RHOC Oldie Update

Remember Lauri’s son, Josh from RHOC? He was a troubled dude-drugs, rehabs, lotsa jail, he cleaned up long enough to have a child/a little girl named Kennedy, but not too long after she was born both he and the mother (I think they got married, not sure) went back on the drug run with meth or heroin or whatever life-stealing soul-killing substance it was. Lauri and George ended up adopting his daughter (there was some scandal about the kid being in foster care for a time and fans were coming down on Lauri and George for not taking her in-but MYOB, it’s a process and maybe they had to pass checks first. Sheeeeesh).

Aaaaaanyway, Joshie has been behind bars in OC facing attempted murder charges for a driveby he was allegedly involved in and in looking at life in prison.

Here’s an update: DM story below


Talk soon, Lovelies



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