Wacky Beauty Trends

This list made me laugh…..I doubt I will be trying any of them soon.

WTF Beauty Trends

I’m old enough to remember Jan Brady trying to use lemons to get rid of her freckles.



3 thoughts on “Wacky Beauty Trends

  1. Hahaha! This gave me a good chuckle! I actually used to rub lemon on my freckles as a pre-teen to try to remove them. I wonder if I got the idea from Jan Brady?

    Some of these are cray! I can’t with the penis eyeliner! 😂

    I remember Miley dying her airpit hair a few summers ago! So gross! I can’t even stand to have stubble!

    The only one that makes any sense is using Vagisil for a face primer. I know tons of women swear by Peparation H to reduce puffy under eyes! That one I saw on Oprah years ago. When I started watching YouTube guru’s and reading beauty blogs I was surprised how many raved about the effectiveness. *If* I were to try either of these, I’d definitely go through self- checkout! 😂

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