Lady Morgan’s List Gets Longer

Sonja is on her Class and Decorum Tour, and won’t stop flapping her delusional gums about her alleged Hollywood conquests. Owen Wilson is her latest claim. DM story below:

Talk soon Lovelies




17 thoughts on “Lady Morgan’s List Gets Longer

  1. I’ve always been a little partial to Sonja because I don’t really think she has a mean bone in her body. I think she’s trying to bring the mean since she really, really needs the Bravo check. But, this name dropping (like fucking a celebrity gives her some sort of special bonus points) is so pathetic. These guys have boinked plenty of chicks, I’m sure, and would be wondering which bimbo Sonja was. There are times she could really use some dignity. Plus, it’s boring and not nearly as salacious as she wishes it was. It’s too much to hope that she will change though, she will be 85, rolling around in the floor with a blow up doll, thinking she’s cute. Sigh.

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  2. I feel sort of bad for her that she thinks this makes her look fun and relavant – it doesn’t

    I mean it is cool she owns her own sexuality and does not care a flip what people say about the fact that she sleep around – then or now – no shame in that. But dropping the name of these men is just kind of gross.

    I really really want her to meet someone who will love her because despite what she says I think that is what she wants

    But I think she needs to date a mature age appropriate man and she needs to accept he may not be a billionaire

    If she would relocate to another city I think she would do so much better

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  3. I wonder if she was always like this? I would imagine at some point she had to have a little class, considering who she was married to. NY social circles are vicious, if she acted this way married to Mr. Morgan, I can see where that would cause martial strife. Her family must be horribly embarrassed by her behavior.

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    • I feel like she as always like this but got worse when Mr Morgan showed her the door. The show-off name dropping is so tacky and gross, and revealing her “list” publicly must be horrifying. Imagine what school must be like? Sonja is so pathologically selfish.

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  4. She is absolutely delusional! (I can’t say or type that word without seeing Kristen T’s golden moment at that reunion)

    As cringey as Sonja makes me feel, she’s gotta believe all of the BS she spews. Right? No normal thinking person would out such things- especially if they were true.

    I don’t believe she means any harm. I truly think her perception of reality is very skewed.

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    • I agree Janey, I think she has a good heart and probably would help someone in a heartbeat. I think she had a full-blown breakdown when Mr. Morgan left her and has never fully recovered.

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  5. Was it last month that Bravo had the marathon of RHONY past seseans? In Sonja’s first season she was soooo normal and sane. She was the one offering good advice to the others to leave Kelly alone on Scary Island.

    She is nothing like that now.

    I think pills and alcohol (allegedly) have addled her brain for good. It is so sad.

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