Aaron Hernandez And His Sad End UPDATE

He is now considered an innocent man. Under Massachusetts law, if a convicted person dies before the appeals process is completed, the case reverts to the start and the conviction is vacated. Is that why he did it? His family and his attorney, Jose Baez of Casey Anthony infamy, believe he was murdered. Not out of the realm of possibility with his gang ties, and the timing is a little bizarre….

I’m not a football fan. I mean, as a New Englander it’s mandatory I root for the Patriots when they’re in the Super Bowl, and believe it or not I do understand football. Aaron Hernandez is a sad, cautionary tale perhaps, but definitely a study in what not to do when you make it out of the hood.

He was from Bristol, CT, which is about 20 miles outside of Hartford and not a “hood” by any means but not immune to gang activity. Hernandez was allegedly a member of the Bloods, and didn’t leave his connections behind when he made it to the NFL. Allegedly. He showed up at his latest court case just days ago with a brand new neck tattoo symbolizing the Bloods. Allegedly.

Doing a life bid with no parole for shooting and killing his friend, and just beating a double murder rap, Hernandez hung himself in his cell early this morning. He lived by the sword and didn’t have to, and died a coward’s death in a dingy Massachusetts jail cell, alone, by his own hand, with a prison-issue sheet.

I get the despair. I can’t fathom life in that place. A year almost did me in, but the Department of Corrections definitely corrected me. Why now? After such a major acquittal?

The whole thing is just a shame. A young, strong, good looking guy with an NFL career, millions in the bank, a fiancée and daughter, and bright future couldn’t leave the thug life behind and still, even with all that, carried guns, killed his friend and threw it all away and for what. Where’s his gang now?

A waste of more than one life-Odin Lloyd who he killed for lord knows what reason and now Hernandez himself who came from nothing, to glory, and back to nothing ending in a lonely cell at 3am.

Just a shame.

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42 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez And His Sad End UPDATE

  1. This was one scary dude. It seems by everything I’ve been reading about him the past few years, he had no compunction assaulting or shooting anyone who he felt “disrespected” him.

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  2. I’m very conflicted by this. He was absolutely without a doubt a very scary, evil man. On the other hand, he had his ticket out of the thug life. He was offered many opportunities to bond with his teammates, which he repeatedly declined to continue to run with the thugs from his old hood.

    I often wonder how his life would’ve been if he had been drafted by a different team. Not because the Patriots didn’t try to help him, but if he had been able to get as far away from his old hood as possible. I also understand that he did run with the thugs when he was in Florida so maybe he could never get away. But with a different team 3 people who are dead would absolutely be alive today.

    He was a extremely talented athlete who could, and should, have been a role model to all the kids who grow up in gang neighborhoods that they can get out.

    To those who say he took the coward’s way out: You don’t know what mental issues this guy had. Clearly there was something inside him that wouldn’t allow him to help himself. Let’s not belittle those who battle suicidal thoughts and actions every single day.

    Interesting to note: He played on the same team with Tim Tebow. Let that sink in.

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    • That’s very true-I’m sure he had some psych issues and in that life, you do not admit or address it. I think the gang wasn’t gonna be so quick to let him go, with all that money. The Bloods are in every city in every state so unless he made that change, wherever he went, there he was. It’s bizarre because Bristol CT isn’t exactly where you think of when you think of gangs. Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven yes, but Bristol-I guess it only took a few anyway to go down that path.

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  3. When I saw this on the news this morning, I was somewhat relieved. Why? I have no clue.
    I don’t know why but this guy had managed to scare me silly. His good looks and ice cold manor often threw me for a loop. MS-13 is very real. Maybe he couldn’t escape the gang.
    Who knows, but I was surprised that he took the easy way out for a such a tough ass dude.
    When he was acquitted last week? of killing 2 of his peeps for spilling a drink or something just as simple & he shed some tears of joy?, I was like WTF?
    Bottom line, I find it so sad that someone could rise up and have it all only to actually never rise at all.

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  4. Where’s his gang now?
    ^ Exactly.

    I’m hoping his conscience caught up to him, not despair. Since someone above mentioned that he played with Tim Tebow, I can’t help but wonder if something Tebow said sunk in.

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  5. This is sad. I don’t think he had any idea about his conviction being vacated if he died. I don’t think he was that smart.

