Silcon Valley Season 4!!


Season 4 begins tonight at 10 on HBO!

LOVE THIS SHOW!  Anyone else into it?


4 thoughts on “Silcon Valley Season 4!!

  1. I’ve never watched this, but I have to start watching my premium channels or else I’m gonna cancel them, so thanks for the recommendation – I’ll check this out.

    On a separate note…I’ve been watching Dateline for so many years that I never noticed Keith Morrison aging…..but he did, my goodness he’s really looking old. I dig all the Dateline peeps, but Keith is the shit. He could make a children’s story sound ominous, I just love his voice.


  2. HA!! That IG account is funny….I did learn that you can get his voice on a GPS app. I would love to drive thru a bad neighborhood and have Keith tell me what kind of danger I’m in….could you imagine? “There is a shadowy figure lurking in the darkness of the night, just waiting for his opportunity to jack your car at that lone stoplight.” That would be fantabulous.

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