Urban Decay Giveaway Pics!

Maggie Moo was kind enough to share some pictures of the Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box-in impressed, the winner and the shadows are both pretty damn stunning. Thank you for sharing, Maggie Moo! ❤️







Talk soon, Lovelies



34 thoughts on “Urban Decay Giveaway Pics!

  1. Looking good, Mz Maggie. Thank you for sharing.
    Allie, you and this lil group of Lovelies, are an awesome kind and loving group. Thank you for loving us.

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  2. Holy moly! I can’t believe I’m on the internet! That’s too funny 😀Like I told Allie,I need to brush up on my eyeshadow skills,I’ve started watching a bunch of YouTube videos to learn some basic tricks.thanks everyone for your kind words.❤️️ Maggie

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  3. WOW! Ms Maggie, you are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing with us. The colors are beautiful! Ok, now I’m jealous, not in a mean girl way though. HMM I was just about to return the Too Faced palette I got, now I’m keeping it. haha I’m worth it. I got the palette, lip, eye liner and lipstick for $50. Pretty good deal.
    Does an eye primer make a big difference? Can you use a foundation primer on your lids?The eye shadow melts off of me so thinking of getting an eye primer.
    Allie, any suggestions? Thanks again!

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  4. Dee, I don’t wear face primer every day. But, I can’t wear eye shadow without primer. Urban Decay Primer Potion is my Holy Grail. A little bit goes a long way. It makes your eye shadow go on like butter and not move!

    I’ve tried a few others and they haven’t come close to comparing. UD is amazing! I highly recommend!

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  5. Oh thank you everyone for all of your compliments & kind words! What can I say? I’m 38 years old & just now trying to figure out how to apply eyeshadow properly 😘

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  6. Maggie, you are so brave. When I won I wouldn’t have even dreamed of putting my face with my winnings lol. Of course the difference is that you are young and cute and I am old and not lol. Congrats on your win. Now enjoy playing with your new stuff.

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