More Easter

We just had Easter dinner-I’m stuffed and probably won’t eat for a week. I hope everyone is having a happy, safe holiday doing exactly what you want to be doing, and exactly where you want to be doing it. I love you guys!!


Talk soon, Lovelies



14 thoughts on “More Easter

  1. Actually Allie, I had meant to ask you what you cooked for Easter, then I decided against it, fearing that I may be accused by some for being too inquisitive, or some kind of 🙄🙄. Have to brace myself for those mean comments. 💀☠️
    So what did you cook? You look slightly different Allie. You look slimmer. ?. I like your 2nd Typical BH KimR pose.

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      • That gold based make up, is exquisite.
        Contouring….you say??? 🙄🙄😑 Wohkay then Mz Allie. Not fair, all that bucketful of M&M’s you vacuum in, daily, plus that 2 cups of Vanilla Chai … can this be??
        To insult to injury, 😇😇💀☠️, you just inhaled all that good Easter food….and still you look smashing. If it were me, I would look like a bloated Toad, just from looking at food.

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      • Ha! Please! And thank you-💜 I really love that Stila liquid shadow. Like-love. I’ve got to get other shades. I had Smashbox primer, Bourjois foundation in no. 52 Vanilla, IT cosmetics ByeBye Concealer, e.l.f. Translucent finishing powder, Lorac California Dreamin cheek palette for contour, NYX blush in Rose Gold, for Highlighter I used Makeup Revolution baked highlighter in Peach lights and theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, with a little Sephora Midnight Magic face and body holographic glitter pot dusted here and there. Brows-IT cosmetics Brow Power and Wet n’ Wild kohl crayon in brown. Eyes were Too Faced Sweet Peach, e.l.f. rose gold liquid shadow, Stila Magnificent Metals in Kitten Karma, Make Up Forever black liner, wet n’ wild megaliner liquid liner in black, and Too Faced Better Than Sex as well as Smashbox Full Exposure mascara. That seems like an AWFUL lot of makeup, doesn’t it? Well, damn, I’m 45! It takes a village, people, a village in the middle of Sephora. 😉

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      • Like I said before, soon, Mark may have have to move you and Attticus to mmmm maybe Château Shereé to make way for that Avalanche of Sephora Too Faced and what nots..
        I may come and visit, if my Public Affairs Officer says I have some time to spare.

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      • ohkay then. Tea it will be, and shall be. I may have to duct tape my 🤐 …if not I will be yammering till the cows come home.
        ooh btw. LVP will be my tea maid. that indeed would be a glorious sight to behold. 😂🤣😇😅

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  2. Yeah, you got hotter or something…what’s the secret to that, please pass it on. Thank You.

    I cook all the holiday meals, every year I say I’m not going to do as much – but I’m a liar and still overdo it. Our daughter and her husband moved into a new house last month, so she asked if we could do Easter there. I gave her instructions on how to do everything, she started it and when we got there I finished it all up. It was a nice change of pace, I’m very set in my ways – so to give up control is sometimes a struggle for me. Plus, she was excited to finally have the room to host everyone that I invite for dinner. Overall, it was a success and a very nice day. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable day as well.

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