In Case You Were Wonderin

I know she got in trouble for not having the house up to code or a CO during the housewarming. I wonder if it’s being lived in yet?

Talk soon Lovelies




9 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wonderin

  1. If you like a over-sized house full of mold yeah it’s great. To date the house can’t be lived in as the inspector will not issue a certificate of occupancy due to issues that need to be fixed. We know Sheree is being sued by contractors left and right plus I doubt anyone would even come out to give an estimate after the publicity on the many lawsuits as well as the IRS coming for back taxes.

    Honestly I don’t like the style of the house. I prefer modern style homes like Kenya’s house.

    I hate that Sheree blew threw thousands of dollars like a hood rat to “prove” she is rich. I will never understand that mentality when she could have remodeled the house that was originally there or build something smaller in less time.
    it’s been about 6 years since she started that project and it is most likely never going to be finished. I am hoping that the IRS and the people who she owes money can foreclose on that monument to her EGO.
    I much rather She Broke and Delusional (Sheree) leave or get fired off the show. Honestly the show needs a new cast of thirsty, desperate women to give us a new taste of foolishness.

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  2. How delusional does one have to be to actually throw a housewarming party for an unfinished, mold-infested mansion?? That’s like me pitching a tent in the backyard next to a sprinkler and calling it my “pool cabana”.

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    • Bethanney omg best comment ever! I just laughed out loud and both of my dogs jumped up out of a dead sleep looking at me like I’m crazy. Lol thank you I needed that !!!! Ha

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