RHONY Recap: The Etiquette Of Friendship

Here it is! I’ve been waiting all week to see Dorinda hand Sonja her ass on a platter! Let’s hope it’s worth the wait…

We pick up with Ramona greeting her guests, Sonja arrives with Tinsley. Sonja gives Ramona a candle, Tinsley is nervous about meeting Dorinda and it’s not just the intimidation factor, but what if they really hit it off and she likes Dorinda? Quelle Horreur! Sonja and Tinsley make the rounds socializing, and Tinsley finally comes face to face with Dorinda. Sonja is not so discreetly watching from the side. Tinsley tells Dorinda that she is Sonja’s current roomie and Dorinda wishes her luck. Tinsley keeps up the nervous chatter, and Dorinda’s talking head says that nothing is free with Sonja. Dorinda asks Tinsley why she moved from Palm Beach, and Tinsley says a bad relationship, and mentions her arrest. Dorinda reassures her that everyone in that room has fucked up and not to be so hard on herself. Tinsley feels like she has to bring up her arrest all the time, which I get-you feel like if you’re talking about it it’s not so hurtful when someone else does.

Carole rehashes the previous night’s dinner disaster to Sonja and talks about how Ramona went for Bethenny’s jugular with the “soft porn” and Brynn. Sonja says she heard about the movie and it wasn’t so bad, and uses her daughter as an example of how hard it is to embarrass your kids, look at what Sonja does. However- dollars to donuts Sonja’s daughter is mortified by her mother’s antics.

Luann joins the Tinsley and Dorinda convo, and realizes that Tinsley isn’t in the “bridal room” as Lu calls it (dumb) but is staying in Sonja’s daughter’s room which is beyond weird to me.

Lu asks Carole about her election party, Carole really doesn’t want Ramona there but isnt sure how to tell her. She might not even have to, Ramona may not even go.

“Dinner is served” shrieks Ramona. It’s a buffet style dinner that Ramona insists she cooked but Dorinda doesn’t believe it and neither do I. There’s an empty seat between Sonja and Dorinda which is good because it’s goin’ DOWN. Sonja breaks the ice and says hello to Dorinda, the usual oh you look so gorgeous, I didn’t see you earlier (lie). Dorinda gives a chilly response-Sonja says that she’s seen Lu and Dorinda walking around town-Dorinda tells her she’s been staying at Ramona’s house (that’s why you aren’t, Sonja) and makes it a point to say she has to split her time between Lu and Ramona because her time is in high demand. Sonja says “that used to be me but oh well”. Dorinda is winding up-I can see it and she’s about to swing. Sonja says that she can see Dorinda and Lu from her house, Dorinda asks if she’s called anyone to report it-awww shit… 3…2…1 Dorinda blows.

Dorinda says that they’re going to discuss the elephant RIGHT NOW, shut your mouth. Luann is sending a death glare to Sonja-she’s not on your side, dear. Carole isn’t gonna save you either. And in Dorinda goes. Sonja wants to know what she said, Dorinda says it’s more like what didn’t you say. Sonja challenges Dorinda with ” what are you gonna do, back it up?” Oh-yep. That’s exactly what she’s gonna do. She tells Sonja to “stop the vaginal rejuvenation because your vagina should have an EZ pass on it with your Holland Tunnel. Turnstile and ticket!!” Oh damn. Sonja looks like she wants to crawl under the table, keeps looking at different guests and just raising her eyebrows. But Dorinda isn’t done-oh no. She goes on to tell Sonja that everything she does has failed-Lu tries to intervene but Dorinda shuts her down. Carole is just piling food into her face to hide her smirk and not have to say anything. Ramona comes over and sits in the middle of the 2, and tries to shush Dorinda who is on a roll. Dorinda asks something about taking pictures. Ramona expected a blowout but had sort of hoped it would’ve waited til dessert.

Dorinda wants to know if Sonja enjoyed “doggy styling” the male strippers at Lu’s shower, Sonja says she did-Dorinda says if that’s Sonja sober, she’d hate to see her drunk. Talking head Sonja is embarrassed and says that this is not how one acts at a dinner party. Thank you, Miss Manners.

