RHOBH Reunion Part

This isn’t going to be a recap, per se, more of a running commentary.

We are stillllll talking about pantygate and it’s been beaten and beaten into the dead dead ground. Over. It. I’m so tired of Dorit’ fake as her accent wide-eyed innocence. She meant to embarrass Erika. Period. PK is disgusting and I swear to GOD he wants to be a housewife more than Peter from RHOA did. On the finale all I can see is him lurking in every corner and shadow eavesdropping on the women’s conversations. He’s a bloated, shady creep.

Rinna didn’t accuse them of doing coke. She said PEOPLE. Depending on the circumstances of the evening it may or may not have been a fair question. Especially since that’s one of the episodes/scenes where Darling Dorit looked like she might have tooted a few. I know the look. I’ve worn the look. You can’t con a con, milady.

Ok the gorgeous gorgeous kissy kissy thing-point taken.

Ohhh Erika performed at Christina Aguilera’s bday party? Not bad! What network picked up Kyle’s show? Do we know? Erika honestly slays in Y&R-I’m glad she’s still doing it. Dorit-who cares. It’s a lot of blah blah.

Ohhhh Eden is coming out next. I feel like she’s going to get shredded. These bitches hold a grudge.

Oh gross. Kim is out there too? Great. Wait that’s right, they never really followed up with Eden and that Internet guy. Hahaha dying with the Eden hugs. So awkward.

Eden v Kyle…I think though that Eden was annoying AF to Kyle. She injected herself into the Richards sister mess so readily and that was weird.

Kim. Please take her away. I really can’t stand her, like, loathe her. I don’t believe Kim’s truly sober either. Dry drunk all day, her actions are NOT those of humility and gratitude in sobriety. Kim is antsy and rarin’ to go-you can see her barely able to contain herself.

Kim’s eyebrows are ON FLEEK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kim DOES have a point about Eden.

Kim is acting like a maniac. Rinna thinks they moved on..but here’s the bunny. Wow. What a cunt. And Kyle just sitting there with her fingers in her ears?!?! Wtf? Kim just sucks. Poor Rinna. And shut up LVP. I hope that one of these women tells Kim what a POS she is. Omg Kyle-shut up. Calculated is right.

Now Dorit is taking her shots. I’m so disgusted. So happy that Rinna says she doesn’t want to talk.

Please get Kim Richards off my TV.

Talk soon Lovelies







49 thoughts on “RHOBH Reunion Part

  1. Great commentary Allie! I loved Erika’s dress/makeup. That was a total cunt move on Kim’s part with the damn bunny! How rude and “yes” calculated!! I believe she does need to disappear from t.v. permanently! She just rubs me the wrong way. And I too know about “group” gatherings in the bathroom, Rinna is no fool! Again,great job!

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    • Thanks, Maggie! I was literally writing as I watched, you could probably tell 😂 but I’ve never loathed Kim as much as I do now, and Kyle needs to get some balls. Sitting there chewing on her fingers and making faces-with excuses to follow, I’m sure.


  2. I agree with everything you said above. Most of my comments are about Kim and her appearance at the reunion (WHY MUST SHE STILL BE A TOPIC???)

    First of all, I am sick and tired of her silly girl act. The bobbing of her head, the “nervous giggle,” and her fidgeting schtick is old and tired. I am over it. Granted, a lot of it may be from whatever drug she’s on at the moment — I highly doubt she is sober, she just may not be drinking.

    In no way was the return of the bunny an innocent act. It was cold and calculated and she intended to embarrass Rinna. Good for Lisa for not explaining herself or commenting. I just wish she hadn’t have walked away. That’s totally what Kim wanted.

    Kyle looked horrified and embarrassed for Rinna during the whole exchange. There’s no way Kyle didn’t know Kim had the bunny and she could have said something, but she didn’t. A part of her wanted to see the exchange, just like when Dorit bought the panties for Erika.

    Kim is a nasty person and unfortunately, as long as Kyle is a producer of the show, she will continue to be on it.

    P.S. — I think Kyle’s show is supposed to be on TV Land. At least that’s what I think I heard a while back.

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  3. Loved the commentary!! I am not a Rinna fan at all however I even think it was a mean gesture for Kim to public ally humiliate Riinna. I hink Kim should have sent it back with a brief note and not do it publically at the re-union. I agree that it was not given with good energy or intentions on Rinna’s part. I love Erika and her hubby, and am a Kyle and LVP fan. I cannot believe that Dorit is starting to grow on me but only if I pretend she isn’t married to PK lol.

