Married At First Sight Discussion Thread

I’m not so positive we’ll have recaps for this, but absolutely have a discussion thread.

So far I feel like all 3 couples have a connection-there have been seasons where you could tell it wasn’t happening at the altar coughSamantha&Neilcough-she was pretty awful to him, and I felt bad for the guy. I was glad to see him not cave after her tearful apology.


For the record, I hated Sam and Neil for each other. I got a lot of shit elsewhere on the internet. I also thought that while Heather from season 4 was distant and chilly-Derek was a scary dude. His jealousy right out of the gate and temper were huge red flags. HUGE. He barely knew his wife yet berated her and called her names, at that stage of the relationship that was some scary shit. It’s never ok, mind you, but 48 hours in? His impatience, clinginess, jealousy and neediness were huge turn offs and I didnt blame Heather for being like, ok, HALT. But she got labeled this awful bitch.

Sonja and Nick just filed for divorce last month, sadly. Tom and Lillian are still together! No word if it’s in the bus or not.

So whaddya think about this group of brave and crazy couples?

Talk soon Lovelies



10 thoughts on “Married At First Sight Discussion Thread

  1. I hated heather and Neil, both were kind of assholes and I wondered if this wasn’t a purposefully bad match for good tv.

    Sonia and Nick didn’t stand a chance. My only surprise is that they are only now divorcing.

    Tom and Lilian can’t be in the bus lol. Maybe vacations only.

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    • Sonia drove me CRRRAZEE the way she said everything like it was a question. Everrrrrything. At the end of literally every sentence the pitch of her voice went up like she was asking a question. Hated it.


    • I thought the last season’s match ups were a joke-WHY match a dog lover with someone afraid of dogs? Why match a weed smoker with someone who’s sort of against it? These couples were destined to fail. It was so dumb.

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    • This season-Ashley’s sister is going to be a problem with a capital P. Way too much neediness in that sibling relationship and little sister is gonna resent the crap out of her new brother in law. Ashley is sort of an airhead. I was happy to see Nate stand up to his mom and defend his wife. The entire ish was summed up when his mom said “I’m still the queen, right”…and there it is, folks.

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      • Oh I saw the Queen remark too and thought Nate really dealt with it like a compassionate son and good husband and I think he is only 25!

        In fact if I am not mistaken are all the men about five years younger than the woman ?

        As for the sister that is going to be an issue I liked how the dad stepped in and tried to reign her in so maybe Ashley will have some help there for that issue

        And she needs to find her a man STAT lol

        Once she has her own man she won’t be so involved in her sisters life 😂


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