VPR Reunion Part 2 Thoughts

So, where to begin. Ok, Lala. I feel like her “man” is probably super controlling and didn’t want her going to Sonoma. I think she fully intended on going, but whoever he is stepped in and put her and her friend up at the BH Hotel to compensate. I think she’s young and a little arrogant and misguided, but not dreadfully so. Barely enough so that she can outgrow it.

Stassi. To me Stassi has become a clone of Kristen. They are the most high school, petty, gossipy assholes I’ve seen in a long time. I’d love to obliterate “we heard” and “we were told” from Stassi’s vocabulary. She arbitrarily spreads rumors and gossip irresponsibly and it her look like an overgrown pre-teen and a pitiful excuse for a 28 year old woman. She had a sort of different persona this reunion-whiny and unapologetically petty.

I think that Kristen is the worse out of the Stassi Posse right now-still manipulative, conniving, and childish. At 34? Yowsa. As far as the OBSESSION with Lala and her personal life, I think the entire Posse is seething with jealousy and are 100% intimidated by her. Hence the need to gossip and “knock her down” some pegs. Classic mean girl, bullying and jealousy because they’re hating on her for being younger and prettier. I don’t think for one second that any one of the Stassi Posse is above dating a married man-sorry. I don’t. We know Scheana isn’t.

Scheana. She’s the only one I think has potential to be a mature, not mean, adult. I feel like her mean girl ways were only to pacify the Posse, and I see that she and Lala hang out all the time on Snapchat, which cannot be going over to well with the Posse. I’m interested to see her interaction with Shay next week.

Who wants to watch Jax and Britney in KY? See Jax pretend to fumble around pretend farm chores? They made a whole show out of that? You know I’ll still watch it, can’t lie. As far as Britney’s mom-I get what her concerns may have been (still don’t think it’s her business) but regardless, her comments came across as homophobic. In my opinion. And the pink frosted lipstick is only getting pinker and more frosted. Help.

Schwartz and Katie don’t strike me as blissful newlyweds. They just don’t. She is in full denial about her drinking problem-FULL-and she looks pissy. Poor Schwartz.

What’s your take?

Talk soon, Lovelies





10 thoughts on “VPR Reunion Part 2 Thoughts

  1. I think you nailed it !

    Lala left because whoever she was dating hasn’t serious issues w them trying to dig into who he was and apparently the relationship w him meant more to her than being on the show

    Katie , Stassi and Kristin can barely contain their jealousy of Lala and I totally agree that if they could date a married man that would offer to pay for an awesome lifestyle they would have jumped at the chance – but alas none of them are attractive enough to be offered that in my opinion or their personality ruins them in the case of Stassi who may have had a shot of landing a rich dude at one time

    I do think Sheana will be a different person away from the mean trio and with a different guy

    It is obvious Katie is a mean drunk in that she becomes mean when she drinks and she drinks often

    I don’t think Brittanys mom has an issue w gay people just that she wanted to know if her daughter was involved w someone that was bisexual . That I do think would be an issue for Momma.

    I really really really want Lala to land a nice role in a tv show or movie and come back to the show as a guest and shove it down the mean girls throats or to marry a rich producer and have them all to her fab house for a party and let them die of jealousy 😂

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    • I’d love that, for Lala to show them up! Remember Laura Leigh? Horrible voice and dated Jax? She was in We’re the Millers and was on The Client List, and Stassi is single and jobless. Poetic justice.


  2. Good recap, love your comment Happygal. I agree, I think Katie has a drinking problem.
    She seems to use her drinking as an excuse for awful behavior. I’m not sure how Tom S can stand it.
    It’s funny about the frosted pink lipstick. I think there is an age of people who like that color. I don’t blame Brittany’s Mom for worrying about her child. I would worry as well. There are a lot of things you can catch if your partner is with others of either sex.
    I think the mean girls are all unhappy with their lives so they take it out on LALA. Who will they blame when she is gone? I think it’s called misdirected anger. She is so much younger, why do they care what she is doing?
    Scheana needs to gain a little weight. I always thought she was really cute. The weight loss is making her face look odd.

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  3. I thought Stassi came across as really desperate for attention in part 2. Moreso than usual. I don’t understand why there was a need to bring her little brother into it. That was really weird to me. Also, he’s what? 12? Maybe a little older? Is his mother letting him watch VPR? Seriously? Because he seemed to know who everyone was. No way in hell would I let my young teenage child watch that show. I’m thinking Stassi’s mom is desperate to be on TV. As is Kentucky’s mom.

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  4. I watched this shit show tonight because I just had Bravo going and didn’t change the channel. OMG! The dramz with these guys is nuts! I don’t watch this show, and the only ones that are familiar to me are Jax, Sheena (?), and Stassi. I know them because I did watch season one. I would love to get caught up and start watching this. Everyone loves this show. I just don’t have the time to catch up on four or five seasons of a show, though. (Does anyone? That’s a whole lotta shows to watch)!

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