Face Paint

I started my coffee table book collection (I guess that’s what it’ll be? A collection) with the book “Face Paint” by Lisa Eldridge. It’s the story of makeup-and goes all the way back to the “Ancient Palette” and goes thru the origins of reds, white, black, and uses the examples of Catherine de’ Medici, Geishas, Queen Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1910) and Marie Antionette.

It covers makeup muses such as Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Dietrich, Garbo and more-as well as different eras in Hollywood and trends through the decades.

Awesome book on the history and evolution of makeup and I highly recommend it if you’re interested in how things came to be. Love it.

It was published in 2015 and I got it brand new on Amazon for $19.95, the list price is $29.95. I can’t wait to get more! I think my next one might be “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin or “Face Forward” by him as well. They’re also going to look nice on the shelf above my vanity.





Talk soon Lovelies



12 thoughts on “Face Paint

  1. Nice pretty colors. I love colors.
    btw, Kramer (Seinfeld) says he will bring over his coffee table book collection, just for you.😇
    mz young lady, howz the tea ☕️ drinking business.

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  2. Ohhh…….I would LOVE to have some of those old tins. Hmmmm, I may have to go on a mission. I’m really interested in finding me some of those.

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  3. What a great looking book! I love reading about makeup. Thanks for showing some pages! I never would have pegged Lisa Eldridge as the author. She’s a well known British makeup artist. I’ve watched a lot of her videos-she is a big proponent of the “natural, pretty look”-pink blush, gloss etc..she has nice product recommendations too.

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