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    • Thank you!!! I just feel like giving back the gift was calulated, mean, and bitchy. Definitely meant to hurt and embarrass-she could have donated it if the energy was that awful. Shit, she could have just thrown it away. But the production she made was for full drama and maximum humiliation.

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  4. I have watched that Bunny clip over and over…Bullshit that some “viewer” asked “what about the bunny??” Rinna was totally set up for that by Kim, Andy and production. Say what you will about Rinna but I commend her for her self-control during that. If it had been me, I would’ve grabbed that damn bunny and beat that bitch senseless with it. Kim is a cold, evil, pathetic excuse of a human being and that little stunt only confirmed it. That bunny wasn’t even for her; it was a gift given to celebrate her grandson and she managed to turn a lovely gesture into something soulless and wrong. I want her in jail; I want her to quit getting a pass for being a semi-reformed junkie from a well-known family who keeps coming up with lame ass excuses as to why she can’t do her community service and throw her in jail for violation of probation. Why does Kim not have to suffer any consequences of the crap she pulls? Why does Bravo keep rewarding her for her awful behavior by putting her on tv?? I was on the fence about Rinna this season for a few things, but after that shit Kim pulled, I see Kim deserved having a wine glass thrown at her. She is a despicable creature.

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  5. I think Kyle’s finger chewing and ear plugging was acting. She wanted to look innocent about bunny gate while truly being totally aware that Rinna was set up. At this point, well, way before this, I gave up caring what happens to Kim. I am past caring about her life or death, in all honesty. She is a mean, selfish bitch and much worse, whether under the influence or whatever excuse others make for her. The point that galls me most, I’ve not once heard her apologize for her disgusting treatment of anyone. She watches the show for sure, she is aware of things like the awful car ride with Rinna and everything she has said or done toward them all. My AA book talks a lot about making amends, one of the 12 steps. She has never, that I recall, made even a group apology in a feeble way or kindly asked for their support as she, supposedly, works to sustain sobriety. All Kim dos is deflect, deny, and try to beat down anyone that isn’t taken in by her phony crap. I wish the others would just act like she doesn’t exist, don’t feed into her desire for a check and to be center stage.

    I am over LVP too, I want her around to see her parties and lifestyle, but her presence on the show always sideswiping with remarks in support of Dorit, PK and Kim, irks me. I don’t even like her anymore after seeing this side of her that does manipulate and lay in wait to strike. I was a big fan and angered by Brandy or anyone coming after my perfect Pinky. Now, I see the light, she is what she was accused of being. She seems to delight in the discomfort of other ladies, especially if they ever crossed her. She is just another nasty bitch covered up by a pretty accent and pretty things.

    Dorit and PK are two posers that I hope never gets back on TV. One of my favorite moments of the season was the interview from 2013 where Dorit the twit had zero accent!

    Thanks everyone, Allison, and all the others contributing to this blog where we are free to say how we feel without fear of annihilation.

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    • It’s my pleasure. Truly. I’m so glad y’all feel comfortable enough to say what you feel, even if it’s not the popular opinion. No one here is going to get blasted for who the do or don’t like, I promise that. And I’m sooooo with you on Kim, Dorit, and PK-and I’m starting to see the LVP light. She was untouchable to me-but I’m starting to see what people have been saying. I’m bummed too. But Kim needs to go away. You’re right-she’s has never ever made amends or even acknowledged her shitty behavior. Still denying the Harry thing and her motives? She’s such a dick.

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  6. Here’s my take on the whole bunny thing. Kyle totally knew, so did LVP. LVP was almost sitting on Kim’s lap waiting for it (go ahead and rewatch her body language). Then, when it happened, and EVERYONE but Kim saw how that came across, Kyle started freaking. The finger chewing thing was her trying to figure out how to get Kim out of it. That’s why Kyle starting talking over Kim’s continued attack on LR about how “superstitious” Kim is (funny, how many years and we ain’t heard jack shit about Kim being superstitious) and the bad energy thing. When Kim didn’t STFU, LVP moved herself away from Kim – again her body language trying to distance herself from it. I don’t think Kyle and LVP realised how much Kim would relish the attention and Kim thought they had her back and went in with the shameless cruelty for the kill. They didn’t anticipate LR’s true honest reaction to that act. I think they expected LR to explode and instead got quiet dignity.

