And the curse of the HouseKids continues


Luanne’s daughter busted for DWI.


When will they learn?



6 thoughts on “And the curse of the HouseKids continues

  1. She has always been a wild one. Ramona took great glee in letting everyone know that Victoria was basically kicked out of her fancy school when a video surfaced online of her smoking what appeared to be pot, and using racial slurs. That was right around the same time she broke both her wrists falling from her window while she was trying to sneak out late at night.
    I know you can’t always blame the parents, people have their own will and do what they want. But, I have disliked Luann from the very first second I saw her on my tv screen acting like she was so high and mighty. She really had a blasé attitude about parenting, she went out all the time and left Rosie to take care of the kids. The worst part is, she said she wasn’t going to let Noelle and his guilt trip make her stay at home. This is the lifestyle that Victoria knows, it’s what she grew up seeing her mom do, hell, the woman is still partying her way thru NY, Palm Beach, Aspen….wherever she is, she has a drink in hand. I did my fair share of having a good time, but my kids never saw it. I never had a kid beg me to stay and home and be a “normal mom”.

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  2. At least filming is over for the season so it won’t become a story line.

    Are we sure she was drunk and not suffering from lymes, like Yolanda’s kid?


    • Right?? That just struck me as so funny, I almost pissed myself laughing. I cannot believe the dumbass excuse’s people try to pass off as being a legitimate reason for bad behavior.


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