RHOA – Reunion Part 2

Reunion – Part 2

Hi everyone, welcome to the commentary, respectfully submitted by NoLife.

So my research into the “Dubai Datebook” has come up with nada (not to be confused with Nida).  Apparently, a lot of people are trying to figure out that shade.  Essence came up with an article about it….


Tonight’s beverage is a glass of Stroke…errr, I mean Coke Zero.

This won’t be a recap.  More like impressions and comments on bitches, heifers and ho’s…errr, I mean elegant ladies in evening gowns screaming at each other.  Please join in the fun.

We start where we left off….with Kandi and Porsha screaming at each other.  In fact we get a couple of minutes of already aired argument.  Porsha feels bullied….riiiiiiiiiiight.

On to Kenya/Matt drama.  Phaedra smiling and enjoying the clips of the abuse.  Kenya admits it’s been all verbal.  Cynthia says she got involved because she was worried about Kenya not being safe and Kenya kept ending and then restarting it.  Kenya admits to sex in the truck (let ye without that sin cast the first stone).  Sheree clarifies her stance on a man putting his hands on a woman – it should never be done.  Kenya still feels she was mocking abuse.  Now we move onto Sheree being abused and Kenya outing her.  Kenya doesn’t feel she really did…..riiiiiight.  Sheree insists that when she said that Kenya provokes him, she meant the women in the group….you know, despite the conversation being about Matt and all.

8:10 – must be time for 4 minutes of commercials.  I really really really dislike Amy Schumer.  My ex told me I reminded him of her….reason #532 why he’s an EX. Until 8:14.

Back and Sheree is now basically saying that Kenya’s provoking Matt, but veiling it as baiting the women again.  Sheree says she doesn’t speak to Kenya about stuff, Kenya insists that Sheree told her about her abuse.  Kenya clarifies her memorial….so someone who was at lunch with her and Sheree told Kenya about the abuse…..very vague trail off on that subject.

Kenya has a new boyfriend that she doesn’t want to talk about.  Andy brought it up and she said that that information was between them….he then starts throwing out the nonsense Matt was posting on Instagram.

On to Phaedra’s drama this year, including the grenade incident with Drama.  Phaedra insists she’s divorced but he’s contesting it again.  She also claims she’s paid him 100 grand.  Kandi admits Mama Joyce was out of line going to a lawyer.  Phaedra was, OF COURSE, insulted by it.  Phaedra starting in on the OLG, Kandi says it was opening that week.  Kandi then goes in on Phaedra about calling everyone she knows at the city to get them to come at Kandi.  They now argue about Johnny on the blogs….this is gooooooood.

8:23 – yay!  More commercials!  I’m writing the times down so we can all keep track of it….this is the ONLY reason we are getting 4 reunion eps. Commercial for California: I booked my vacation flights today.  Can’t wait to go back to LA! I prefer Monterey, but bringing my nephew to see my brother, so it is what it is 8:26

More fighting about Johnny on the blogs.  Lots of good lines, like “No wonder you ain’t winning any cases”….good times.  Andy says we will get back to that, can’t wait.

On to the scene where Mama Joyce tries to talk to Phaedra and Kandi breaking it up.  Phaedra says everyone around Kandi throws stones at her….riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Phaedra says that she always travels with a bodyguard and then says they all do…Cynthia and Kenya say yeah, not so much.  Apparently all the charges against Drama have been dropped.

Andy wants to know why Phaedra didn’t share details of her divorce.  She says only Porsha is supportive of her.  Porsha claims she didn’t know that she was spilling the beans telling everyone….she and Porsha laugh it off.  Andy goes in on Phaedra’s problem with timelines….she basically sidesteps it and comes up with that she has 3 homes.  She then hands Andy the Divorce Decree.  She filed as “P. Creonta Nida” (snickers, that’s quite the middle name she got there) and “A. Edward Nida”.  THAT’S WHY IT GOT THROWN OUT.  For the record: It was granted 7/12.  Kenya knows the reason why it was set aside because of the names.  She had a LOT of details.  Phaedra, of course, assumes that Kenya is still talking to Apollo.  They argue and Phaedra says “You’re like an old condo that they done converted into a town house” (ummmm….my condo is a town house, gasp…..I’m clutching my pearls).  Kenya then does the seal clap thing and says “Good for you on the rehearsed read”.  I’m kinda with Kenya on that…They “Girl, Bye” each other.

