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How many of you have tired it or are subscribers? I decided that I am tired of my boring old clothes and I needed new, cute stuff, so my coworker sent me a referral code, and I signed up! My first box is scheduled for June 1.

For those who might not know, Stitch Fix is a subscription box where they send you clothes, shoes, jewelry. You choose your size, the styles/colors/cost, and a stylist puts together the box for you. There are 5 items in each box, and there’s a $20 styling fee each time you are sent a box. If you choose to keep the items, you pay for what you keep, minus the $20 (it serves as a credit if you purchase stuff) and if you buy everything in the box, you get an additional 25% off the total. Whatever you don’t want, you just send back. There’s no shipping fee in either direction.

You can sign up to receive a box as frequently as you’d like. I chose quarterly, but if I want more, I can schedule it sooner.

Take a look and see if it’s something you’d like:

I have a referral code if anyone wants it, but if you just want to sign up without it, that’s fine too.

I’ll be sure to post the items when I receive them on or around June 1.




10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Subscription

  1. I’ve never subscribed but I have subscribed my husband to one for men. He loves it, he wears customs suits to the office but downtime his dress was terrible!! I finally had to toss his acid wash dad jeans and just as pathetic shirts. it was it was a lil pricey at $60 (at least I thought so), he got mostly “weekend” type things. I don’t remember exactly how it worked but I remember the prices were about the same as you’d find at Belk’s/Macy’s and such. He only subscribed for about six months, long enough to get a few decent pieces that we’ve added to.

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    • B&B, close friend of mine recently subscribed a few months ago and loved her first box. She kept everything! Her work wardrobe is primarily Ann Taylor Loft. The Spring pieces she received are great quality and super cute!

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  2. I got monthly boxes for a year and liked it. Some boxes were great, some okay. The returns were super easy. I’m taking a break from it right now since I don’t need any new clothes right now.

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  3. I’ll go take a look at that website, BB. I saw it once advertised on TV, was intrigued. Bc I am very picky abt my clothes. (Hence my hanging on to clothes I have had 20 yrs ago😲😬)
    Thanks BB

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  4. I subscribe and like it. I’m the WORST about returns but they make it so easy. The clothes aren’t cheap – price or quality. Just be sure to do a pin board and explain why you do or don’t like pieces when you check out – helps stylist.

    They also have a thing – you can fill your empty box with clothes for salvation army, they will give you the shipping label! That’s what I do with the stuff I couldn’t get my ass to return!

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