Foundation Mission

Now that I found my drugstore foundation happy place in Bourjois, I’m looking for a high end foundation to bathe in. I’ve narrowed it down to:

Giorgio Armani
Makeup Forever

As long as it’s medium to full coverage-I’ve heard the Makeup Forever tends to be sheer. The very first high end foundation I ever bought was Dior, but, no shade-it was before I knew what I was doing and I bought it for the name, that’s about all it was good for. No good. It was probably one of the worst. Not THE worst, but not good. Let’s just say there are way better formulas out there. Actually, my 6£ Bourjois is miles better.

What high end foundations have you tried and liked? Not liked? What do you want to try?

FYI-for more mature skin-Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation is the SHIT. Highly recommend.

Talk soon Lovelies





18 thoughts on “Foundation Mission

  1. Jeffree loves his Armani foundation. A lot of makeup artists swear by Estee’ Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I had an Estee’ foundation years ago…I can’t remember what I thought of it. Now that it’s going to start getting warmer, I’ll wear mostly tinted moisturizer – I get hot and sweat like a pig (that’s a good way to get insurance to pay for Botox???)
    If you have a Macys near you, go to their makeup counter (or any department store that has a good makeup counter) most of them give free samples of the higher end stuff. I’ve read on Beautylish that Estee’ is very generous with their samples.

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  2. I’ve been using Armani for years. Most makeup artists I know use Silk, Estee Double Wear, or NARS. Armani is pricey 😦 but it seems to last me at least a few months, if I am not wearing makeup every day. They have a nice primer as well, right now I’m using up the rest of my Smashbox Light white primer (it’s more like a lotion, won’t be getting it again, lol). Armani sheer fluids are amazing with the foundation, they have blushy colors, highlights, all kinds of shades — my fave is a sheer bronzer. I use a Beauty Blender with it. I find the coverage medium, depending on amount and how much you blend.

    I need a new eye cream, any suggestions?

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    • I’m leaning towards the Armani-it has nothing but great reviews. I’m using up the rest of my Smashbox primer too! I’m leaning towards the Too Faced HangoveRx Primer and defense getting the NYX Angel Veil. What kind of eye cream are you looking for?

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      • Oh ya know, nothing short of magic in a jar, lol. Prob for night, anti wrinkle, anti dark circle 🙂 some unicorn kinda cream.

        I will say I also tried Armani’s Maestro and it’s a little funky… very oily. I tried, I did, but I had color and application issues. I have not tried their new PowerFabric foundation yet — But I’ve seen good reviews, I don’t know…

        I wanna try the TooFaced, lots of their stuff has been looking good!

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      • The PowerFabric is the one I’m going for. I had written about the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and how much I hated it (granted it was a sample) but it was a greasy, I mean GREASY, cakey weird yellow toned atrocity. Hated it. I’ll check my miracle unicorn eye cream files 😉

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      • Allie, I really hope you are keeping track of all this.

        I would LOVE an end of the year recap/list of all the different makeup products (and maybe some runner ups if possible) that ended up being your favorites, in all the different categories. Eyes, foundation, primer, lips, etc. That you post at the beginning of December so we can ask for Christmas presents (or even buy for ourselves as presents). Lol!

        Just a thought. No pressure. 🙂

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  3. Oh Allie, are you VIBRouge at Sephora? It’s 15% off spring sale online and in stores for VIBRouge 🙂 Armani doesn’t go on sale usually. If you want me to get you anything and send it let me know, I get most of my stuff from Sephora so I’m VIB. 9Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed, lol)

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  4. Ok, do yourself a favor when you’re thinking about trying something high end and just join SoChoix. Someone here recommended it to me, and the place is a godsend. I wanted the Smashbox Studio Skin- hated the sample. Tried the oil free Laura Mercier foundation, too yellow. Tried the Lancome Teint Idole, which I never would’ve considered in stores. Perfect color match (even picking online) and fell in love. Literally worth every penny, the applicators are pretty neat and they’re supposed to be “two normal uses” but I got about a week out of each. Everything from makeup to perfume and skincare. SO worth it. Is it ok if I post my referral code here?

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    • I have heard many a good thing about the Lancôme, was all set to get it with lovely gift card I received from work but then my boy bust up his converse – CROSS lol

      I’m glad u love the bourjois Allie, i can’t get on with it at all. I swear by doublewear but it’s too heavy for everyday.

      I want the Dior airflash one and if I had jefree’s bucks I’d be going for the la prairie one.

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      • Mousecara, I’m ridiculously picky about my foundations and I’ve been looking for a perfect liquid foundation for over a year (prior I was all powder, all the time.) It pains me to buy $50-$60 foundation and not like it, my closest Ulta and Sephora stores are 35 minutes or so away. Even when I dislike them I end up keeping them due to the hassle 😦 Being able to find a shade, and try 5 foundations a month for $15 to see if they oxidize or make me breakout has saved me a shitload of money. Lol. I’ve had wantable and ipsy, but being able to pick samples is more beneficial as far as I’m concerned. No more fuschia Ipsy lipsticks for me. Thanks Allie

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