    I’ve hated Kim and LVP for a while….Kyle is going on that list. She knew and didn’t try to stop it unti it was far too late. It was calculated and mean and all 3 of them should be ashamed of themselves.

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    • 100% spot on! I was trying to figure out Kyle and why she was acting like that during bunnygate. You totally put it in perspective and I very much agree.. 3 mean girls being asses and it’s sad cause I liked Kyle for a min.

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    • I don’t think we got to see Lisa Rinna’s true and honest reaction though, I’m not buying it. I think that after receiving the bunny she went into full acting-mode.
      This is what she does for a living people…

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      • She can’t stand Kim (neither can I). I think she felt ambushed and didn’t know how to handle herself and went for the drama (tears and an exit).

        She said so herself that the bunny wasn’t really given with the right intentions and if she really was embarrassed I assumed that it also would have had something to do with her own behaviour and that she was ashamed of herself.

        But that clearly wasn’t the case since she refused to talk to Kim when she returned.

        When she outed her cold ‘no!’, I felt like the acting was over and the bitch was back.

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  7. Ok I am not a KiM fan but I thought she was going to say to Rinna the timing was off and it did not seem sincere when you gave this to me so let’s work on our relationship and if we get to a better place then perhaps you can bring the bunny to the baby in person – I really did think Kim was going to tell her that

    However given all the mean things Rinna had about her this season I can see why Kim did not give the present to her grandson and I can see why she gave the damn bunny back but hey I can be a total bitch like that too

    And I don’t think Rinnas tears were real for one second . I mean come on she was been a jack ass all season inserting herself in other people’s issues and endlessly helping to drag out his BS pantygate every chance she gets yet she breaks into tears over a returned bunny from a woman she texted she wanted to fuck up! A woman she broke a wine glass and practically tried to jump over a table to choke ! Give me a break ! I don’t like Rinna but she does make for good TV

    As for Erica I am officially now not a fan. She has milked the panty gate thing to death and I cannot stand her for it. If I have to listen to her say one more time how hurt she was about it I will rip my ears off my head . And she keeps making shit up like they called her a whore. Nobody called her a whore. If Tom cared he sure didn’t show it – I’m sure he would have made his dis pleasure know to PK . I find Erica hard to watch and her cool demeanor came off like crap on Dancing with the Stars too which is why she was voted off already . She needs to use some of her hubbys massive fortune to buy a personality IMO

    And has Eileen had a storyline ? She is boring w a capital B. She is far to normal for this show . Her fashion sense is just OK her house is just OK . She does have a great job – they need to take us to some awards shows

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      • I agree happy gal! When it comes to Kim or Rinna, there is no side to choose. They are both assholes. Rinna has shown it for two seasons now and Kim is a hopeless wreck. Kyle knew what was going to happen and probably LVP. It doesn’t matter to me who knew what though. Rinna got a well deserved figurative smack across her inflated lips. Erika needs to shut the hell up. She is playing such a victim. “I’m a whore!” You declared it and we agree! Phony name dropper with no talent. Please get rid of Eileen. She offers nothing to this show.

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  8. I like Rinna. There I said it. I do genuinely believe she forgot what she said about Kim because she said it in anger. But she did eventually own it. Everything she has said, from munchausin to manipulation to coke, has crossed my mind. I know most people don’t like her. Do you guys seriously not think these things? Is my mind twisted?

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    • I do think them when Rinna does. She just goes overboard about it sometimes. I don’t think she has bad intentions, at least not as bad as Kim, LVP, Dorit the twit and Yolanda have or had.

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    • She owned it because the cameras proved it and she couldn’t lie her way through! At this point Rinna is just a liar! If you looked up the word in the dictionary there would be her picture! You don’t vehemently deny you said something then come back that I think I said it! I think liars are without a doubt the most dangerous persons to walk this earth!

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      • I just don’t hate her or think she’s a liar, per se. She might have realized what she said and had an “oh shit” moment and backpedaled, we all do it. She’s not as offensive as Kim on any level to me. Now there’s a liar liar pants on fire.

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      • Nope not something like that! Especially if they say the stuff verbatim to you! At that point it should have triggered a memory! I don’t but it! She remembers stuff in her own way when she needs to accuse someone of something otherwise it’s conveniently a blur!