Tinsley, being brave, tries to stick up for Sonja to no avail. The Dorinda Rage Train has left the station and the engineer is sleeping with his foot on the gas. Sonja tells Tinsley she doesn’t care, she’s been badmouthed over and over. Lu explains to Sonja that a blogger came out with negative quotes from Sonja about the wedding, Dorinda, etc. Sonja denies it, rather dismissively and very unconvincingly. She then busts out with how she booked a trip to Thailand when she was still dating Tom-cue eyeroll from Luann-then says she’d never miss the wedding. Dorinda reminds her how not invited she is but Sonja insists she’s invited to the wedding despite Lu shaking her head no. Dorinda tells Sonja to shut up because this is the beginning of the end. Dorinda then, weirdly, tells Sonja to get a bag of cucumber and bananas-Carole tells her to knock it off, Dorinda agrees that was jr high. Sonja starts yelling and tells them to talk to her instead of reading the newspaper, yells about her off Broadway play to which Dorinda spits “it was disgusting”, Sonja namedrops some guy she says didn’t think it was disgusting and Tinsley gives a weak “it wasn’t disgusting, it was very nice!”

Some random named Glenn taps his glass to give a toast, trying to distract everyone from the show at the other end of the table. He toasts wonderful Ramona. Sonja talks over him the whole time.

Carole brings up the election so Dorinda throws in that Sonja worked for Trump as a consultant. Carole is all wait what? Sonja gets to talk about her favorite topic, Sonja, and says she was a “brand consultant for Trump Luxury Brands” but it’s all Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. It’s just more of Sonja’s ego overstating what she really did, if anything.

Dorinda is telling Tinsley that Sonja slandered her family and is getting really intense. Tread lightly, Tinsley. Tinsley makes a comment about not really knowing if it’s true, but Carole and Dorinda both tell her oh, it’s true (that Sonja has been
shit talking). Tinsley feels like this may not be the time or the place so she is wisely backing off. Dorinda calls Sonja a liar and a fraud and tells her to fix her toilet. What? Dorinda leaves the table and Ramona’s friend, FrankenNancy says how mean that all was. Carole and and Sonja are still at the table and Carole tries to explain to Sonja why Dorinda is so upset but Sonja, with all of her insight, says ” that’s bizarro”. Tinsley tries again to defend Sonja by saying she was hurt too, and Carole says what we are all thinking and that’s Sonja didn’t get invited to the Berkshires, it was one night, BFD. Tinsley is realizing that Sonja may not have given the entire story and this whole thing is not as one sided as she wanted Tinsley to believe.

Everyone is back at the table, there’s a ton of yelling, Lu says something about people busting into her room, then people are yelling “stirring the pot!!!” at Sonja-during all of this Bethenny pulls up to get Carole, and it seems that she can hear the yelling from her car. Bethenny calls Carole as Dorinda is yelling at Sonja calling her a disgusting pathetic delusional fool-lots of yelling. Carole tells Bethenny that the shit’s going down (Dorinda is now yelling “Fraud” over and over) finally Ramona pulls Sonja out of the room. Dorinda goes to follow but Lu calls her back to sit with her and Tinsley. Luann puts Tinsley on the spot, asking what Sonja says about them. Come ON, Countess of Etiquette. Tinsley says that Sonja knew she carried the grudge for too long and wanted to end it. Dorinda says “yeah right” and Lu asks for dessert.

Ramona hugs Sonja, who says that she thinks that Dorinda needed to vent because she hadn’t seen Sonja for a while. Carole tells Bethenny she will be out in 10 minutes, she just needs to talk to Ramona to make sure she’s not coming to the election party. She tells Ramona she knows that she wasn’t coming anyway, but MONKEY WRENCH Ramona says oh, I’m coming. Carole says no, Ramona says yes, and they do that for a minute, until Carole tells Ramona she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to show up. Ramona starts to have a big fit because is Carole disinviting her. I love Carole but this wasn’t her personal election and the elitist attitude about who’s informed and who isn’t and only wanting informed ppl there is not flattering. While yes, Carole is very informed, she’s far from unbiased. Ramona kicks up the immaturity a few notches by saying to Sonja and Carole “fine! You’re not my friend and you’re not my friend.” All she needed was a foot stomp and door slam to complete the look.