8:35 – Commercial time again  – 8:40.

Back to a recap of the kids of Atlanta.  Naomi Campbell on WWHL thinks Kairo has a future in modeling.  Some reader called Cynthia’s bags “a Dora the Explorer backpack”….I’m slayed.  Sheree brings up that Kairo didn’t get his, and Cynthia says she’s pretty sure he took it that day.  Sheree says he picked it out that day, Cynthia says she’ll send one….looks like Sheree is getting the backpack she thought she deserved when Kairo was booked.  Flashback to Sheree tossing Nene’s kid’s arrest at a reunion and she says she owes Nene an apology.  Nicki Manage liked Riley’s song.  Cynthia and Kandi had to talk to their girls about the lesbian drama this season.

8:46 –Yes, this is actually less than 6 minutes from the last one. 8:50

We are wrapping up with Sheree and Bob.  They reshow the entire car scene, and it’s just a horrible as I remembered.  Andy is trying to be gentle while Sheree cries.  Sheree says she would never have talked about it if it hadn’t come up on the show.  He flat out asks if Bob hit her, she says it was mostly verbal but there was physical.  Sheree never talked about it because she wanted to protect her kids.  She thinks Bob talked about it not because he was joking about it, but because he forgot the cameras were there.  Andy asks why she was open to taking him back.  She says that she thought he changed, he said he changed.  This is truly heartbreaking to watch.  She doesn’t know if Kairo and Kaleigh (is that her youngest daughter’s name/spelling?)  have seen the episodes and she’s never talked with them about the abuse.

8:55 – Commercial.  Good news, this shit show is almost over.  Bad news, there has been about 20 minutes of commercials for those keeping track. Show came back at 8:59, seriously Bravo?

Back to reshowing Sheree talking about not talking about it with the kids.  She’s ashamed of the abuse but knows she has to talk about the kids.  Cynthia tells her it’s ok to not be superwoman.  Don’t feel like you have to carry everything on you.  Sheree wants women to take the message to love themselves, know their worth, and when to get out.  Everyone says nice supportive things to her.

That’s where we leave tonight.  I do, actually recommend watching this one. 


34 thoughts on “RHOA – Reunion Part 2

  1. Did anyone catch the news that Matt has at least one sex tape someone is shopping around? I saw stills (the blogger was nice enough to cover his junk) his co-star wasn’t Kenya, but girl better hope he didn’t have a camera rolling while they did it truck-style.

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  2. And please, don’t anyone mistake my snark as being in any way doubtful of Sheree’s abuse. I believe she was subjected to horrible abuse at the hands of Bob, both physically and emotionally.

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the recap!!!

    Well, I watched this “drivel” but mostly I was bored because it seems like I’ve seen this a million times already. It’s hard to believe that this is only the second installment. So, I decided to really check out the boobage (since it’s on such prominent display) and decided that either Porsha or Cynthia has the best of the bunch. Porsha’s are newer (want to smell them…haha!) but Cynthia’s are quite nice to be as old as they are. I’m gonna give Cynthia my vote for the #1 Best Boobage Award 2017. Congratulations Cynthia!

    I hope that this will be the last we see of neanderthal Bob. That dude ain’t right in the head.

    I do think that Phaedra’s little put-down to Kenya was rehearsed. I can just see the “wordsmith” standing in front of the mirror rehearsing her lines for when the time came to regurgitate them out. It’s obvious that she is still bitterly jealous of Kenya, and would really like to blame all her marital woes on her. Surely nobody is buying that at this point. Phaedra is an unforgiving, cold blooded snake that has been lying about her life since day one. How anyone could believe a word that comes out of her mouth, is beyond me.

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    • Move over, I’m sitting with you on that Phakedra bench. I’ve got cookies too. That was SO rehearsed!!! I can see her saying it in the mirror over and over 😂😂. I seriously can’t BELIEVE she’s going back to Kenya being wrong w her “man”-he had the vows, not kenya, and he’s been out playing behind her back looooong after and with many including new Fiancée. Phakedra needs to research her battles-bringing something up that she resolved, accepted apologies for, and claimed to be past in neither Christian or Southern Belle. She conveniently forgets that Apollo admitted he made all that up about Kenya. Phaedra is a petty, trifling thot trying to dress up as a proper southern lady (can barely type that). Shes just gross.

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