    The whole situation is sad. You are all right. He had the opportunity to get out of that life. To make himself better. But he chose to stay in it. Lives were lost where none needed to be.

    I feel for everyone’s family who are affected.

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    • Oh, I don’t think he knew that either. How’s that gonna help him anyway, if he’s dead? I just feel like the timing is weird. He just got acquitted-why kill himself now? Well, you never know what goes through the mind of someone in that head space. I hope Odin Lloyd’s family gets some measure of peace.

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  6. I just read a very insightful piece by his brother, who doesn’t confirm his guilt or innocence but offers an interesting perspective. He was only 16 when his father died, and I think that messed him up. I think he looked for acceptance from the wrong people and got caught up in that life. His brother said he surrounded himself with “hangers-on”, which happens when you’re a college football star that goes onto the NFL. The case really caught my eye when Baez got involved. I lived within walking distance of the Orange County courthouse during the Casey Anthony trial, so I got caught up in that travesty of justice (even made it on the local news for my 15 seconds of fame.)
    It’s sad all around…sad for the guy who was murdered and his family; sad for Hernandez and his family because the evidence was mostly circumstantial and there was still a chance for him. I feel really bad for the brother after reading the article, who sounds like a good guy.


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  7. Yes, he was totally murdered…in his single cell, with the door barricaded from the INSIDE….again, in his ONE PERSON, LOCKED cell.

    Another interesting thing is that he had John 3:16 written on his forehead. The report is unclear if the wrote “John 3:16” or if he wrote the entire verse of “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Nor was it clear if it was written backwards as it would be if he used a mirror (that was a topic of lengthy conversation for me and Mom).

    Say what you want, Baez is a BILLIANT fucking attorney to get the 2 most obviously guilty people ever off.

    To go further, Mass law also doesn’t allow for any of the evidence to admitted for any other trial in connection to it. So, does that mean the civil trials cannot produce that evidence? IDK but if he knew that baby mama and kid would be able to keep whatever is left of his money, I can see that a HUGE incentive to take the express elevator to Hell.

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    • Oh, Baez is a genius-but it’s oogy. Especially the Anthony thing. He did his job, but ick. Doors in prison can be tampered with easy peasy so they don’t lock. He wrote “John 3:16” on his forehead in blood and supposedly smoked synthetic weed. How do they know he smoked? I just don’t think he was bright enough to plan his finances that way, and the whole thing is just a little hokey to me with what we know. He was happy by all accounts and eager to have Baez represent him w his appeal. Prisoners can easily get into others cells if they really want to.

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  8. The first thing I thought is I prayed he had time to ask God for forgiveness for all he had done . I know that seems odd but I am dealing with some things in my life right now and I am trying really hard to forgive some really bad things. I also thinking of The eventually day when I die and all of that too. So while this young man did many terrible things, I hope he asked God for forgiveness because life here is short and cruel but God can forgive all and eternity is long . I am being serious – I hope he asked for forgivness and I hope he is now in Heaven saved and at peace .

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      • Thank you For the kind words I am trying hard to forgive but it hard . I have much work to do on myself to get there . I think it is hard because it is ongoing – the person is just mean but it is my husbands sons wife so I am trying to forgive for my sake not hers because … well after all she just recently said to me I am still to hurt to forgive her for her sake

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      • It’s so hard to have toxic family members. It sounds like you need to distance yourself from her…easier said than done, I know.

        Just try to remind yourself that she is clearly unhappy and lashing out at you- unfairly. Her hurtful words are a reflection of her- not you! ❤

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  9. As I am reading more I see that he had planned this for weeks. I’m assuming that someone had to know this in order for them to speak now. Also they found 3 notes next to the Bible. And…sources are saying that he soaped the floor so that if he lost her nerve he would not be able to get a grip to stand up.
    I don’t know why this story has hit me so hard. I think it is because I read the interview with his brother before reading any of his criminal history. So…I came into this with a different view point than more knowledgeable people who have been watching him since his arrest.
    Thank you Allie.

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  10. I just read that now there is going to be a fight over his estate. He left a young daughter but the family of his victim has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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    • Which will be almost impossible for the victims families to win if his conviction is vacated, also the Pats will have to pay his estate his 3.5 million dollar bonus. They’ve vacated bigger monster’s convictions. The pedophile priest John Geoghan was killed in prison, had his conviction vacated. Gross.

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