Dorinda is bitching to Candace Bushnell about Sonja and Carole finally makes a break for it. Ramona brings out a bday cake for all November birthdays (ohhhhkayyy) and yells an inclusion for Bethenny, who’s driving the hell outta there.

At Luann’s her brunch is underway, she’s got Ramona, Dorinda and Candice Bushnell over. Dorinda says she feels good about the way things went down the night before with Sonja.

Tinsley and Sonja are discussing the previous evening-Sonja doesn’t need mud slinging y’all-

Dorinda says there was no more interaction between her and Sonja after all that. She said what she had to. Ramona is on the background bringing up Bethenny’s name-why?

Ramona is back to dwelling on Bethenny and the fact she didn’t come to her party and isn’t at the brunch-she’s using it as an example of Bethenny’s grudge-holding. But wait-how’s it a grudge? She then makes a shitty comment about Carole and thinks Carole “disinvited” her on Bethenny’s behalf, but really it’s just that she’s not informed enough. Ramona is still going on, and says “Who does that? Who disinvites someone?” Flashback to Ramona disinviting Sonja. The convo goes back to Dorinda not regretting her freak out. Lu keeps telling her she’s too “elegant” for that, Dorinda tells Lu to knock it off, she’s seen Lu get upset too, enough is enough.

Tinsley and Sonja are leaving the house in matching hats for Ramona’s brunch. Sonja wants to talk to Dorinda because she knows Dorinda didn’t mean a word of that. They don’t ring the bell or knock, just walk in, and that makes the eavesdropping they do even easier. Sonja whispers “see? They’re talking about us!” When the discussion turns to Tinsley and that they all like her, Sonja kind of pushes Tinsley ahead. Sonja marches over to Dorinda and hugs her. All is well with them now.

Dorinda is glad that the argument is over-now Lu wants to show off her new addition. They’re all in Lu’s new bedroom and Sonja says how happy she is for Lu. Luann gets almost in her face and says “really? Are you?” Sonja says she is always happy for Lu but Lu is always mad at her. Lu is shocked. She’s letting it slide but doesn’t think it’ll last.

Sonja makes some backhanded comment about being there for Luann even though Lu dates her boyfriends and dumps her at parties. She just wants Luann to be there for her a little more, ok? Sonja still insists she’s invited to Luann’s wedding. It’s so weird, Ramona thinks so too. Luann makes a toast to friendship and happiness.

Dorinda, Luann and Tinsley are getting together for dinner. Lu and Dorinda are wearing the same outfit. Dorinda is throwing a surprise party for Ramona’s 60th birthday and hopes it stays surprise. Tinsley is glad that Dorinda and Sonja made up. Dorinda goes on to explain how before they all had algebra friendships ( A doesn’t like B so C doesn’t talk to D) and is glad that’s over as well. Tinsley is worried that Sonja might be mad if she becomes friends with the others yet she didn’t invite or tell Sonja about this dinner. Now, y’all KNOW how Sonja gets when she’s not included. Bitter and grudge-y. And real talky with the blogs.

Tinsley is spilling the beans about Sonja’s dating life, she calls the guy Frenchie. We get to see Sonja go through her underwear on the bathroom floor. Her towels are all monogrammed STAM so there’s no mistaking who’s toilet you’re crapping in. STAM. Sonja proceeds to wash her lingerie in the bidet. She’s a Francophile y’all, so she’s dating Frenchie. And washing her lingerie in the bidet.

Back to the dinner, Lu is planning Toms birthday and she’s going to have a mariachi band. How different and exciting. Tinsley needs to go back to Palm Beach to tie up her legal ends, have her court case disposed of, and be done with the nightmare. Dorinda wants to know if she has a mugshot. Duh. And she’s got some sharp ass brows in that pic. Tinsley thinks no one will want to date her after this but Dorinda and Lu reassure her that she will have noooooo problem in NYC.

Dorinda visits John at work and brings him a healthy lunch. Hannah is moving out and John thinks he’ll be able to drop by on a whim- not so fast bucko.

Bethenny drops by Carole’s house, and all of Carole’s pets are named “Baby”. Bethenny muses that Carole can write a bestselling novel, but can’t think of 3 pet names. Carole and Adam are “shacking up” but he’s still looking for another apt for himself. Bethenny asks why don’t they just stay living together? Carole says they both need alone time. Carole asks how things are with Jason, Bethenny says they’re horrible but she wants to fix it, and when Ramona pulled her soft porn/ Brynn crap, Bethenny ran out of I Forgive Yous. I can’t blame her.

