RHOA Reunion – Part 1

Hi everyone, welcome to the commentary, respectfully submitted by NoLife.

Tonight’s beverage is a glass of Apple/Ginger Juice as I’m still having afterglow of my migraine yesterday.  Who says peri-menopause ain’t fun?  Luckily, I am on vacation for the week so I’ll have plenty of time to chill and not have to catch a plane at 5am tomorrow J.

This won’t be a recap.  More like impressions and comments.  Please join in the fun.

First of all – The clothes:


Thank God, everyone brought their tits #sarcasm

Cynthia looks fabulous in the blue and I love her wig.

Kenya, I’m not a fan of her in gold, which she wears a lot, but this isn’t the worst.  Love the shorter hair.

Kandi….rocking the pantsuit, but the, ummmmmm, camel toe…repeat after me:  Camel NO!

Phaedra looks fantastic in red, and it looks like the ruffles MAY cover up the fat rolls.  I’m hoping she doesn’t turn around.

Porsha looks good in purple, but I hate the print.  And I really hate her with short hair – makes her face even longer.

Sheree in teal/green/steel blue? (Can someone tell me what color that it, I don’t have it on my color wheel)?  She looks FANTASTIC!  She is my pick for best dressed.

And looking at the pre-make up shots, Sheree has a miracle worker.

Andy calls them hilarious housewives….riiiiiiight.

He throws some shade at Kandi for having first chair.  Then some at Porsha for having Kardi Buress season 2 hair, she says more like Halle Berry…. riiiiiiight.

First clips are all about the procedures they’ve had this year.  Phaedra really thinks camel toe is a GOOD thing.

Now we talk about “titties”.  Kandi just had her boobs done…she says they’re on fleek.  And back to Phaedra and camel toe.  Phaedra says Amazon sells artificial camel toe… riiiiiiight.  Next she’ll be thinking moose knuckle is attractive as well.

What’s Moose Knuckle?  Here’e the Phaedra Guide to high fashion:



This first segment is a disaster and a complete waste of time.  Andy makes some inappropriate comments about how “black don’t crack” and how these ladies all have their real faces whereas on other shows they are all about the Botox and fillers.  He really hates women.

Now the house wars, blah blah blah.  Kenya got the award for coming up with the most names about the Chateau.

Most of the ladies admit to owning guns because of the intruder situation at Kenya’s…stupid question and they should NOT have answered that.

Commercial:  So the juice is organic and would taste fantastic with some Whiskey in it, but it tastes pretty good without it too.  It almost tastes like a mulled cider.

Back to Andy asking about Chateau Thelma and how Kenya said Sheree don’t live there on WWHL.  Sheree says she lives there.  Kenya says she drives by all the time and there are never lights on.  The appliances are in but the basement still isn’t done.  Kenya says Kim came for her because she needed a check.  Kandi was just trying to not laugh because they were saying such funny things.  Kenya admits that she was being shady going into the basement.  They continue to fight.  Kenya brings up the liens.  Sheree says she’s paid the ones that should be paid.  Sheree says a rich African put down the down payment on Kenya’s house.  At the end of the day Kenya says (Chateau) is not her style but it’s beautiful.  Kenya calls the feud silly and sounds like she’s trying to make up.

Ugh, Phaedra package…Andy calls her the peacemaker… riiiiiiight.  Andy gives her props for everything she did this season….he’s an ass.  She says she trying to get people into good places.  And into the Kandi situation.  She’s optimistic about Kandi, Kandi calls bullshit.

Commercial….at least they’ve kept the yelling to a minimum thus far for my head.

Kenya thanks Phaedra for including her in the Flint camp thing.

And now, the friendship that wasn’t….Phaedra and Kenya.  Kenya was hoping for a healthy friendship….riiiiiiight.  Phaedra maintains that Kenya was inappropriate and disrespectful of her marriage.  Now we have rehashed the past years.  Phaedra says Kenya drinks like a fish and Kenya really gets heated saying that’s a damn lie.

Commercial…I understand now, they need 4 reunion episodes to show all these commercials…thirty minutes in and this is the 3 with a minimum of 6 commercials each break.  I should recap the commercials. This break lasted almost 5 minutes.

Back to the show….and Phaedra and Kenya.  The divorce party and how Sheree threw herself one.   Phaedra who just threw out Kenya is a drunk and something about a “Dubai date book” (anyone know what that’s about?) goes on to say that she has no ill will towards her… riiiiiiight

Guess what time it is?  It’s time for another commercial.  Five big minutes of show, so now we need 4 minutes of commercials.

Back with Porsha keeping her hands to herself package…. riiiiiiight.  Andy doesn’t know what “on ready” means? Kandi explains that it means ready to be jumped on.  Then he asks if anyone brought their guns….they didn’t, but I did.  Porsha prattles on about her Anger Management.  Porsha calls Kenya evil.

Another commercial: 0850 start: Preview of RHOP, colorUlta, The Circle (movie), KY, Maybelline, Nationwide, Dove, Galaxy S8, Victoria’s Secret, Michelob Ultra (yuck), Sweet home Oklahoma end:0853.

A viewer asks why does Kenya not to have to go to therapy.  Blah blah blah.  Another view says Kandi also has Anger Management issues as well.  And they scream at each other….fantastic.

And we end…Thank you Jesus.

All in all, about you’d expect…there really wasn’t any big fireworks this one until the very end.  Yeah, you can skip this one if you want.


