad at Phaedra.  As they start to get into it….and guess what?

COMMERCIAL 8:46…8:49.

Back…Phaedra says she never called Kandi a lesbian, and Kandi doesn’t just sleep with women so she never said she was a lesbian.  She repeats the hand gesture.  Andy asks if she heard it about Shamea (you know, on the streets) – she says yes.  Kandi and the rest of the women say that they had never heard it before.  Hmmm, I think I remember seeing that particular rumor somewhere that shall not be mentioned.  Todd says everyone lies so he doesn’t believe anything.  FINALLY someone (HuffPo I think) brings up the blatant homophobia on this show.  Andy really doesn’t address this properly….cuz he likes the messiness.  Porsha backs away from her sermon 10 years ago.  They go back to the kiss with Kandi.  And Kandi goes in on Porsha being a hypocrite.  Todd says there was more than 1 kiss and Porsha made the proposition.  Porsha is denying this HARD.

Commercial 8:55, seriously, just had to squeeze this one in, didn’t ya.8:58

Now Porsha is saying that she kissed Kandi but never tried to “eat her box” (Porsha keeping it classy).  Now she calls herself a journalist because she works for Dish Nation.  Even Andy snickers at that and she says they report on the news.  Then she goes on to say that Kandi served her a Cease and Desist letter and that Phaedra will talking for her because…..BOOOM…it comes out that PHAEDRA is the one who said that Kandi wanted to drug Porsha.

Next week Phaedra, Porsha and Kandi get into it….everyone cries.


30 thoughts on “RHOA Reunion Part 3

  1. This show is a hot mess, but I can’t wait till we get to the dirt next week, Next year with Moose coming back? I could skip completely! Thanks for getting this up so quick, No Life! Have a great flight tomorrowI

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  2. Shamea to Phaedra: “…and that navel to the left, quit using Groupon for your plastic surgeries.”

    And when she kept calling Phaedra “fraud” and Phaedra said, gurl, if you say that ONE MORE TIME, and Shamea said “fraud.” Childish, but very amusing since it was at Phaedra’s expense. That Shamea had the best shade of the night. Hire that heiffa!

    Wow, and who knew Porsha was a journalist now? Ahahahahaha! That’s REALLY funny!!! And Porsha saying she wasn’t a ho, hysterical! And the Elvis shade by Kenya, priceless! If you think about it like that, Porsha was kind of putting off that Elvis vibe.

    Fake and Fraud…yep, Nene said it best on WWHL, although, I would have liked it better if she had said, Phony Phucking Phraudster Phaekdra, but that is quite a mouthful. She wasn’t sparing their feelings either. This is the first time in a long, long time I actually liked Nene, but it was probably because she was hating on Phaedra.

    Please, please Bravo gods, let it be true that Phaedra was fired. Puhleeeeeze.

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  3. Someone give Shamea a peach for next season. I love how she came for P. Creonta Parks Nida. I will not watch next season with the return Wig and Moose. Andy just loves all the messy crap. Bravo should give them their own show and call it The Wig and Moose Show or Two Broke Bitches needing a check. Also I’m sick of how Andy treats Kenya, and how he lets Frick talk over everyone. Creonta and the journalist need to go. Bring on part 4.

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    • I agree totally. I hate hate hate Phaedra, I can’t stand that she skates and gets away with everything-I feel like everyone but Shamea is afraid to stand up to her. Her stupid faces, the finger/hole hand movement that you see 4th graders do-she’s disgusting. I’d love love to see someone put that crooked fraud in her place.

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      • She doesn’t. And why does NO ONE hold her accounts for all of her rumor mongering, backstabbing and gossiping? She just sits there making stupid, ugly faces and not saying a word. She’s presented as the most untrustworthy, disreputable, underhanded and incompetent attorney on the planet.

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  4. Slide on over and give me a seat on the “I hate Amy Schumer Bus” I don’t find her funny at all.

    I admit I’ve watched some pretty bad reality tv over the years, in the top 5 best moments is from “Being Bobby Brown” where Phaedra was representing him on a charge of DV against Whitney (I think, he had so many court appearances it’s hard to keep up) anyway, when it was time to enter a plea, this little gem came out of her mouth. “Your Honor, my client be innocent”

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  5. I fell asleep watching this. I wasn’t worried because it was recording. I wake up this morning & there is no recording. Poop! I fell asleep right when Todd came back on stage.

    I was also reading reddit’s live posting for the show & laughing my arse off.

    I thought I had read somewhere that Carlos King was moved over to another reality show. Or moved on to another reality show but was still with the same production company.

    If he started those rumors, his career should be over. Rape is nothing that should ever be ridiculed or falsified or fake accusations being part of a storyline on a reality show for ratings.

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  6. It could get really interesting….depending on what she did/said, especially after Porsha described her as her legal representation regarding this matter, Phaedra could actually lose her law license….wouldn’t that be hysterical

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  7. I am now getting caught up on Season 8 and then going to watch season 9 (the current season). I am watching the reunions though live.
    Hulu has all of the old seasons up so that is how I am watching Season 8. On demand only has like the last five or so episodes up for season 9. Does anyone know where I can catch all of the episodes of season 9 ?
    Bravo app, Negative. On demand, negative. Hulu, negative.


  8. Nevermind- I googled it and it came up immediately. “That hoe over there”. I should have figured that out. I guess I’m old and out of it.


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