Sonja is holding her assistant captive and making him listen to her bitch about Tinsley hanging out with Dorinda and Lu, and as predicted, jealousy has arrived. She’s playing the possessive friend game “they were MINE FIRST”. Connor the assistant could care less. Sonja namedrops the owner of the restaurant that Dorinda, Lu and Tinsley were at and says he’s her best friend, of course she’s going to hear about it. As she goes on, Tinsley gets home and overhears her. She hears Sonja complaining about her and is shocked.

Tinsley sweeps into the kitchen and confronts Sonja, saying “I just heard you bitching”. Sonja rolls her eyes and tells Tinsley that she can’t possibly know the same people Sonja does-but Tinsley says she’s known them since her Palm Beach days. She tells Sonja that she doesn’t have many close friends in NYC, so if she wants to claim someone as a friend, back off. Sonja as usual is all about Sonja and turns it in to her being butthurt because Tinsley never invites her along when she leaves the house. Oh and by the way, Tinsley isn’t allowed to bring a date home. Tinsley is a grown adult and Sonja’s rules suck. I get not wanting her to have a date in her daughters bedroom-so why didn’t she put her up in Lu’s old room? Or the “bridal room”? Because she wants to control Tinsley. After telling Tinsley she’s not allowed male company, Sonja humps her dog.

Next week: Carole’s election party and subsequent devastation, Sonja gets stroked, Carole spills the beans, Ramona and Sonja disagree.

Talk soon Lovelies



66 thoughts on “RHONY Recap: The Etiquette Of Friendship

  1. Yeah….washing panties in the bidet….she is an idiot….i can’t even.

    Also, did anyone else notice the sofa at Carol’s? Yeah it probably cost thousands, but looks like college kid’s dumpster find….all ripped and ratty. There was also some wierd stains under the stairs over Bethenny’s shoulder. I couldn’t even pay attention, I spent every scene trying to figure out what it was.

    I prefer Martini Dorinda’s insults better.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Carole sofa belonged to her mother in law. It is from very high end French designer & still worth money in addition to it belonging to that particular family. According to ppl who know this stuff it would literally cost tens of thousands to recover in same fabric which is handmade in France though losing the original fabric where Radzwill/Kennedy butts & other famous ppl sat.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Washing her clothes in the bidet was disgusting. Does she not understand that this is weird and gross, or does she just try and shock us when she does shit like that? I was perplexed when I saw this. I mean, why wouldn’t she just use her sink?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do you think maybe it’s possible she doesn’t understand what a bidet is, and thinks it’s purpose is for laundering lingerie? That thought seriously crossed my mind, but I suppose if she doesn’t use it for it’s intended purpose hygienically there’s nothing really wrong with it if it was sanitized prior to.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dorinda was way out of line. Okay say something, but going that far & the slut shaming too, she crossed the line. Not to mention, it was dinner. Short snarky remarks I’d let pass but had that been my dinner table, I would’ve told Dorinda to leave. Reality TV or not.

    Sonja is not my favorite, but IMO, she’s not evil & that was evilness coming from Dorinda, reminded me of gutter trash Nene throwing herself all around like she was royalty.

    Liv Tyler was on Who Do You Think You Are this week & Carole reminds me off her father, he was in Aerosmith. Sorry if that’s been said before, I only recently started watching this one (other than reading recaps or reunions) again because I can’t stand news stations any longer.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Oh man you are so right on the money with that. I really do not like seeing, or being present when someone can’t get themselves under control like that. D made the choice in advance to confront her in a nasty way, and once she started she couldn’t control herself and come to grips with the fact she went entirely too far, in an entirely inappropriate manner, and an inappropriate space. I like Dorinda but that was just entirely too much.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Confronted sure, but not slut shamed. A man sleeps around & that shows his sexual prowess. A woman does it & the slut shaming goes on. Dorinda crossed that line. Over accusations she cant even prove.

