Tim Gunn speaks!

And he feels the way most of us do…

Judges are mean


5 thoughts on “Tim Gunn speaks!

  1. I would so want Tim to be my kids mentor and if I were a designer myself I would want him to my own mentor

    I am glad he finally spoke up about how mean the judges have become

    Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings! There is no reason they can’t offer criticism to the adults without being vicious

    And this last season they had so many stupid challenges that focused on gimmicks the design work was totally lost – sigh

    I want to see ball gowns damn it !

    Hell do a wedding gown challenge and give them a huge budget and a week if you want to do something different for a change but I do not want to see more than one challenge where they are forced to used chair cushions , pinwheels, popciclle sticks, straws and leashes for material a season !

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  2. Does anyone remember who was on season 13? Or even know what season we are on now? For all I know, we can be on season 26.

    Hopefully, if Tim is speaking out, that means a new season is coming soon. 🙂

    P.Scott. I don’t remember Zac Posen being mean. He usually gives insightful critism.


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