  9. I’m sorry the fact that anyone thinks Lisa Rinna actually forgot what she said about kim is laughable! So she can allegedly remember verbatim some conversation about Kyle but she can’t remember all that she said about her other arch enemy Kim? Nope not buying it! As for Eileen that woman deserves anything good or bad in life! Lemme tell you guys something, if Eileen raises her kid the same way she deals with Rinna you better pray that he always has a good heart otherwise he will reek havoc on Beverly Hills! After all the horrible things Rinna had said about kim she sat there in silence but kim gives back a bunny and she is calculated? Quite frankly I wasn’t taking the bunny in the first place because Rinna never has good intentions!

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    • Most of the things said about Kim were true as hell. Last season (or the one before) Rinna was the only one that had the balls to call Kim out for being high/drunk AF-everyone else ignored it, made excuses, or covered it up. Kim coming for Harry and then denying it? Kim’s behavior has been atrocious for years and has lied lied lied-“oh I only took 1 of monty’s pills and he made me”. Oh Bullshit, Kim. She was wasted at game night and most of that season and lied her ass off. A few seasons ago she went to rehab, and appeared on the reunion alone-wasted. Fresh out of rehab and slurring her face off. So I can tolerate Rinna. Yeah.

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      • Not disputing any of that but saying those things about kim being on her deathbed and Kyle is an enabler, that’s not her business and she can’t seem to shut up about kim!


  10. I keep up on the show by the recaps – I do catch scenes every now and again, this being one that I saw. IMO, Erika announcing in front of MEN that she wasn’t wearing underwear was pretty much an invite for people to look. It’s human nature. This woman has access to the best – surely there are panties that are “invisible” under clothing. She wears revealing clothing, then wants to act offended that people looked at her bits. She can’t switch personas between Erika Jayne and Erika Girardi to suit her need to be a bitch for a situation that she created.

    OK, so PK is a bloated creep….let’s say that it was Mauricio, Vince or Harry Hamlin that look at her cooch and said something to their wife about it. For some reason people think they are hot house husbands….I think that if it were one of them in PK’s place, none of this would have been a factor. Erika is being dramatic and petty. It would have been different had it been a wardrobe malfunction and PK took a peek and made a comment to Dorit about it. Erika proudly told everyone she wasn’t wearing underwear in a dress that was dangerously short to being with, now she wants to act like she was violated in some way…..please.

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    • I think you are spot on about her going back and forth between her two personnnas whenever it is convenient

      I really wanted wanted to like her . I wanted to have fun with her. She is rich with two not one but two jets at her diaposal.

      She must be able to have a fab life giving back to charity – I would imagine perhaps LGBTQ causes or maybe something to do with wounded or killed police officers ? And yet if she does none of that was featured

      I did enjoy her seen with her hubby but this year it was like a business lunch – it was odd

      I am bored w her glam squad and they make her look ridiculous when she is not performing – she is a stunning woman and she needs better team for real life IMO

      Her trying to be cool comes off and cold and it is old – even w Eileen she does not seem to be friendly but calculating to me . Her apology was half assed and if Eileen had not been such a nice person I dare say it would never have been accepted by most people

      Please if there is another side to her, one that is warm and funny and not bitter and a grudge holder please show it and please show some fun associated w her wealth PLEASE. As I had high hopes for her

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  11. You know why I love this site so much because we can have an opinion and not be afraid to express it – how refreshing is THAT!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Nobody calling anyone names or being banished – It is so nice to be here 😊

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  12. I’m with you, Allie. I like Rinna but she has really disappointed me with that convenient “amnesia”. But here’s the thing with Rinna — she will own up to what she’s said. I think she runs her mouth way too much, and she has definitely had some cringe-worthy moments but she at least admits it. Kim doesn’t. Kim is the worst kind of asshole because she lies and lies and still denies even when she’s caught on camera. I will never forget the first season when Brandi was on and Kim hid her crutches. That was just cruel. Brandi’s accusations of Kim using meth in the bathroom was over the top but not far-fetched as it was evident by Kim’s erratic behavior. Kim has never, ever apologized for anything she’s ever done nor anything she’s ever said. Has Rinna pulled the kind of cover-up & deny crap that Kim did so many times with Kingsley?? Has Rinna ever dragged her privileged ass into Target and shoplifted due to a mis-placed sense of entitlement?? Kim has gotten more than one pass on her legal crap yet she keeps making bullshit excuses to not perform community service. And she keeps getting away with it because everyone excuses her behavior.
    She has no soul…

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