        Liked by 4 people

      • I tend to agree because the look on Sonja’s face was the look of guilt. She probably did what Dorinda thought she did, but Dorinda didn’t handle it well. Tinsley had a good comment when she said something to the effect that last night Dorinda was comping at the bit at Sonja and today it’s all good. I agree with that sentiment, it’s just weird.

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  3. I do believe that Sonja is/was truly hurt by Tom dating/marrying Lu. I’m sure Dorinda knew he had dated? Sonja and Ramona. How could she not?
    I like Dorinda but I don’t like mean girls. I thought she never should have omitted Sonja from the Berkshires. That was petty like mean girls do.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think Sonja probably was hurt but not devastated, this wasn’t some great love of hers, and I feel like she’s milking it. I get why Dorinda didn’t invite her though-it had to do with Sonja’s drinking, and she knew that would make her a target/not end well for her, and she took Sonja out to lunch or whatever and explained why she wasn’t having her there that weekend, it was actually looking out for her, Dorinda knew Sonja was in a particularly fragile state, so between that, the drinking, she didn’t want to put Sonja in that position. I felt like that was really being a friend, instead of putting her in an environment and situation that wouldn’t have been happy or healthy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I see your point, and it is Dorinda’s House, and party so she can invite/exclude anyone she likes. Like you said in your recap Sonja is hypersensitive to exclusion and felt genuinely hurt by that exclusion. Also Sonja is frequently delusional, but she is a grown woman. Dorinda should have talked to her like she did, and then leave the decision up to Sonja.

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  4. I had to change the channel the stupid arguing gives me anxiety…. plus I can’t relive election night. Can’t they just do fun glamorous NYC stuff?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I cannot wait to relive November, especially after reading Carol’s blog at bravo….BITCH, just because you believe one side does NOT mean that everyone that disagrees with you is ignorant and uninformed. Carol is every.single.reason Hillary lost.

      And, again, for the record….I VOTED FOR GARY JOHNSON.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Ha! I voted for Johnson, too. It’s the third vote I’ve made for a Libertarian candidate. Honestly and no offense to anyone, but the other candidates scared the bejesus out of me for various reasons.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Carole makes me cringe with the election and political superiority. She’s equivalent to a right wing neo-con, just ultra liberal and gives lefties a bad name. I consider myself socially liberal, fiscally moderate-and in my younger years wasn’t trying to hear anyone else. I’ve aged and hopefully grown wiser, and always try to put myself in the other sides shoes and see their perspective. Being so rigid isn’t productive.

        Liked by 2 people

      • So many of my friends were like Carol absolutely positive H would win, with not even a shadow of a doubt of it. They annoyed the hell out of me actually because they completely missed the mood of the country. And it was really easy to see what the majority wanted when you looked at the size of the rallies of the three main candidates Sanders, Trump, and Hillary. Sanders and Trump the populists, were pulling in tens of thousands to their rallies and the Hill camp frequently had to rely on weirdly angled pictures to convey the impression of more people present at hers. I think the most I ever saw at an H rally was a couple of hundred for the most part with one or two exceptions, but nowhere near the level of Sanders. That should have been an overwhelming clue H was in serious trouble. Carol would have annoyed me were she my friend. They were clueless about the state of the lives of the lower middle, and lower income classes, clueless about the mood of the members of their own party including the actual liberals, and progressives, and clueless about just how much hostility there was in the country against Hillary. The preview of next week’s episode made it pretty clear Carol fell into that category. While I really like Carol it’s frustrating to watch such an intelligent woman blind herself to reality like that. I’m like the two of you above who are glad it’s over with. I lost two friends over that election cycle, and I hope to never have to endure one like it again. For the record life long Democrat about as progressive as a person can get. After this cycle I’m seriously thinking of dropping my membership in that party.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I was a life long Dem, had been since I was 18-my disillusionment with the party was too much and I switched to Independent 2 yrs ago. A Republican I will nevah evah be-but was disgusted with my former party. They just can’t get their shit together.


  5. “Laidies—-do you want to wash your undies, dry your undies AND make a grilled cheese sandwich all at the same time??? Of course you do! ”
    ” Introducing the Sonja Morgan Combination Bidet/ Toaster Oven by Ronco.
    “Hey, we get it! Today’s modern woman has a lot of demands on her that keeps her so busy she better be a master at multitasking. And what better way to show your talent than to be able to wash those delicates while you griddle up a cheesy delight.”
    “And don’t worry about that smokey eye and up do —-we have it covered.”

