RIP, Joanie-Erin Moran Dies-UPDATE

Update: stage 4 cancer. Not a drug OD as some places were so quick to report.

Erin Moran, who played Joanie on “Happy Days” has passed away at age 56 in Indiana. DM story below:

Talk Soon Lovelies




8 thoughts on “RIP, Joanie-Erin Moran Dies-UPDATE

  1. She really hit the skids, poor thing. I remember years ago she was on “Celebrity Fit Club” on VH1, she wasn’t losing weight or following the diet plan and the panel was giving her a hard time….she had a mini melt-down and said she only signed up for the show for the money. I’m with the Fonz, I hope she is finally at peace.

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  2. Yep, read articles on her last night. She got addicted. Was apparently living off very limited money from Happy Days/Joanie & Chachi days & had to sue (with others) to get it.

    I’m reading another overdose.

    So sad. I sure hope the hollywood couch isn’t what took her spirit.

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  3. How the heck did the OD get so much coverage but the Ooops cancer no illegal drugs found follow-up is getting so little. I don’t mean here of course. I feel horrible about another tragic early end to a life regardless of COD, but the added hand wringing and (mostly) fake concern for the addiction talk seems to have forgotten that there is a real person behind the headlines. May Erin rest in peace, and her true friends, family, fans find comfort.

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