15 thoughts on “RHOA Reunion – Part 1

  1. My sympathies to you, NoLife. Migraines can be awful.Hope it goes away, never to return again. Good that you have some time off to help you recover.
    I too love that blue. The teal (?) on Sheree is nice too, but I love that blue more.
    Gadzooks, my eyes, from that Moose Knuckle and Camel Toe images. But knowing Phaedra and her love for all these weird freakish nonsense….🙄
    Take care NoLife. Hope you sleep well tonight.

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  2. I think Cynthia looked absolutely stunning…. So over the top Diana Ross and that dingbat Porsha looked like one of her backup to backup singers… Definitely not a Supreme….one of the singers that’s kept off to the side in the dark shadows of the stage. The glittery bathrobe thing she was wearing was atrocious! And her Hermie the dentist hair was bad. And Porsha talking over Kenya… Yeah I would have lost it and gone “Oklahoma on her ass ” then be sent to fake anger management classes by Bravo. I also liked Kenya Kandi and Sheree ‘s looks. Can’t wait for the good stuff to air in four long weeks …. Just want to see Kandi take Phaedra down. Fingers crossed.

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  3. For once, the show was on demand on Sling this morning! Yay!

    Same old Reunion crap where they screech at each other like idiots.

    I do feel that Kandi has anger management issues. She has had several screaming, threat-filled episodes. The difference, though, is that she isn’t dumb enough to actually strike someone else. Meanwhile Porsha gets filmed chasing someone down a dark alley so she can beat her up. She drags people by their hair, kicks people… She has precious litfle self-control. I do think she is in active anger management, though, since she has gotten much better this year.

    Sheree claiming she lives in the Chateau is some bull. God I hope some city inspectors saw that and she gets in trouble for claiming to live in a home without a certificate of occupancy. Also, she has so many liens it’s amazing. How was she getting people to do thousands of work even when it is common knowledge that she doesn’t pay her obligations?? I am a subcontractor; no way we would do a 10k project without even doing a quick Google search on the client.

    Phaedra is a lying liar who lies, so I am just gonna ignore any thing that fool says.

    Cynthia is a gorgeous non-factor as always.

    Kenya is an outright jerk who I would hate being around.

    Kandi is Kandi. She’s perfect, her family is perfect, blah blah blah. At least her restaurant is actually open now, and I wish them much success. The restaurant industry is BRUTAL.

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    • I feel like Kandi has reached her limit. I loathe Phaedra, I really do. Say what you want about Kenya, Phaedra acted like everything was water under the bridge until that jealous snake Porsha got in her hear. Apollo admitted he lied about Kenya, but Phayphay can’t let it go. Gross. She’s an ugly ugly woman, I don’t mean looks. I think the house bickering is soooo petty, who cares? Really-who? Trick and Track are a perfect couple.

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  4. This franchise has to be the worst when it comes to screaming over each other. It’s like a pinball in my head dinging around when they are all screeching at once. I don’t know how you decipher what’s going on Life.

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  5. My favorite look was Cynthia’s. That color blue was gorgeous and somehow Cynthia could wear a paper bag and still look good. She is a beautiful lady, and a nice person. It’s good to know though, that if you scare her enough she’ll kick you in the stomach with force. I like knowing that about her.

    I hated Phaedra’s ruffly dress, and wondered what kind of vibe she was trying to put off by wearing it. If it was ‘innocent’ then she failed miserably. Her eye make-up looked especially harsh too. Of course, I’m not going to say anything nice about Phaedra because the only thing she will ever be #1 at is Biggest Hypocrite Ever. What a snake.

    I liked the material and color of Porsha’s dress, but the cut and style didn’t do anything for me.

    I feel like I’ve seen Kenya’s dress a thousand times already. She ought to at least switch up the color.

    Kandi’s jumpsuit was nice, but it was a wee bit tight ‘down there.’ Those pictures of the camel toes are brain numbing. I really don’t care to see anyone’s cooch, and it looks like it would hurt to have what you’re wearing crawl up your cooch so thoroughly. Jeebus.

    I give Sheree a big thumbs up for not showing her boobs. For once, someone on Atlanta is not parading their store bought boobs and having taste at the same time.

    Does anyone really believe that Kenya hasn’t had a boob job or ass implants? Actually, I’m not really sure about the boob job, but I really think she has had ass implants, and she’s going to take that little ‘secret’ to her grave.

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    • I meant to tell you thanks for the recap NoLife!!!

      Then maybe Kenya is telling the truth about her boobs. I remember when Cynthia went to her boob doctor and he was giving his opinion on who all had boob jobs and he thought Kenya had. I truly believe that booty of hers is fake though. Another memory of Kenya was when she was riding a horse, and that butt of hers was all lopsided. It was funny!!!

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  6. thanks for watching NoLIfe, so we don’t have to 🙂 Phaedra’s dress makes her look like a schoolmarm in a whorehouse, Porsha’s whorehouse, by the look of her. Sorry, that is mean of me, but those two make my skin crawl.

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  7. I had fairly regular migraines until I cut wheat out of my diet and they disapperared. Now I’m cheating regularly and they’re baaaack! (Ugh, but homemade bread is so delicious!) I feel for you. One thing that I found worked better than the fancy schmantzy prescription migriane meds were Magnesium Citrate tablets (stay away from the more commonly available Magnesium Ozide, which is apparently not absorbable).

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