Mohamed Hadid Plans His Plea

He’s going to plead guilty, its reported, to avoid jail time in his legal woes with the city of LA coming down on him for building code violations. He thumbed his nose at officials who ordered him to stop construction on his humble home. He may be banned from building in Los Angeles, and that will sting. DM story below:

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26 thoughts on “Mohamed Hadid Plans His Plea

  1. Ummm. Why wouldn’t he just get the proper building permits? I’m more concerned about the architects and contractors that agreed to participate. It’s ones thing for Mohammad to not understand the importance of building standards, but licensed professionals especially in an earthquake and landslide prone area should not have participated.

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      • You nailed it, Allie! Penis extender…that’s exactly what it is!

        Who the fuck needs a house that big? I swear, if I had all the money in the world, I would still want a house that feels like a home.

        This is beyond excess. And ugly as well!

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      • So would I! Hubs and I were talking about that, I’d never want a house that echoes. I’d want a lot of bedrooms, but I’d want a cozy, welcoming, comfortable home. I wouldn’t need a formal living room, family room, den, blah blah because I’d never use that stuff. Mohamed’s house looks like a mall mausoleum. The great penis extender.

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  2. My neighbor is equally arrogant! I live in a development where everyone has 2 to 5 acres of property. My neighbor ( I live on the same street as him) built a 20,000 square foot house and cut down 200 trees on the guy who lives right next door’s property! He is a foreigner, so maybe he did not understand. Anyway, he is going to jail. This was BIG news when it happened. Helicopters all over the place, on the NYC news.

    Mohammed is a builder. He knows code! This is a total FU, I am doing what I want!!!

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    • Wow to cut 200 trees that did not belong to you is terrible ! That is why you get a survey of or land to avoid this issue . Or maybe he knew and just did not care !

      I wonder if the man who had his trees cut is going to sue him civally ? There is actually a cost associated w those trees and he could conceivably sue to replant the trees removed – even sue to replace w ones of like kind and size – in other words very expensive to bring in a tree spade to replace these mature trees for this ass hat

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  3. Builders often build what they want and get the ordnance changed later – for smaller issues . I’m sure he thought he could jam this through but he did not count on having such a worthy opponent in his neighbor below him

    Since it has taken him forever to build this monster the code had probably changed many times so he will have to probably bring all the unpermitted portions up to current code which will be a lot and costly

    I also think he thought people would love it that it was so huge as he never intended to keep it but to sell it. Someone no doubt will love the excess whenever he finally does finish it now that some settlement is going to happen .

    He is so arrogant to have done this and rules apply to everyone but I think he felt like so many do – it is my land I will build what I want who are you to tell me otherwise .

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    • I could understand that if he were on flat land with obstructed views. If he wants to build without following codes and risk his own life, whatever. But it’s messed up that he showed zero concern for putting others in danger.

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  4. I am sure Mohamed is not used to hearing the word “NO” so he decided that the powers that be really didn’t mean him when they wrote those silly zoning codes. However was he going to be able to recoup the money he spent building this monstrosity without going to the lengths of making it 31 feet higher and 9,000 feet bigger than the codes allowed? Surely if he didn’t tell anyone, the 70 person IMAX theater would go unnoticed lol.

    Well Mohamed, there is someone who has told you no that you have to listen to or give up living in one of your grand palatial homes for a jail cell. Bet your down the hill neighbor is doing the happy dance.

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  5. While their kids have grown up with tremendous privilege, and have acquired wealth on their own greatly due to the advantages granted to him, I’d still take my parents over Yolanda and Mohammad any day.

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    • I agree, do they have morals? Values, Compassion? Money can’t buy you character. The home looks like a mall and so out of place with the other homes. This stuff is happening where I live, to a smaller degree. Old homes are being demolished and these huge McMansions are being built. The houses look ridiculous compared with the other homes. What’s that saying? No man is an island? He has been doing this for several years. As he built the home he was told my authorities he couldn’t, but in his arrogance, he just continued.
      How can they promise he won’t go to jail?

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  6. He is just an ass. If he is really a billionaire & have all these relationships with banks, there should be no reason he could not get a loan/funding to finish house correctly. Inability to get a loan, 8 bankruptcies, almost 100 lawsuits, multiple building offenses in past 20 years says all you need to know about his character & financial expertise. All flash with no actual cash. His neighbors have good reason to be seriously concerned. Who knows what shortcuts were taken since he cannot follow building codes by a huge extreme – 9000 sq ft alone is a big home by itself. Too bad jail time is off but his attorney bills should be enormous which if he simply followed the rules he could have finished & sold home & invested those profits some time ago.

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