    “But that’s not all……call now and receive Carole Radzwill’s manual entitled “How I trained my Ki’ins to Claw my Sofa to Ruination” A first hand compelling journey into feline sofacide. And coming soon…the sequel: “Why I am Afraid to Pronunce the Letter T”, a compelling journey into Carole’s childhood fear of consonants

    So call now, operators are standing by.
    Not available in Minnesota. 😂

    Liked by 10 people

      • Some of my best comebacks in fights are slut shaming…..maybe if we didn’t make it ok but NOT shaming, there wouldn’t be so many sluts. And, yes, I’ve slut shamed MEN too. One I pushed so hard he got religion…good times.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I guess because it’s really quite all right to be as promiscuous as you want to be, that’s nobody’s business, but yours, even if you’re vocal about it. It’s attempting to shame somebody over it that’s a douche move. And seriously cucumber, and banana, vaginal rejuvenation, and tunnel crack. Dorinda should be ashamed of herself frankly.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. In the Dorinda/Sonja dust off, I’m on neither side. Dorinda called Sonja’s hoo-ha the Holland Tunnel, told her repeatedly she was a fraud, attempted to humiliated her by telling the world she can’t afford to get her toilet fixed, called her Edie Beale in a weird crazy sounding voice, and all Sonja has to say is that Dorinda needed to vent. No, what Dorinda needed to do was humiliate and embarrass Sonja and extract as many pounds of flesh as she could, in her gangsta/ mafioso intimidating kinda way. And all Sonja has to say is Dorinda needed to vent. I just can’t with either of these bitchez.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Her insults were way too rehearsed I.m.o. I wonder who helped her write them because they did a terrible job, way too many. A true pro (at insulting/ giving somebody crap) uses 1or 2 really memorable well placed insults and delivers them calmly (never let them see you sweat) She could of used the Holland Tunnel line, casually smiled while she said it and then proposed a toast and that would have been a “memorable hw moment”

      Liked by 3 people

    • Sonja should have shut her trap to the media, and maybe gotten over the Berkshires because really? Dorinda should have confronted her in a different manner, but where’s the fun in THAT? You’re right-Dorinda does pull that mafia tough guy park avenue thug in Manolo’s shit. It’s fake and unflattering.


    • Yeah Sonja is just not good at defending herself. She makes mistakes, mistakes that the other ladies get angry over, and they run roughshod over her like Bethany did last season. I feel bad for Sonja because I think what I’m seeing a decent person, possibly with mental issues, but genuinely likeable. Someone who has a need to be liked which sometimes gets her in trouble.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And that’s it-I think you hit the nail on the head-she’s has this massive need to be liked. Add her substance issues and probable mental health issues-yikes. I don’t think Sonja has a mean bone in her body. Even the badmouthing she did was from a place of being hurt. Still-she’s a grown up. I think the promiscuity is Sonja just wookin’ puh nub.


  7. Sonja’s mouth has been getting her ass in a sling ever since she hit the city from Albany. I totally forgot about an interview she did for Quest when she was a “Hostess” at San Pietro Restaurant. She name dropped and did that inane babbling about how her job is like a marketing job and, of course had to bring up how many boyfriends she has. The power players and their wives were none too happy with her, and raised hell with her boss. She got shit-canned. That was before she married Mr. Morgan. Discreet is one word that would never be used to describe her, that’s for sure. I don’t think she is mean spirited at all, she is just so freakin’ delusional. Very, very delusional.
    Dorinda, on the other hand was very mean spirited. Has she ever sat at a dinner table that she hasn’t made a scene? Of course she had every right to confront Sonja about her shit talking, she shouldn’t have done it in someone else’s house where she was a guest. She didn’t like it when it happened at HER house. It may have been different if it was just the cast, but to go that hard on Sonja in front of other people like that was pretty disgusting. Bless the guy who tried to stop it with his toast, Dorinda didn’t take that as his polite way of letting her know she was making them uncomfortable, and just kept throwing bombs at Sonja.
    That was some funny shit Maisey….I look forward to song lyrics about this scene. 🙂

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